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"Exceptionally athletic and strong - shes precisely what we're looking for." - Doctor Catherine Halsey's notes on Carris-137, prior to her conscription.
Petty Officer First Class Carris-137, born Carris Rose Pernault, is a Spartan-II supersoldier of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Warfare Command. Carris spent much of her combat service as a part of Green Team, until the Battle of Reach where she would be attached to Fred-104's Red Team, before being separated into Beta-Red Team under August-099. Following which battle, Carris would become the second-in-command of a reformed Green Team, under Joseph-122's command, along with James-005, and later the long believed dead Toni-014 during the Battle of Earth, later being assigned post-war into Special Warfare Group 3 along with the rest of Green Team.

Noted as one of the best CQC experts of the Spartan-II's due to her impressive strength, Carris would often serve as the muscle of her assigned team but was also noted for being the most sensitive amongst the Spartan's, often disappearing alone for periods of time in order to 'calm herself'. 


Early Life and Conscription

Carris Pernault was born on the human Inner Colony of Tribute on December 15th, 2510 to Jack and Marie Pernault, being their only child. Carris was described as a boisterous and intelligent child by her parents. At some point in her childhood, she was removed from her Phys Ed class by her principal, after she injured, even hospitalized, some of her classmates. Her principal stated that Carris seemed unaware of her own strength.

Early in 2517, Carris, due to her incident at school and utilising her medical records, was identified as fitting the criteria for Doctor Catherine Halsey's SPARTAN-II program. Her supporting school records showed her athletic prowess which was noted by Dr Halsey as being what she was looking for in a candidate.

Carris-137 (Conscrpition)

Carris-137 after her conscription in 2517.

On September 17, 2517, Carris was abducted by the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence at the age of six to be conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program. Her abduction was not smooth, requiring several ONI agents to sedate and capture her, of which 3 suffered injuries as a result of Carris's unusual strength, yet the abduction was not noticed. She was then replaced with a flash clone and sent to Reach with the other Spartans. The flash clone who had replaced Carris would live for only a further three-years after her abduction, succumbing to sudden untreatable brain cancer in early 2520. 


Like the other Spartan-II candidates, Carris was trained on Reach by "dumb" AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, in addition to numerous training exercises. In training Carris immediately showed promise as a CQC Specialist, being able to take on much larger opponents despite her smaller size. At some point in 2520, during a CQC training exercise a handler attempted to pin her, she reversed the pin, throwing the man and severing his fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae. This killed the trainer instantly. In response to this, she fled to the Pillars of Loki, remaining alone for many hours until several candidates, primarily Kurt-051, John-117 and her friend and training partner Toni-14, were able to talk her down, as she was later seen crying outside her barracks. Due to the nature of the incident, Dr Catherine Halsey and Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez decided not to take disciplinary action, as in their view, it had simply been a tragic accident and as a result, Carris would be partnered with the stronger, better-trained instructors who could cope with Carris strength, and after the handler's funeral, Mendez spoke with her about the incident, reinforcing that it had been a tragic accident and that she should in no-way blame herself for what had happened.


On March 9, 2525, Carris and the rest of the Spartan-II candidates underwent their augmentation procedures at Medical Facility Endurance orbiting Reach. A process which she described a being 'like having every bone in my (her) body being broken, then having acid injected for good measure'. Upon awaking Carris discovered that both her teammates and close friends, Ben-149 and Toni-014 had perished during her augmentations, leaving her alone. In actuality, only Ben had died, with Toni having been placed in emergency cryo as being 'clinically dead'. After successfully enduring the procedures, Carris later attended a military funeral aboard carrier UNSC Atlas in the Lambda Serpentis system for the Spartans who died during the augmentation process, being almost supported by Kurt-051 and Fred-104. Afterwards, the Spartans returned to Reach for their final training phase in the Highland Mountains. Soon after Carris was assigned to a restructured Green Team under Kurt-051, with her new teammates being Solomon-069, Malcolm-059, Anton-044 and Joseph-122, due to Kurt being the most charismatic of all the Spartan-II's.

At first, Carris felt isolated from her new teammates, due to still processing the deaths of her friends. As time passed, she formed a budding friendship with Joseph, who 'officially' had lost his friends as a result of the augmentations. The two kept each other company in the early days of the reformated Green Team. The new friendship helped both Spartans integrate better with their new team-mates, and coaxed Carris to out of her shell, forming new friendships with her new teammates.

Spartan service

Operation: CERBERUS

Main article: Operation: CERBERUS

Personality and traits




Skills and abilities

Physical description

Carris has blue eyes and black hair and stands at 208.28 centimetres (6 feet 10 inches) and weighs 129.1 kilograms (284.7 pounds) out of armour. Carris is noted for dyeing a streak of her hair blue, having started doing so prior to the Battle of Jericho VII in 2535. This has been dubbed by most of her compatriots as a sign of individuality, though how she acquires the necessary hair dye remains a mystery.


Like most Spartan-II's Carris wore a standard olive green set of MJOLNIR Mark IV, with that being replaced with a set of Mark V armour in preparation for Operation: Red Flag, which she would stay with for the rest of the Human-Covenant War (due to a lack of available brand new Mark VI armour, her Mark V was modified into Mark VI by Jake-A384 and the technicians at Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme's Essen facility.)

During the War, Carris would at first use the Standard Mark IV helmet, but would eventually take a preference to the Grenadier variant of the armour. Postwar Carris as one of the few operational Spartans at that time was reassigned to Specwarfare Group 3 as a part of Green Team, with her armour becoming more 'personalised' in a reflection of the more diverse sets of Armour that the surviving Spartan-III Cat-II's operated.

Battle Honours

  • Operation: CERBERUS (2525) - Green Team
  • Battle of Chi Ceti (2525) - Green Team
  • Battle of Albion (2530) - Green Team
  • Battle of Vodin (2532) - Green Team
  • Battle of Jericho VII (2535) - Green Team
  • Battle of Eirene (2535) - Green Team
  • Battle of Reach (2552) - Red Team/Beta-Red Team
  • Battle of Sol (2552) - Green Team




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