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Beta Company
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Chronological information


?th ??????? 2537 - 3rd July 2545


Operation: CARTWHEEL
Operation: TORPEDO

Command information



ONI Section III




  • Elite infantry
  • Espionage
  • Asymmetrical warfare

Unit size

418 Recruits
300 Graduates

Command Structure


Camp Currahee, Onyx

Other information








Alpha Company

Main article: Alpha Company

With the massive success of the Spartan-II program, demand for more super-soldiers began to surface across the UNSC’s command hierarchy, particularly within Section Three of the Office of Naval Intelligence. However, Halsey’s insistence to postpone further recruitment, as well as the program’s high costs, led many to seek alternative options.

Aboard the UNSC Point of No Return on October 24, 2531, Vice Admiral Parangosky met with Rear Admiral Rich, Captain Gibson, and Colonel Ackerson to discuss the concept of a successor to the Spartan-II project.

Ackerson, capitalizing on the assumption of the second class of Spartan-IIs being postponed indefinitely, proposed the Spartan-III program as a cheaper, more effective alternative. For various reasons, including Gibson’s personal disgust with the Spartan-II program, the Spartan-III program was green-lit; Ackerson was reassigned from his field commander position and placed in charge of the project. Additionally, Class II of Halsey's Spartan-II project was shut down in order to allocate resources towards the new initiative.

After a successful cover-up involving an unstable slipspace drive and a rigged T-PACK, Spartan-II Kurt-051 of Blue Team was recruited by Ackerson to spearhead the project. With the new responsibility, the former Spartan was given a new identity and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, in order to outrank his former mentor, Chief Petty Officer Mendez.

On December 27, 2531, at Camp Curahee on the ONI controlled planet of Onyx, the first batch of Spartan-IIIs began their training. Due to the overlapping nature of both programs, many of the recruits and assets originally planned for a continuation of Halsey's Spartan-II project were instead brought into Alpha Company. While members of the Office of Naval Intelligence were initially concerned due to high aggression levels among the recruits—exceeding the bounds of the Smith-Kensington Index—the company successfully completed training and was declared active in 2536.

The company would go on to participate in several operations, including an insurrection on Mamore, the Battle of New Constantinople, and the operations in the Bonanza asteroid belt and Far-gone colony platforms.

The company would eventually be exterminated by Covenant forces during Operation: PROMETHEUS on the asteroid K7-49, however their success up until that point had proven the value of the Spartan-IIIs and another company had been green-lit.




Induction and Conditioning

Training for Beta Company began in April of 2539.

Individual Development

Team Assignment



Operation: CARTWHEEL

Operation: TORPEDO

Post-TORPEDO Legacy

After the near-total eradication of Beta Company at Pegasi Delta, the company was disbanded and its personnel were redistributed into other units.

Category 2 Spartans, also known as Cat-2s, were selected by Ambrose prior to high-risk missions such as CARTWHEEL or TORPEDO to be pulled for other lower-risk operations in an attempt to improve their chances of survivability. In addition, many washouts during training were either reinstated alongside Cat-2s or kept around as base personnel during the training of Beta and Gamma companies. As such, most Cat-2s and washouts survived beyond the company’s disbandment.

Among these Cat-2s were SPARTAN-B312, extracted immediately after training, and Kat-B320, pulled after CARTWHEEL, both of which would later be assigned to NOBLE Team and would perish during the Fall of Reach in 2552. Additionally, Ambrose would attempt to pull Lucy-B091, SPARTAN-B170, Neil-B203, Hastings-B206, and Mubiru-B286 before TORPEDO, however Lucy would later fight in and survive the operation. While the fate of B170 is unknown, Neil-B203 and Mubiru-B286 were successfully pulled early and placed into Team Daffodil. Erik-B298, Abigail-B400, and Tomas-B401 would also be pulled and placed on FEUDAL Team. Owen-B096 was also pulled at some point prior to TORPEDO.

Additionally, some “washouts” were instead selected to be brought into the Headhunter program, where they were separated from the rest of Beta Company during training and sent to a specialist camp on the far side of Onyx.

Among these Headhunters were the former Team Tango: Mathilda-B080, Roland-B210, Samuel-B256 and Jonah-B283. Roland-B210 and Jonah-B283 would both be killed by a Silent Shadow squad during a demolitions operation. Mathilda-B080 would also later perish in a similar incident, leaving only Samuel-B256 to serve with Team Osage in the Post-Covenant War conflicts.

From those who were not pulled from the main force prior to TORPEDO, nine of them survived the encounter with varying levels of injury. Of these “Lucky Nine,” only Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 returned to Onyx immediately following the battle, joining the staff as training personnel for Gamma Company in the process. The remaining seven would be withheld from Ambrose for differing lengths of time. Notably, the company's elected leader during the operation, Beatrix-B072, was among the Lucky Nine. Kyle-B115 and Callum-B042, while originally reentering service separate from one another and participating throughout the war under different circumstances, would later pair up for at least one operation prior to the Fall of Reach as revenge for the massacre at Pegasi Delta.




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"If being scarred for life, plagued with PTSD after watching your entire family, the people you trained alongside for years and years, disappear in a flash is what you call lucky, then I should start buying lottery tickets."
―Kyle-B115, 2558

Out of the Spartans present at Operation: TORPEDO, only nine survived the encounter. Two of these, Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292, would return to Onyx immediately following the battle. The remaining seven would initially be kept hidden from Kurt Ambrose by the Office of Naval Intelligence, although news of the survival of some of them would later reach their former commander. The “Lucky Nine” are:

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