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United Nations Space Command - Office of Naval Intelligence Special Projects-TRANSMISSION 82613T-02

Encryption Code: Gamma-Four
Public Key: file /casket-six-one-beta-five/
From: >>BETA5.COM.L0
To: >><insert name here>COM
Subject: Request approval
Classification: Top Secret
Greetings Codename: <insert name here>,
We are glad that you have decided it's in your best interests to accept our offer. I have no doubt that you'll be an asset to our progress. Your clearance level has been upgraded to BLACK-FOUR, which will provide you near-unrestricted access to the project's database. Anything you'll need, you'll find it opened to you - project records, personnel CSVs, and technological assets are just at the tip of the iceberg.
I suppose I better give you the full introduction: as you know, Parangosky's SPARTAN-IV Program represents an unacceptable threat to not only ONI but to humanity as a whole. Opening up the augmentations to civilians? Privatizing the GEN2 MJOLNIR technology? If this isn't the potential for a significant security breach, I don't know what else is. We cannot count on the Programme's recruiters - only months after its activation, the attempted theft of humanity's flagship occurred. Add to that the ever-increasing numbers of AWOL Class-III SPARTAN-IIIs (AKA "Gammas"), and it becomes clear that within the next few decades, we may live to see a "Supersoldier Crisis" - and we must be ready. That is the proposed purpose of the DELTA Initiative; a measure to eliminate any augmented personnel should they turn their ambitions against the interests of the UNSC.
I look forward to watching your progress.
Kind regards,
Codename: MEDIATOR.




  • January 19th: The eldest Delta Company candidate, Marcellus-070, is born.


  • The median-aged candidates are born throughout the year.


  • The youngest candidates probed are born throughout the year.
  • May 23rd: Lieutenant Command Kurt Ambrose allows Section 2 to begin sorting through recently-collected genetic data, marking children and couples who have the required markers.
  • November 4th: Section 2 begins implanting prospective candidates with a tracking agent to prevent them from being lost when moved to various facilities. This would be completed by 2549.


  • September 9th: A complete reassessment of applicable candidates is finished, cutting more than half the previous estimated number. A series of requirements would be relaxed, slowly increasing until their abduction in mid-2552. Similarly, Ackerson orders the acquisition of 475 supersoldiers - a target which won't be met until 2552.


  • June 15th: The first probing missions are launched, with pairs of agents interviewing individual candidates to determine if they consent to Delta Company. Abductions of said candidates would begin only a few weeks after this date.
  • September 14th: Candidates from the Epsilon Eridani Colonies are approved for interviewing and abduction.
  • November: Candidate collection is postponed when ONI learns of Onyx's destruction, with 347 being held at ONI centres until being relocated to respective orphanages. Resources are allocated for the construction of a new training centre, along with surveys for a new planet to host it.
  • December 9th: The powerful leader of ONI Section 0, Admiral Julius Breuning expresses interest to Rear Admiral Utah to bankroll Delta Company immediately after the loss of Onyx.
  • December 20th: Satisfied with Captain Andrew Johnson and his record in producing successful supersoldier programs, Breuning and Utah select him as the future Director of Delta Company.


  • January 1st: Kyle-B115 is recruited into Delta Company by Rear Admiral Utah as her preferred presiding officer, charged with organising the recruits into proper Spartans. Kyle receives a promise of freedom from ONI to join the Spartan Branch after Delta's training ends.
  • January 19th: Against the wishes of then-Beta 5 Director Jazmine Utah, CINCONI Admiral Margaret Parangosky decides to shut down the SPARTAN-III program. While plans on how to relocate the Delta candidates were drawn up, Osman begins the transition to the head of the Division.
    • Ren-172, formerly of the VELOX Unit, is approached by Rear Admiral Utah to train Delta Company. Admiral Breuning confirms his continued support of Delta Company.
  • January 31st: Harald-077 is conscripted by Admiral Breuning to train Delta Company and be his eyes and ears on the ground in Delta Company. He is told to rework the Company's existing training regime.
  • February: Preparations for Delta Company in its current form begin. Camp Ambrose begins construction on Argus V, with stolen training equipment and material slowly shuttled over to the new outpost. To help pay for what they don't have, Utah negotiates with some known opponents of the SPARTAN-IV program to gain supporters for her new project, going to great lengths to guarantee their co-operation.
  • March: The first trainers and candidates arrive at Camp Ambrose.
  • July: The first shell-companies - fake corporations created to further fund Delta - are activated. In addition, Utah is officially replaced by Osman as the head of the Division. To continue to support Delta Company, a secretive subcell codenamed "ONYX" is set up. All mentions of ONYX remain self-contained on Argus V.
  • August: Camp Ambrose finishes construction.
  • September: With the arrival of the final candidates due to budget issues, the 327 candidates are put through the induction. Only twenty either refuse or are too badly injured to continue; the survivors are then introduced into the first phase of training.


  • November: The first phase of training ends, with the trainees officially beginning combat training. At the same time, the trainees were pitted in theoretical team compositions to determine the most effective team make-up.


  • Februrary: The final team compositions, and thus the resulting "sister-team" pairs, are announced.
  • November: After almost a full year being blackmailed and serving as an informant for the Cortez Cartel, Lieutenant Jefferson Korn, is found out by agents loyal to Admiral Breuning including Cody-B042. Korn is marked with a gag order and dishonorably discharged from the UNSC after getting rich on Delta's secrets and preparing to reveal the activities of both Delta and the Cartel to the UEG Senatorial Armed Services Committee. He disappears into the Colonial Frontier.


  • December: During a live-fire training exercise, Helena-D101 accidentally sets off a machine gun that fatally-injuries Marcus-D005. Marcus is too badly injured to continued training in a meaningful time frame as he slowly recovers from his injuries and is thus quietly retired from Delta. Helena and Marcellus-D070 are greatly shaken by Marcus's apparent death.


  • January 9th-16th: Delta Company goes through their augmentations. The next phase of in-armour and post-augmentation adjustments begins.
  • October 21st: Delta Company graduates from training, with teams being immediately sent into combat to test their effectiveness in the field.
  • November 28th: A large segment of Delta Company is deployed to the surface of the planet Aragon during Operation: DARK DESCENT after Breuning's intelligence sources report the threat of Covenant super cruisers being sold to human rebels by Brutes. The operation is successful, however, the Company incurs multiple fatalities.
    • Spartan Daiki-D217 becomes first Delta Company Spartan to go rogue from the UNSC, the first of many. He is motivated to leave at the near total destruction of his Spartan team.



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