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Brimstone Team, more formally styled as BRIMSTONE Team and sometimes referred to simply as Brimstone, is a 5-man team from the Spartan III program, being attached to the UNSC's Special Warfare Group Three, with its members being dubbed as Category-II's, informally known as 'Cat-II's', under the leadership of the veteran team leader, Jake-A384.


  • Brimstone 1 - Jake-A384
  • Brimstone 2 - Faith-A199
  • Brimstone 3 - Beth-A173
  • Brimstone 4 - Zoe-B264
  • Brimstone 5 - Mason-B219

Originally the team was meant to contain 5 members, with Thom-A293 having been originally slated to take the position of Brimstone 3, however, due to an incident between him, Jake-A384 and several members of both Alpha and Beta companies, he was reassigned to under the command of Carter-A259, in Noble Team.

Therefore, Brimstone operated for the first few years as a 4-man team, with the plan to eventually fill the empty slot with another Spartan when one became available. However, due to combat losses and lack of suitable personnel, the vacancy was not filled until after the Battle of Reach, when the former leader and sole survivor of Gauntlet Team asked to be assigned to the team, taking the callsign Brimstone 2, from Beth-A173. Resulting in her, Zoe-B264 and Mason-B219 taking the callsigns, Brimstone 3, Brimstone 4 and Brimstone 5 respectively due to the new addition.

Operational History

Battle Honours

  • Battle of Fulmore (2552)
  • Battle of Reach (2552)
  • Sol Campaign (2552)



Halo: Remnants

Brimstone Team v2   Brimstone Team   Brimstone Team v2

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