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CRF Civil War


November 4th, 2562-2564


Complete collapse of the CRF


Mamore Revolutionary Force

United Liberation Coalition


Falaknuman Rebels


Rusty Coburn

Darren Morse
Alyce Cartwright

Andy O'Kane




  • Alyce Cartwright



Civilian casualties



The CRF Civil War, also known as the CRF War and the Shifting War afterwards due to the constant changing of allies throughout, was a civil war fought by the factions of the CRF. Due to the constant shifting of alliances and the numerous casualties on all sides, it is nearly impossible to determine the winning side of the war, if one exists.

On more than one occasion, the UNSC was dragged into the war as the factions fought above and on UEG controlled planets, although they never officially joined the war.

Both the United Rebel Front and New Colonial Alliance aided in engagements, generally in the captures of ships (both CRF and UNSC).


List of Battles

Winning faction is highlighted in green.

Date (MM/DD/YY) Name of Engagement Aggressor Defender Third Faction Fourth Faction
11/04/62 Battle of Mamore MRF ULC Falaknuman Rebels
(Allied with ULC)
11/30/62 Capture of MRF
Destined for Greatness
Falaknuman Rebels MRF
12/13/62-12/15/62 Siege of Falaknuma MRF UNSC Falaknuman Rebels
(Allied with UNSC)
01/03/63 Destruction of ULC
Forgotten Prayer
Freeguard ULC
01/19/63 Capture of FG Venture ULC Freeguard MRF
(Allied with ULC)
Falaknuman Rebels
(Allied with Freeguard)
01/20/63 Raid on FR Liberator ULC Falaknuman Rebels NCA (Allied with ULC)
Battles of the CRF Civil War [Source]
2562 Battle of Mamore (MRF v ULC)Capture of MRF Destined for Greatness (FR v MRF)Siege of Falaknuma (MRF v UNSC)
2563 Destruction of ULC Forgotten Prayer (FG v ULC)Capture of FG Venture (ULC v FG)Raid on FR Liberator (ULC v FR)
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