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"He was one of those Watch Tower thugs, you know? The PMC, with the Necros augs. We were out there with a unit out of the 117th when we captured one of the fuckers, support staff by the looks of it, he knew the ins and outs of their deployment. We had him taped down to a dentist chair, mouth forced open. Some EOD specialist from their unit pulls out a satchel of C-15. He then cuts it open, starts pouring it down the guys throat. He does with about four more packs, until the guys choking on the shit, then ties a pair of blast caps to him temples and begins the interrogation. After fifteen minutes of tears, piss and crying, the guy gives us everything. We bug out, Watch Tower comes in to retrieve him and this big guy just detonates him remotely. A Watch Tower assault team smeared all over the walls. A thing of beauty, I tell ya."
―Staff Sergeant Connor O'Briain

C-15 Liquid Explosive
Production information

Liquid Explosive Material

Technical specifications

Necros War




C-15 Liquid Explosive is a UNSC explosive device designed for demolitions. The C-15 is used as a modular explosive system.


The C-15 is used as a versatile explosive material, utilised mostly for all purpose demolition, against structures, munitions, material, vehicles and bunkers. The C-15 can be deployed as a pack or canister, and can be compressed into small gaps, or poured like a regular liquid, allowing it to be used for delicate explosive operations.


The charges utilise a nano-composite liquid explosive, which is highly susceptible to electric charges and heat, but not shock, allowing packs to be thrown, like a grenade. The binary explosive components in the liquid remain uncombined, until forcefully aligned by an electrical charge, where under 2 nanoseconds they combine and explode. The explosive yield is almost equal to its C-14 contemporaries.

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