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Class overview

CPV-Class Heavy Destroyer


Primary Assembly Forges

General characteristics

Destroyer, Executioners


1,664 metres (5,460 ft)


1,350 metres (4,400 ft)


1,156 metres (3,793 ft)


115 million metric tons

Slipspace Drive

Aruix-pattern borer


Nanoluminate hull plating

Navigation system

Plasma torpedo jammer

  • 50 Obedientaries
  • 100 Warriors
  • 1,900 Thralls
  • 4 Superiors
  • 2 Engineers
  • 400 Menials
Additional information
  • Glassing operations
  • "Compliance"
  • Ship-to-ship warfare
  • Ground assault
  • Planetary occupation
"Fleetmaster, have you ever wondered about the presence of Destroyers in our fleet? That reason is due to the aggressive nature of some of our best Shipmasters, and their undisciplined rage. They would be assigned to the fringes or shamed, but I see potential. And due to my ability to seek out Zealots for my Ministry, I have come to see them as useful assets, which is why I have left them in my care, lest they are disgraced in another fleet for their ambitions."
Minister of Fervent Intercession, explaining his preference of aggressive Shipmasters for CPV-class Heavy Destroyers with Fleetmaster Oru 'Vanuxee.

The CPV-class Heavy Destroyer is the largest and most powerful known model of destroyer used by the Covenant empire. Easy to recognize with its two wing-like protrusions on the sides, it struck fear into the hearts of marines during many battles. It was designed to pummel its enemies and destroy, but given its violent nature was only used by disgraced Shipmasters that were too savage for normal duties. Given this, most spent their time exiled on the fringe, and as such were not seen as commonly during the Human-Covenant War as other known ships. With their reputations tarnished, many Shipmasters could never hope to redeem themselves, and remained stuck with their burden. Although, The Minister of Fervent Intercession, charged with employing Zealots, saw the true potential of these ships as assets of power, not signs of digrace, and deployed two vicious Shipmasters to command CPV-classes in his fleet. These ships often serve as heavy support for fleets, with their powerful weaponry, including many plasma bombardment mortars and an excavation beam. Maybe of these destroyers were times escorted by smaller CRS-class frigates, albeit with their tarnished standings, they could only count on the Cruisers to perform their basic duties. To humanity, these ships were seen as nothing but another of the Covenant's powerful ships, exterminating lives for a false path.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
    1. Before the Human-Covenant War
    2. Human-Covenant War
    3. Post-War Era
  2. Variants
    1. Gorgut-pattern
    2. Sinaris-pattern
  3. Ships of the Line
  4. Gallery

Operational history

Before the Human-Covenant War

Before the Covenant's encounter with humanity, CPV-class Heavy Destroyers were almost exclusively deployed to the fringes, as exiles for their Shipmasters, and to deal with minor threats not important enough for proper fleets. They had two patterns though, with Sinaris used mainly by disgraced Sangheili Shipmasters, and the more recent Gorgut captained by Jiralhanae that were nuisances to their Sangheili commanders. They were not even deemed fit enough to be grouped in fringe fleets, although two Sinaris-pattern Destroyers were employed by the Minister of Fervent Intercession.

Human-Covenant War

During the Human-Covenant War, not many CPV-class Heavy Destroyers were deployed throughout the whole of the conflict. Many were used during the early years, though, with many being used and destroyed as suicidal ships during the Harvest Campaign, and several fought during the Battle of Arcadia, with the Radiant Perception being shot down and destroyed after fighting off the UNSC Roman Blue. They were also used in Battle of the Etran Harborage, and the Proclamation's Tithe survived the battle.

In the later years of the war, they were much rarer, with the Covenant finding no use for them, albeit the Minister of Fervent Intercession's Fleet of Raging Dominance used two CPV-class destroyers until the end of the war. During the Great Schism, many Sangheili Shipmasters of Sinaris-pattern Destroyers felt obligated to help their Sangheili breathren, while the Prophet of Truth recalled all Gorgut-patterns to help overthrow the Council.

Post-War Era

During the Post-War Era, CPV-class destroyers became more prevalent, being recognised for their power, not for their disgrace. At the Arbiter's command, the Swords of Sanghelios started using Sinaris-patterns in their fleets, with the Shipmasters regaining favor for helping them, while the Jiralhanae utilised all remaining Gorgut-patterns, with Chieftain Lydus taking many under his control. On the other hand, a rogue Sinaris-pattern Destroyer christened Gauntlet of the Ancients terrorized both Sangheili and Jiralhanae alike, commanded by the young Shipmaster Grono 'Yendam. It was eventually destroyed in orbit over the human backwater colony of Drawn.



CPV Brute.png

The Gorgut pattern is a more recent variant of the CPV designed for Jiralhanae use. It was not put into production until 2495, when the Jiralhanae had been absorbed into the Covenant war-machine for three years, and had proven themselves little, if any, worthy of commanding. The Sangheili Shipwrights saw this as a bad plan, and believed that Jiralhanae could not coordinate ground assaults, much less captain ships. However, this was the wish of the Hierarchs themselves, and the loyal Shipwrights would put the Gorgut-pattern into production in several small shipyards.

During the Human-Covenant War, many of these were put to use by Sangheili Fleetmasters by banishing the unwanted Jiralhanae commanders in their fleets to the fringes, travelling on the Gorgut-pattern CPVs. In fact, Sangheili often preferred the more traditional Sangheili-led Sinaris-patterns to their Gorgut counter parts. Towards the end of the war, the Prophet of Truth secretly constructed a Jiralhanae shipyard to construct many different kinds of starships for the Jiralhanae to overthrow the Sangheili with. Gorgut-pattern Destroyers were put into production here, and by the time the Great Schism had begun, approximately 120 ships of the line had been built. During the Great Schism, many were destroyed, although a handful remained that were put into service by various Jiralhanae, the most notable being a group led by Chieftain Lydus.

The Gorgut is mainly designed to deal with the Jiralhanae's more "Primitive" ways, as said by Sangheili Shipwrights. It is made without Gravity lifts, although they can easily be installed, and is less heavily armed, not having even half the armament of a Sinaris. Even from these reasons, the Jiralhanae still find much use with it, having the ability to take down a human Destroyer with the same ease as the Sangheili version. The Gorgut is thinner and loner than a Sinaris, differing in many ways. It has less room in the hull, mainly due to no need of having the extra space for weapons. It is also thinner and has a weaker hull, mainly due to more resources being used on Sinaris-patterns and other warships, and actually a precaution made by the Shipyards to limit the Jiralhanae's power. This is a fatal flaw that allowed many Sangheili ships to take victory during the Great Schism. Shielded Sangheili warships would often ram when attacking Jiralhanae destroyers, going right through the thin and narrow side to easily destroy the ship. Gorguts were unprotected in this matter, not being constructed to deal with collisions like the Sinaris.


Gauntlet of the ancients.png

The Sinaris-pattern is a much more traditional pattern of CPV-class heavy destroyers that has been around for centuries. It's exact creation date is unknown, albeit it has been in use since the 20th century by human standards. It is known as the "Executioner" for it's roles, often used as an executing role, or serving as a replacement punishment for disgraced Fleetmasters and Shipmasters instead of death. It is much more coveted than Gorgut-patterns, and as such is why disgraced Sangheili feel blessed that they are assigned to these ones.

During the Human-Covenant War, more Sinaris-pattern CPV-class Heavy Destroyers were deployed throughout the conflict than Gorgut. Many were used during the early years, though, with many being used and destroyed as suicidal ships during the Harvest campaign, and several fought during the Battle of Arcadia with the Radiant Perception having fought off the UNSC Roman Blue before being shot down. They were also used in Battle of the Etran Harborage, and the Proclamation's Tithe survived the battle. During the events of the war, the Fleet of Raging Dominance also raided around the colonies, it's backbone formed from the two Sinaris-patterns Merciless, and it's sister ship Gauntlet of the Ancients. The Merciless would be destroyed during the Great Schism along with many other CPVs, Sinaris and Gorgut alike, while the Gauntlet would survive until 2556. Many remaining Sinaris-patterns would be redeemed during the Great Schism, and serve the Swords of Sanghelios, while a few were employed by remnant factions or became rogue ships.

The Sinaris is more coveted than it's more recent cousin, the Gorgut, for a number of reasons. It has more than twice the armament of it's Jiralhanae counterpart, and equipped with more hull space for the crew to move around, and storage for extra weapons and turrets. It is much more bulky, being able to survive a head-on collision with a Phoenix-class support ship, and can even ram enemy warships into oblivion, attaining mediocre damage at most. Many were used to collide with Jiralhanae starships, or use their heavy weaponry during the Great Schism, redeeming many crews and their Shipmaster to some degree. They are also equipped with ventral beams, like Gorguts, but have more powerful ones, another precaution made by Sangheili Shipwrights.


The Delkaar-pattern Destroyer is a standard design in use by the First fleet, like their CAS and CRS sister classes, the CPV had also been entirely standardised into a single pattern, making repairs easier, these ships are the standard brute force vessel in use, Acting as a combination of both old patterns of CPV with improvements, this pattern, like all other ships in the first fleet has a fallback system in case of EMP Attacks, The Delkaar Can also cloak for a short time, allowing for suprise tactics where a ship appears to be defenseless only for a number of Delkaar-pattern Destroyers to appear from cloak. These are the most numerous medium sized ships in the fleet, after the SDV-Class Corvettes of the fleet.

Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes
Blameless Conceit Sinaris Unknown September 22, 2552 Commanded by Orna 'Fulsamee assigned to the Fleet of Particular Justice, participated in the Fall of Reach, destroyed during the Battle of Alpha Halo.
Bloodied Spirit Gorgut Unknown 2552 Originally crewed by the Jiralhanae, later commandeered by Blue Team, destroyed after it crashed into Onyx's surface.
Blue Death Sinaris Unknown Commanded by Hedan Koti, participated in the Imperial War. Destroyed during the Battle of Bineb.
Esteem Sinaris Unknown September 22, 2552 Sent a taunting message to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Participated and destroyed during the Battle of Alpha Halo.
Fighter's Blood Gorgut Unknown 2558 Part of the Hekabe's fleet, destroyed over Carrow.
Gauntlet of the Ancients Sinaris 2492 2556 Formerly commanded by Shipmaster Sorv 'Tunostee within the Fleet of Raging Dominance. Sole survivor of it's fleet before being taken over by Grono 'Yendam. Destroyed due to internal sabotage from Spartan Benjamin Nishurd.
Hammerstrike Gorgut Unknown 2558 Part of the Hekabe's fleet, destroyed over Carrow.
JDSS Jaeter's Redemption Sinaris Unknown Decommissioned September 2557 Formerly named the Indulged Missionary, originally commanded by Jez 'Varum, later stolen by the Prophets' Will Covenant remnant. Hijacked by the Jaeteran Defense Force and became their flagship. Last commanded by Losa 'Trasum.
Merciless Sinaris 2492 2552 One of the two heavy destroyers that served in the Fleet of Raging Dominance during the Human-Covenant War, destroyed by War Chieftain Gorvanus during the Great Schism.
Omniscient Spirit Gorgut May 27, 2510 Operated by Cronus' master-pack during the Human-Covenant War.
Proclamation's Tithe Sinaris 2492 Clashed with the UNSC Spirit of Fire at Etran Harborage.
Purveyor of Intent Sinaris Unknown Participated in the Siege of Chi Rho.
Radiant Perception Sinaris 2492 2531 Fought off the UNSC Roman Blue at Arcadia.
Retribution's Thunder Sinaris Unknown 2535 Formerly commanded by Thel 'Vadamee, self-destructed during the Battle of the Rubble.
Resplendent Solace Gorgut Unknown Participated in the Siege of Chi Rho.
Reverence Sinaris Unknown September 22, 2552 Sent a taunting message to the Pillar of Autumn. Participated and destroyed during the Battle of Alpha Halo.
Sacred Condemnation Sinaris Unknown 2558 Hijacked and later commanded by Shipmaster Xikan 'Nranam, deployed troops and engaged in some ship-to-ship combat during the Battle of Requiem.


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