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The resemblance is extremely coincidental and suspicious to some.
Bog Tiger (Tigris Omega)
Biological Information


Physical Description

40-60 inches (not including horns)


300-550 lbs

Skin color


  • Appears strikingly similar to Earth tiger
  • Bony horns on its back
  • Asexual
  • Low-pitched "barking"
Military and Political Information

Muzzle (if necessary)



Notable Individuals


Other Names
  • Horned tigers
  • Horny cats
  • Bog beasts
  • Viceroy tiger
"I wish I could see a SPARTAN fight one of those bog beasts."

The Bog Tiger (Tigris Omega) is a species of omnivorous fauna native to the planet Omega Kari b, later to be known as Viceroy. They are ferocious carnivores though are opportunistic in the fact that they will consume Human crops, including wheat, potatoes with the help of their excellent digging capabilities, etc.

During the middle of the 2560's, it was found that a toxin in tomatoes was often fatal when consumed (78.09% according to an experiment) by bog tigers and "tomato traps" were used en masse to ward off bog tigers from cities and farms until they grew a fear towards Humanity and other sentient beings. They were kept sometimes as pets, somewhat similar to the keeping of a bear as a pet, though this practice was seldom performed.


  • The vocalizations of Bog Tigers most resemble an extremely-low pitched bark.
  • The bog tiger was once solely a carnivore, though naturally occurring climate change led to a decline in its natural prey and the Bog Tiger had been forced to adapt to the practices of an omnivore years before the arrival of Humanity, explaining why they devoured Human crops.
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