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UNSC Earth Fist (under construction)
Production information

UNSC corps of engineer

Technical specifications






Slipspace Drive





10m Titanium A Battle plate

  • Concave dish direct energy projector

Other classified weapon include:

  • Nuclear warhead
  • Multiple anti ship batteries (50mm, 90mm, 150mm, 450mm)
  • Archer missiles pods
  • MAC Network

1,657,869 personel (military and scientific)


War for the Mantle of responsibility


Defense of Earth and it Colonies




The UNSC CODENAME: BLACK PROJECT was a Battle station under construction at the beginning of the War for the Mantle of responsibility. It became the most important military project in the history of mankind and the most secret project of the UNSC. Help with the team of Asiaguard Confederation scientists for the preparation of the plan closely following the Citadel plan. The team also help to design the UNSC battle station main weapon. The construction site of the BLACK PROJECT was Reach.


The BLACK PROJECT was examined for the first time when the UNSC entered in contact with the Asiaguard Confederation. The UNSC HIGHCOM was highly interested by the Asiaguard Confederation Citadel. When they decided to the project on construction the confederation was willing to help the UNSC to design and built it own battle station. The construction of the UNSC Earth Fist started on February 2th 2595 to finish July 9th 2620. The colossal time that was took to built the station was du to the station new technologies integrated to it design. The station would act critical by the end of the War for the Mantle of responsibility.


The station main weapon is a concave dish energy projector retro engineered from the Citadel main weapon. The UNSC Human Fist main weapon is powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. Test done on a star showed that the firing the weapon on a star could create a black hole. The station also include an enormous amount of more conventional weapon from anti-ship batteries to nuclear warhead.

aircraft carrier

The UNSC Earth Fist carry within itself a sizeable amount of aircraft of all type. The battle station as plenty of space inside it hangar to accommodate over 20,000 aircraft. Those aircraft are used for the station self defence. The Station is also escorted by a UNSC Fleet to ensure it protection.

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