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Senior Chief Petty Officer Beth-A173, born Bethany Katherine Grey, is a Spartan-III Commando of the United Nations Space Command's Naval Special Warfare Command.


Early Life

Beth-A173 was born on the human colony of Albion in the year 2523, living there until the planet was glassed in 2531, which killed her parents and family, the only person she knew, to escape the colony with him was her friend Jake, who would later become Jake-A384. In 2531 At the age of 8, Beth (along with Jake) was conscripted into the Spartan III program and was sent to the planet Onyx where he would undergo training as part of Alpha company.


During training, Beth would stay close to Jake, this was due to Beth's inability to interact with their fellow trainees, preferring to speak only to Jake at first, but would later open up to the other Spartan's in Alpha company. Later on in training, Beth's skills and proficiency in combat, would catch the attention of LCDR Kurt Ambrose and SCPO Franklin Mendez, who took note of her skill and would later deem her to be too valuable to waste on High-Risk missions planned for Alpha company, and had her reassigned to a small group of exceptional candidates, that would later go on to be dubbed the 'Cat-2's'.

It was also around this time that Beth would become known as one of Alpha company's top snipers, being only behind the deadly accurate headhunter snipers, Jun-A266 and Kevin-A282.

At some point during training, Beth would be assigned as to Grizzly Team, serving under her close companion Jake-A384, and the two other Spartan-III's that she had opened up to the most, Rosenda-A344 and Thom-A293, and would be augmented along with the rest of Alpha company, in 2536 with no side-effects.


Like most of the Cat-2's Beth's armour is an upgraded set of Mark IV MJOLNIR armour, later being upgraded to the Mark V standard prior to the Battle of Fumirole in 2552, With the original set having been 'tailor-made' by ONI analysts after reviewing the combat performance of the Spartan in question.

At the Time of the Battle of Reach, Beth's armour consists of a Military Police variant helmet with the HU/RS/CNM attachments, A Tactical/LRP Variant Chest rig, a Mark V Left Shoulder, with an Operator variant shoulder on the right, a Tactical/TACPAD on her wrist Tactical/Trauma Kit on her thigh respectively, FJ/Para Kneepads, and a Silver Visor, with her armour being painted in Purple and Black.

 Battle Honours

  • Battle of Vision (2537)
  • Raid on the Epsilon Herculis Asteroid Belt (2537)
  • Battle of Manticore (2541)
  • Battle of Sargasso (2546)
  • Battle of Reach (2552)
    • Sword Base



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