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The CARAPACE Dual Active Protection System was a joint UNSC and USR defence system for armoured fighting vehicles. The system was designed to fill in the two major faults of the M980 WAO/AM DW.


The CARAPCE DAPS provides one method of active protection against incoming ordinance and another method of passive active protection against other ordinance.

The primary defensive system of the CARAPACE DAPS is the ability to temporarily project a powerful shield, most commonly known as the 'bubble shield'. Developed by ONI from a Covenant-Human War defence system, most famously stolen and replicated by Brutes, this system provides a short and powerful shield that can protect it from incoming ordinance. Effective against Wraith mortars, tank shells and also capable of stopping bullets, missiles, plasma and grenades. The system is short lived and requires a length recharge time. It is not possible to fire out of the shielding once activated. The shield is projected as a Geodesic dome, made of tessellating hexagons with a yellow glow.

The secondary, passive defensive system is a system that produces a mesh like magnetic field around the tank when activated. The main focus of this is to use the repelent magnetic field of the mesh to direct plasma away. Thoguh plasma bolts from rifles, pistols and automatic cannons are samll enough to easily slip through and those from wraiths are too big to easily renavigate, it provides perfect protection against Fuel Rod bolts and charged plasma pistol shots, redirecting them away from the tank. Much like the previous system, it must take time to recharge. Though during testing this system, upon activation, is completely colourless, during battlefield use against Fuel Rod guns it has been reported it has a green glow, mostly from excess plasma caught in the magnetic field.

The CARAPACE DAPS also has some use onboard VTOLs, the active system providing a solid and sudden defence and the passive protecting it, at least marginly, from AAA.

The System can be set to manual or automatic, where in manual, the system can be activated by the driver, commander or gunner when needed but on active, it is linked directily to the Millimeter Wave Radar and upon detecting the firing of ordinance one of the systems can stop, activates that system.

UNSC Remarks

"Damn effective. Protects you from anything! Of course, infantry can still pass through both systems."

"These days, your armour on your tank isn't needed any more. Three years fighting the Remnant and I ain't gotten a scratch."

"I don't rely on it to much, i won't even activate the active shield if infantry are close. Its like a death sentence."

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