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Bawk (Voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall)
Biographical information


Date of birth

Two years after Fil's, January

Date of death

Chickens never die. She's still live and kickin'.

Physical description



Ruutian Kig-yar




6 feet


Plasboom Gun, Energy shank


Point-defense Gauntlet, Her sanic speed


Banstritch (built by Smarter than Me)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Human-covenant war


Covenant Rejects


Bawk is one of the main protagonists of "The Rejects". She was a kig-yar who once served as a Covenant custodian, but was "incarcerated" into the Covenant Rejects as a scout and strategist.

Personality & Appearance

Bawk, much like her friend Fil, is considered rather attractive by her own races standards. She is a very fair-skinned individual, and much like the other females of her race, she has thick skin on her neck and elbows. However, she also has a set of hanging, curled, blonde downy feathers growing on the sides of her head. Unusually, she has sky-blue eyes rather than the pale, milky eyes of typical Kig-Yar. Much like other members of the Rejects, she wears UNSC equipment over her original Covenant Jumpsuit.

Bawk is a rather intelligent individual, having an intellectual level of 120 IQ points, thus making her an excellent scout and strategist. She is also a perfectionist and a completionist, and knows how to get a job done. She cares a lot about her friends and family, and does what she can to protect them. She is shown to have a great soft spot for Piwip, as she and him have been close friends since before they even met Fil 'Dolamee. However, she is very racist and discriminatory towards certain avian races, Such as the Squottsman, as she sees the Kig-Yar to be the superior avian species.


  • Bawk is the only Kig-Yar character in the series that speaks only in English, while the other Kig-Yar speak in both English and/or Kig-Yarese.
  • Her name is an onomatopoeia, as "Bawk" is the word used to represent the vocalizations of chickens. This also references the avian/theropod heritage of the Kig-Yar.
  • Her close friendship with Piwip is very ironic, as the Unggoy and the Kig-Yar races are bitter rivals.
  • Bawk is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall, the voice actor of Pearl from Steven Universe. As a matter of fact, Bawk herself is a homeage to Pearl, as they both have the same voice actor and both have a similar personality and avian-influenced designs (with Bawk's avian appearance derived from her own race).
  • Bawk has an overall negative opinion of the Squottsman race, as she claims that the Squottsman are a "convergently evolved mockery of the Kig-Yar race."
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