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Project Ideas

  • Skunkworks Special Forces Satellite (Army-in-One Support System)
  • Extravehicular Demolition Specialization Teams (UNSC Space-Walking Combat Teams)
  • ONI Department of Colonial Security (Canon Expansion)
  • ISAD Critical Response Teams (Division Agent Teams)
  • Johnny Rowland & Klara Swanson (BDS Apollyon - Fireteam Cassette)
  • Conquer (Colony) - Where Merlin goes after REDACTED
  • Jello Shotgun Shell Caps (Jelly-Compound stores shotgun shells in a stick that can be slipped into a shotgun chamber quickly while compound melts)
  • Drugged Yanme'e Swarm (Syndicate drugs Yanme'e Hive after Queen's death and uses pheromones to control hive's actions)
  • Ghost/Sparrow Racing inside Transcendent Passage
  • Alien Kig-Yar Forgery from Rio joins the UNSC Infinity crew (2557)
  • Guardians do not EMP an entire planet if only the major population is on one side, hypothetically, the other hemisphere could go untouched if no significant threats.
  • Delta Company needs some kind of emergency contact method.
  • Smart AIs have a hard time with computer viruses as it's similar to catching a cold, only, they have no immune system and their own matrixes are their own defenses. Smart AIs are susceptible to Human hackers.

Project Overhaul/Focuses

  • UNSC Wet Fleet
  • Interstellar Nuclear Kill Vehicle
  • Silent Garden
  • Colt Blaster AR-15

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