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Blinding Wind
Production information

Assault Carrier

Technical specifications

Pulse Laser Turets, Plasma Torpedos, Energy Projectors


Skirmish of the Eagle Nebula


The Blinding Wind was a Covenant Super Carrier, and was part of the Prophet of Truth's fleet during the Second Battle of Earth. It was destroyed by Rtas Vadum's forces.

Early History

The Blinding Wind was first created in 2536, to spearhead an invasion fleet for the planet Orion-IV. It successfully led the invasion with its sister ship, Untouched Justice. The two craft continued serving the Covenant throughout the war, eventually being part of the battle of Reach. The ships were then rotated back to High Charity, where they stayed until the Prophet of Truth led them to Earth. During the battle above the Ark, the Blinding Wind was destroyed by Rtas Vadum's supercarrier, while it's sister ship, the Untouched Justice, was boarded and taken over.