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Class overview

CAR-class frigate


Secondary Assembly Forges


Covenant loyalists.png Covenant Navy
H5Covenant Logo2.png Various Covenant remnants

Preceded by

ADP-class escort

General characteristics

Frigate, Attack Ship


562 metres

  • 2.18 million metric tons (operational load)
  • 2.6 million metric tons (maximum load)
Engine unit(s)

Repulsor engines (3)

Slipspace Drive


Power plant

Pinch fusion reactors


Nanolaminate hull plating

Sensor systems

Hyperscanner array

Navigation system

cruising intelligence

Additional information
  • Escort
  • Reconnaissance
"No matter where you seek to hide, our hounds will find you. And our hunters will have their sport."
―Taunt sent from the frigate Clergy

The CAR-class frigate is an infrequently-seen light warship that originally saw service exclusively within the Covenant Navy. Distinguished by its wide sweeping wings and its small size, the CAR-class frigate is intended to bridge the gap between the CRS-class frigate and the ADP-class escort. In this way, it can provide an impressive escort to high-speed armadas while being capable of acting independently to support group assaults or gather reconnaissance. Well-shielded and decently fast, the CAR is average in all other areas which has prevented widespread adoption in the Covenant.

Introduced during the aftermath of the Forth Age of Conversion, when a rise in piracy called into question the effectiveness of their existing police craft, the CAR-class frigate was not wholehearted adopted by the Covenant military at large. Instead, it was almost exclusively used by the Ministries of Preservation and Conversion, leading religious cleansing operations and mapping the Covenant's vast territories. Few of these ships would see combat during the Human-Covenant War, although they proved more than a match for Halberd-class destroyers that made up the bulk of the UNSC fleet. Those that were commandeered by independent warlords were usually decommissioned in a vain attempt to keep their larger, more valuable craft capital ships - an unfortunate waste of the frigate's capabilities.

Table of Contents
  1. Variants
    1. Mortdakan-pattern
    2. Omus-pattern
  2. Ships of the Line
  3. Gallery



While all patterns of the CAR-class frigate make for decent combat platforms, some in the Covenant began to see its potential in other roles - this saw them commissioning the Mortdakan-pattern logistics frigate. Equipped with assembly fabricators, hangars for surplus strikecraft, and additional weapon components and fuel, these frigates aren't built to be as powerful as other models of warships. Instead, these ships fulfil a much more important role of supporting the Covenant war machine while they are far from home by feeding their crews, securing their conquests, and even acting as a messenger craft. These assignments rarely take them into combat, which sees many Covenant crews dreading their assignment about them.


Picket ClassCov.png
"We fired a full salvo of missiles at it - not one made it through. Bastard shredded my air wing too."
―CPTN Richard Davis

The 400-metre long Omus-pattern picket frigate is one of the smallest known configurations of the CAR-class frigate, and the most specialised. Found either in roaming pairs or shadowing larger, better-equipped carriers and cruisers, it is strangely not designed as an effective space combat craft. While it is easily outperformed by other Covenant ships and therefore crewed by lesser species such as the Jiralhanae, it still has the same technological sophistication that leaves UNSC frigates wary of engaging them alone.

Regardless of its drawback, the role that the Omus-pattern fulfils is a necessary one. Boasting an armament dominated by sixteen Eravaas-pattern pulse lasers, this particular model excels at defeating swarms of smaller attack craft, such as missiles, space fighters, and reconnaissance drones. The cycling on these ball-turreted weapons is incredibly quick, among the fastest within the Covenant, and are tuned by default for maximum range over stopping power. Entire squadrons of even advanced YSS-1000 Sabres could be destroyed within seconds of an Omus' coming into weapons range of them. However, their sensitive hyperscanner array and considerable speed thanks to its greatly-reduced mass makes them optimal scouts. They are especially prized because they are one of the few ships which can detect the minute inconsistencies given off by sensor distortion screens and photoreactive panels - systems most often utilised by spy vessels. As a result, they were most often seen within prowler-hunting patrols, destroying such vessels with their four Sintra-pattern plasma torpedoes before they could seed confusion and panic throughout their battle group. Outside of these areas, the design is rather typical if weak for a ship of its size, making it vulnerable to many ships other CAR-class patterns could defeat with ease.

Unlike competing scout vessels such as the DAS-class storm cutter, Omus-pattern frigates were only found within space either claimed by the Covenant or in close proximity to invasion fleets. Convoy escort is a typical role they fulfil, flanking it from a distance in order to alert them to approaching threats.

Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes
Certain Prophecy Omus Unknown Assigned to the Servants of Abiding Truth.
Cleansing Truth Omus Unknown 2553 Assigned to the Servants of Abiding Truth, destroyed by the Swords of Sangheilios' Swordsman.
Clergy Omus October 9, 2281 Unknown Participated in the Siege of Chi Rho, missing.
Contrition Farrx April 1, 1944 September 19, 2552 Participated in the Fall of Reach, destroyed during the Battle of Alpha Halo.
Penance Mortdaken November 12, 2091 Unknown Participated in the Fall of Reach, missing.
Promised Revelation Omus Unknown Assigned to the Servants of Abiding Truth.
Pure Resolve Unknown Unknown 2558 Part of the Thars' fleet, destroyed over Carrow.
Radiant Arrow Unknown Unknown 2526 Assigned to the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience, destroyed over Netherop.
Reprisal's Fire Unknown Unknown 2558 Part of the Thars' fleet, destroyed over Carrow.
Retribution's Promise Unknown Unknown 2558 Part of the Rojka's fleet, destroyed over Carrow.
Transforming Splendor Omus Unknown Assigned to the Servants of Abiding Truth.
Unflinching Resolve Mortdaken Unknown March 2553 Originally commanded by Buran 'Utaral, stolen by the Servants of Abiding Truth, crashed on the Vadam storeline.
Vengeful Deed Unknown Unknown 2558 Part of the Rojka's fleet, destroyed over Carrow.


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