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"I am Cassius, the strongest Chieftain to have ever lived! I am the most powerful of my kind, I am undefeated! I cannot be killed!"
―Cassius, moments before his death

Cassius is the High Chieftain of the Covenant Remnant and the Prophet of Deliverance's second in command.


Early life

Cassius was born shortly after the end of the Human-Covenant war, the son of a powerful Loyalist Chieftain who commanded a carrier that was quickly fleeing into unknown space, running from Sangheili and UNSC forces. When he was five his father was murdered by his brother, Cassius' uncle, who took control of the Carrier. Food was in short supply and as the youngest child of a family of eight with a single mother who were out of favour with the ruling powers on the ship. As a result, Cassius grew up tough and strong, having to brawl for his food. He even cannabalised his own family, when his second eldest brother tried to kill him to lessen the burden on the family he slayed him and ate him to satisfy his hunger. As a result, he was feared as an incredibly strong Brute, feared even by his uncle, who tried to send several assassins after him. In time, Cassius got enough of a following through fear and brutality, to challenge his uncle's command and slayed him in a dual. T hough unarmed, and unarmoured, Cassius used superior tactics and brutal ferocity to snap his uncle's spine. He took his armour and his father's treasure, the Sun Crusher gravity hammer then he and his followers annihilated his uncle's family, killing his sons and his wife, though his daughters, daughters's daughters and sons were spared to a life of slavery, with Cassius taking one of his cousins as his first mate, though he later killed her. He took the ship further into unknown space when they came across the fleeing forces of the Prophet of Deliverance. Deliverance immediately took Cassius under his wing as an apprentice, teaching him of the great journey and of the divine right the humans had robbed from the Brutes and Prophets. Cassius quickly became a devoted follower to Deliverance and then cemented his position as second in command when he defended Deliverance from a coup by his top five Brute Chieftains.


The most important thing to Cassius is loyalty. Those who are disloyal to him, he slays. He has already killed three of his family members who have turned against him. He also does not tolerate failure, butchering those who have failed him. This ensures his officers would rather fight to the death rather than returning to him to be tortured and killed, their heads put on display.

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