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Battlegroup Everest
Unit Background
  • Area control
Unit size

12 ships

Current Commander
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Battlegroup Everest was a battlegroup during the Necros War the battlegroup was under the direct commnd of Vice Admiral Mary Lee Davidson. It was nearly destroyed in USR space, when Davidson entered in a ship to ship combat to open a breach in the blockade to allow to a civilian convoy to escape A system under siege. Vice Admiral Mary Lee Davidson died in that battle. Only 1 destroyer, 2 frigate and the UNSC Okinawa were able to make there way out of the battle. After the battle the Battlegroup was reconstructed over march and during the ceremony for those who fail at pohock the Highcom given the command of the unit to Rear Admiral Stewart.

Battle of Pohock

During this battle this unit had the mission to protect a civil convoy of sanghelian to the USR territory at a point the Battlegroup had to exit from slipspace because of a blocked made by the Necros. Their a furious fight took place to protect the civil. The heavily armed UNSC Everest engaged a small group of necros ship firing everything it got but it was hopeless. The UNSC Everest executed a Kamikaze run against a Necros Battleship destroying both of them the Everest and the Necros ship. The few remanning ship of the battlegroup including the UNSC Okinawa were able to make their way trough the blocked. The loss of the unit include the UNSC Everest, the UNSC Cloudy Victory, the UNSC Mombasa, the UNSC Infinite Mercy, the UNSC Black Snake, the UNSC Black Hole, the UNSC Close to Heaven and the UNSC Spy of Victory. About 1/2 of the 25th Marine Expeditionary Brigade was wipeout during this Battle. On July 5 a monument was erected in New york city, the HQ of the UNSC, it was wrote:

The memorial plate

Picture of the fallen member of the UNSC Battlegroup Everest on the Memorial


Sol-class Command Carrier, UNSC Everest
Thermopylae-class Cruiser, UNSC Cloudy Victory
Talion-class Battlecruiser,UNSC Okinawa
Indra-class Destroyer, UNSC Remembrance
Indra-class Destroyer, UNSC Mombasa
Indra-class Destroyer, UNSC Infinte Mercy
Heimdall-class Frigate UNSC Relentless
Heimdall-class Frigate, UNSC Black Snake
Heimdall-class Frigate, UNSC Black Hole
Heimdall-class Frigate, UNSC Star Fire
Heimdall-class Frigate, UNSC Close to Heaven
Minerva-class Prowler, UNSC Spy of Victory