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Camp Reformation
Camp Reformation

The Yurko astroid belt


July 9th, 2496




To house captured UNSC personnel and civilians accused of treason


Still active

Facility Information
  • Holding cells
  • Detention center
  • Interogation rooms
  • Armory/Security office
  • Wardens office
  • Showers
  • Medbay
  • The yard
  • "The poles"
  • M935 DMRs
  • M6H magnums
  • M45D shotguns
  • shock batons
  • Riot shields
  • Flashbang grenades
  • Riot gear
  • 5 prisoner transport ships
Known Commander(s)
  • Warden Hector Luitaz (2496-2505)
  • Warden Shelly Morris (2505-2519)
  • Warden Danny Feluto (Current Warden)
  • Known as one of the most secure prisons in the Insurrectionist territory.
  • Survival rate is 16 percent.
  • Known to constantly violate human rights to achieve the objective.
  • Entire camp is spread throughout the asteroid belt, but high ranking prisoners are held at central command.
"Welcome to Camp Reformation. Your new permanent hell."
―The unoffical motto of Camp Reformation

Camp Reformation is a maximum security prison that is based in the asteroid belt of Yurko. Originally built as a UNSC military base in 2483 after a series of civilian uprising occurred in the outer colonies. The base was used as the main supply source for the colony of Set. However, in 2495 the colony faced an uprising, and the UNSC lost control over the colony and was forced to abandon both the base and the planet. Three months after the uprising Insurrectionist forces were able to break into the abandoned base and take control. The base soon underwent re-construction to be turned into a prison camp to house UNSC sympathizers and people accused of treason against the United Rebel Front. The base was opened on July 9th, 2496 and was given the purpose of attempting to "correct" prisoners by brainwashing them into supporting the Insurrection and have them turn against their pro-UNSC ideas.

In 2509 the current Warden of the prison, Shelly Morris, had suggested to URF officials that the camp also house captured UNSC personnel along with their standard prisoners. The reason behind her suggestion was due to how deep Camp Reformation was in Insurrectionist territory that an attack by the UNSC would be nearly impossible. This was approved in 2510, and the prison began to take in UNSC prisoners of war. The prison was soon split into three parts. The left side would house low ranking UNSC soldiers and personnel. The right side would house the civilians. And the Center of the prison would house high ranking officers of the UNSC and high ranking political opponents of the URF. The most infamous of the three sections is the center known as "Central Command."

The Base is currently under the command of Warden Danny Feluto and the stations dumb A.I. "Johnston." Currently, over 250 people are imprisoned at the camp and will most likely be stuck there for the rest of their lives or until they are broken and defect to the Insurrection. There have been multiple accounts of many UNSC high ranking officers who went missing turning up on the URFs side and joining in their battle against the Unified Earth Government.


Beginning of the Prison

After the increase of riots in the outer colonies during the years of 2475 to 2483 the UNSC had decided that a base was needed to be built in order to help secure a holding on the outer colonies. The base began construction in 2479 and was finished in 2483. the base was used as a supply depot that would help supply UNSC forces on the nearby colonies and their main supply line was with the colony of Set. Everything had been going smoothly until 2495, Set was the next colony to be thrown into a civil war. It only took three months for the UNSC to lose control of Set and was forced to abandon the colony. With Set now in control of the Insurrectionists, the base was in danger of possibly facing an invasion. Seeing there was no other choice the base was quickly cleaned out and any data inside the base was wiped leaving it to become nothing but an empty base.

It was only a week after it's abandonment that the rebels discovered the base after a patrol group stumbled upon the base. The base was locked down tight and the rebels needed to find a way in. So they began to find a way in, and on March 9th, three months after it's discovery they were able to get in.

"It was like a ghost town when we got in. We began to explore the base and after nearly an hour of exploration we had discovered that this wasn't just one base, it was just one of three bases that were all connected to each other. This was an amazing find and something we couldn't have refused to pass up."
―Corbin Franks, captain of the patrol team responsible for finding the base.

After the finding, the government of Set had decided that the base would be turned into a prison to hold civilians found guilty of treason, but it would need to be remodeled in order to do so. Set, alongside a few other ally colonies who had heard of the project and wanted to join in, had gathered the required funds for supplies and workers so that construction could begin immediately and it had become a year-long project.

The start of an evil legacy

"I have been here since day one. I have seen many things. I have recorded the most horrible of crimes committed against the prisoners, but do I care? No; It is not my job to care, it is my job to run the prison and to keep it running."
―Johnston, the prison's dumb A.I.

Once the construction was finished the base was given a new name and soon became known as "Camp Reformation" and a legacy of evil had begun. When the camp was officially opened, it was said by officials that it would be used to house the most dangerous criminals and keep them away from society, but it was, in fact, a lie, as the prison was actually formed to house people accused of treason and conspiracy against any planet that was part of the United Rebel Front. At first, the prison was run like any other maximum security prison, but while prisoners served their time they would also be put through torture and brainwashing sessions until they would truly swear loyalty to the URF and its cause.

It wouldn't be until 2505 that the prison would truly become a place of agony and fear. It was because of Warden Shelly Morris, who ran the prison from 2505-2519, that the prison would earn its infamy status. The prison would soon begin to use many illegal and inhumane tactics against its prisoners to achieve the main goal of the prison. The government was well aware of the cruelty being committed, but they had decided to keep it a secret from the public and allowed it to continue. A few years into her service, Shelly Morris had suggested that the prison begin to house UNSC captives that were taken prisoner during the war. It was met with approval and the camp was then split into three sections:

  • Section 1 (Left base)- Used to house law ranking UNSC soldiers and personnel
  • Section 2 (Right base)- Used to house civilians
  • Central Command (Central base)- Used to house high ranking UNSC soldiers and officers.

After this decision, information about the actions of the prison began to leak out into the hands of a reporter name Matthew Call. Matthew received this information through a datapad left on his doorstep. The datapad was full of files, photos, and videos taken from the prisons archives. Disgusted by what he was seeing Matthew began to form a report that would expose the prison for its crimes and would hopefully lead to it being shut down. However, the leak was discovered by government officials and Matthew's house was raided by police where he was arrested for conspiring against the government and threating to share top secret files. The information was quickly confiscated and deleted. Matthew was then tried and was found guilty where he was sent to Camp Reformation. He was now heading into the belly of the beast.

The Prison Riot of 2511

"Matthew blew the whistle; Carl rang the bell; Innies gave the signal and the prison went to hell."
―A famous song that is sung in Camp Reformation about the Prison Riot of 2511
Frankie Viceroy

Headshot of Carl Viceroy

When Matthew Call was arrested and sentenced to Camp Reformation in 2509, he had decided to start planning a way out. When he first arrived, he had decided to look for any weakness in the system he could exploit. However, having no luck in finding anything a year into his sentence he was forced to try and come up with another plan. During his time on the inside, he had met a man named Carl Viceroy, one of the gang leaders of Camp Reformation. (Holding Spot)

Discovery by the UNSC

The First Successful Escape

Prison Sections

Holding Cells

Inside the Holding Cells

An inside view of the Holding cells that house the prisoners.

The Bee

The Mk.III Automated Defense Turret "The Bee"

The holding cells are where prisoners are kept locked up for nearly fifteen hours within a twenty-hour cycle. The cells are the standard size of most prisons cells and can house two prisoners in every cell. Only ten guards patrol the holding area and are required to keep prisoners quiet and under control until it is time for prisoners to leave for lunch, the showers, or the yard. Each housing area has fifty cells, twenty-five on both the left and right side. On top of the ceilings in case of a potential riot or escape of a prisoner A collapsable automated turret that is known as the "Bee", that fires stun rounds, can be activated from the security office and will automatically fire upon anyone not an employee of the prison and can be remoted controlled from the Security Office as well. However, the Holding area in Central Command is much smaller and can only house fifty prisoners and is much more secure with guards in Central Command being armed with live ammunition and turrets also being armed with stronger stun ammunition.

Detention Center

Let me out!

an inmate locked away in the detention center, desperately trying to break their way out.

Located in a separate building connected to the base is the detention center. The building contains sixteen small rooms and one interrogation room. The cells contain only a bed and toilet. The room is a small rectangular shape and contains barely any room to walk around in, it is also soundproof and has a tinted window that guards can look in on. The only sounds that can be heard, other than the prisoner's voice, is the intercom connected to the outside of the room that guards use to speak to the prisoners. In case of a mental breakdown, which is quite common due to the purpose of driving prisoners insane, the room is also equipped with sprayers loaded with Halothane gas to subdue the prisoner without guards needing to be involved to stop the mental breakdown. Prisoners sent to the detention cells are kept their stay for a minimum of one week to a maximum of two months, but most prisoners sanity does not last past the first week, and they are left alone to their voice and thoughts.

There have been cases of guards violently interacting with prisoners, both men and women, who had been sent to the detention center. The first case occurred in 2506 when two guards had beaten a man to near death after he suffered a mental breakdown and attempted to break the glass to escape. The guards decided that they could not stand the pounding and instead of using the gas stepped in and began to beat him repeatedly with their batons. The man suffered multiple fractures and had his jaw dislocated. He was then dragged out, and a medical team was sent to retrieve the man. The guards did not receive any punishment and soon became quickly forgotten.

There have even been cases of sexual abuse committed against prisoners locked away in the detention center. While it is rare for this to occur as of now, there was an increase of sexual abuse from 2505-2519 due to the Warden at that time, Shelly Morris, allowing the guards to do whatever they wanted in the detention center. The most infamous case that occurred was that of Kelsey Shinn who was raped a week after being sent to the detention center. This was recorded by one of the guards who participated in the incident and attempted to distribute it to other prison guards, but the recording was discovered by the Warden and was quickly confiscated and deleted. In order to prevent the A.I. from reporting the incident technicians reprogrammed the A.I. to ignore the crime before it could take any actions against the prison. The incident has very rarely been spoken about ever since.

Interrogation Rooms

Interrogation room

An prisoner awaiting interrogation.

The Interrogation rooms are located below the holding cells in each section and are one of the most feared rooms in prison by the prisoners along with "The Poles" and the detention center. Prisoners are usually dragged into the rooms by force. The only thing in the interrogation rooms is a chair where prisoners are forced into it and handcuffed to the back of it. After that, the interrogators are called in to deal with the prisoners. Interrogations can last for up to twenty-four hours, and since the prison lacks to follow any humanitarian laws, interrogation sessions can turn into torture sessions very quickly and are known to scar prisoners physically and mentally.

"...They will do whatever it takes to make you talk. We had this young girl once who got sentenced here for speaking ill about the government leaders. When they took her into interrogation, we didn't hear from her for two days. Finally, when she came back, she was bruised, had some burn marks on her body, and was bloody god knows what else they did to her. It wasn't surprising to hear that she committed suicide a day later by hanging herself with her bed sheets. That's what this place does. They try to break you or kill you."
― A piece taken from the confiscated journal of Inmate 1004

It is recorded that 88% of prisoners who enter the interrogation rooms are later required to be sent to the Medbay to be treated for their injuries, and 23% of them succumb to their wounds later on.

Armory/Security Office

Security Office

Security office

Partial inside view of the security office

The security office is where prison guards not assigned to patrol or guard duty are stationed at that is used to keep guards on duty in contact with each other and track their movements throughout the prison. Guards must report in every ten minutes to be sure there are no issues occurring. The security office is stocked with monitors that are connected to cameras all throughout the base and has a large holographic map in the center of the room that also helps keep track of guards on patrol. The room is always on lockdown and requires both a keycard and passcode to enter.


The Armory is the third most secure room in the base. In order to get in a prison guards keycard, a six number passcode, and a handprint scan is needed to even open the doors. Inside the armory is a fully stocked room that has weapons, armor, equipment, and spare uniforms.

Prison guards

the official uniform of Camp Reformations prison guards.

Weapon racks are only stocked with a small collection of weapons and equipment:

The armory also has another room connected to it that is meant for the guards who are stationed at Camp Reformation. It comes with bunks, showers, a small recreational area, and lockers. This is because of guards stationed at Camp Reformation are required to have a one month shift and switch every month with another group of guards who come in to replace them and so on. Each guard is also required to pull a 10-12 hour shift each day.

Wardens Office



The Yard

"The Poles"

Notable people

 Picture  Name/Prison Number  Description 
Kelsey Shinn (2558) Kelsey Shinn Kelsey Shinn was the only prisoner in history to escape from Camp Reformation. Thanks to months of planning and the help of a defector. She was able to escape the Camp and return to UNSC controlled space and soon back to active service. Her biggest dream in life is to participate in the assault on Camp Reformation and kill her captors to get revenge for everything they did to her.
Matthew Call Matthew Call Matthew Call was the man responsible for the prison riot of 2511. He was a reporter who was doing a story on Camp Reformation and planned to expose it's cruel and inhumane treatment against the prisoners. He was arrested for treason and sent to the camp in '09. Sadly, Matthew died before he could broadcast his message to expose the camp.
Prisoner No. 5550-3761-S3 Inmate 4961 Her name is long forgotten and any information about her has been lost in the files of the prisons archives, but this woman was responsible for exposing the Camps existence to the UNSC. Once a prison guard for the camp, she soon defected and stole valuable information and had a second defector who was working with her escape the system and give the information to UNSC officials. She was caught soon after and became a prisoner. She died three weeks later after multiple torture sessions.
Hirito Yukasi Hirito Yukasi Hirito Yukasi is the prisons oldest employee and works as the head doctor in the medbay, known as "Saint" to the prisoners, Hirito tries his best to help those who are sent to the medbay and treats his patients with respect no matter who they are. While he is against the actions committed against the prisoners; he is unable to speak against it due to threats of being executed and having his only son sentenced to Camp Reformation. Hirito has worked at the prison since it's opening and will continue to work there until he is forced to retire. There have even been conspiracy theories that say Hirito had a part in causing the Prison Riot of 2511 and helping Kelsey Shinn escape from the prison, but these were never able to be proven.

Infamous Wardens

 Picture  Name  Description 
Danny Feluto Danny Feluto Danny is the youngest warden ever to run the prison at the age of 30. Danny was a captain in the Insurrection and runs the camp as if it's the military itself. He is strict and severe when it comes to punishment and keeping the guards in line. Danny is also known to negotiate with Kig-Yar pirates in the slave trade. He has taken up the duty of being at every execution in the camp and being the one who carries out the execution.
Shelly Morris Shelly Morris Shelly "The Devil" Morris, was the most sadistic warden the camp ever had. She was known to use the most extreme tactics when it came to punishment and interrogation. She took great pride and joy in her work and found it hilarious when prisoners would beg for mercy. She also was known to allow guards to do whatever they wanted with the prisoners who were locked away in the detention cells, resulting in the deaths of many prisoners. She was also the one who was able to have UNSC POWs held at Camp Reformation and was also behind the idea of "The Poles."
David Luitaz Hector Luitaz Hector was the first ever Warden to run the prison and was known to be the sanest one out of the other wardens that would run the prison after him. While he was brutal and unforgiving in his tactics, he did, however, refuse to let guards and himself violate human rights during anytime both himself and guards would interact with the prisoners and demanded that they acted like normal prison guards when they were on duty. He was given the nickname Hector "The Sane" Luitaz because of his practices in the prison and against its prisoners.
Johnston Johnston Johnston is the prisons dumb A.I. custodian and has been ever since the opening of the camp. He is responsible for not only helping the Warden with their job but to also keep the prison running smoothly. He shows no care for anyone inside the prison and only cares about doing his job. He is based off the look of a 20th-century correctional officer.