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Bradley Underwood








Bradley 2.png

Biographical Information


February 2nd, 2510


Eridanus II

Physical Information




  • 5' 11" ( Without Armor )
  • 6' 4" (With Armor)


  • 193 lb's (Without Armour)
  • 865 lb's (With Armour)
Political/Military Information


UNSC O-6.png Colonel



Bradley Underwood


 Ribbon   Decoration 
UEG military decorations
Medal of Honor ribbon.png Legion of Honor
Colonial Cross ribbon.png Colonial Cross (3 gold award stars)
Silver Star ribbon.png Silver Star (2 gold award stars)
Navy and Marine Corps Medal ribbon.png Navy and Marine Corps Medal (1 gold award star)
Bronze Star ribbon.png Bronze Star
Purple Heart BAR.png Purple Heart (1 gold award star)
Combat Action ribbon.png Combat Action Ribbon (1 gold award star)
UEG unit awards
Presidential Unit Citation ribbon (Navy and Marine Corps).png Chancellor's Naval and Marine Unit Citation
Joint Meritorious Unit Award.png Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2 oak leaf clusters)
Battle efficiency ribbon.png Navy "E" Ribbon (Frigate Long and Dark December)
UEG service awards
Navy Expeditionary Medal ribbon.png Navy Expeditionary Medal (5 silver service stars)
Navy Rifle Expert Ribbon.svg.png Naval Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon (with Expert Device)
Navy Pistol Expert Ribbon.svg.png Naval Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon (with Expert Device)
ONI Distinguished Operative ribbon.svg.png ONI Distinguished Operative Award (3 silver award stars)
UNSC action medals
National Defense Service Medal ribbon.png Colonial Defense Service Medal (1 silver service star)
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal ribbon.png Defense Forces Expeditionary Medal (2 silver service stars)
Armed Forces Service Medal ribbon.png Defense Forces Service Medal (3 silver and 1 gold service stars)
Humanitarian Service Medal ribbon.png Humanitarian Service Medal (1 gold service stars)
Korean Service Medal ribbon.png SPECWAR Group SPARTAN-II Service Medal (1 silver service stars)
UNSC campaign medals
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal ribbon.png Insurrection War Service Medal (2 silver service stars)
Great War Medal ribbon.png Great War Medal
Miridem Campaign Medal ribbon.png Miridem Campaign Medal
Peter's World Campaign ribbon.png Peter's World Campaign Medal
Halcyon II Service Medal ribbon.svg.png Halcyon II Campaign Medal
Manheim Campaign ribbon.png Manheim Campaign Medal
Earth Campaign Medal ribbon.svg.png Defense of Earth Campaign Medal
Coast Guard Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.png Medal for Evacuation (Kearsarge)
Army of Occupation Medal ribbon.png Army of Occupation (Independence) (1 gold service star)
Army of Occupation Medal ribbon.png Army of Occupation (Manheim)
Army of Occupation Medal ribbon.png Army of Occupation (Doisac)
Operation AXEBLADE Campaign Medal ribbon.svg.png Operation AXEBLADE (1 gold service star)
Operation Rejuvenation ribbon.png Operation REJUVENATION Service Medal (1 silver service star)
Remnant Pacification ribbon.svg.png Remnant Pacification Campaign (1 silver and 1 gold service star)

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