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Battle of Sigma Octanus IV

Battle of New Jerusalem


Human-Covenant War


3 September, 2552 - 29 September, 2552


New Jerusalem, Cygnus System


  • Covenant victory
  • New Jerusalem glassed
  • Covenant delayed by more than a month

Vice Admiral Diane Williams

Fleet Master Kol 'Sumaiee



  • New Jerusalem Home Fleet
    • 1 Marathon-class Cruiser
      • UNSC Bullfight
    • 5 Destroyers
    • 10 Frigates
  • Rapid Reaction Picket
    • 1 Marathon-class Cruiser
    • 1 Destroyer
    • 6 Talos-class Frigates
  • Reinforcement Flotilla
    • 2 Marathon-class Cruisers
    • 1 Carrier
    • 2 Destroyers
    • 4 Talos-class Frigates

UNSC Marine Corps

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

Office of Naval Intelligence

Covenant Navy

  • Miracle Devastation Taskforce
  • 1 Reverence-class Cruiser
    • Miracle Devastation
  • 4 CCS-class Battlecruisers
  • 5 Frigates

Covenant Army

  • Sangheili
    • K'Gai Legion
    • H'Mot Warrior Créche
  • Lekgolo
    • Mgalekgolo Cet Pair
    • Mgalekgolo Hoi Pair
    • Ggalekgolo (Scarab) Sohr
  • Unggoy
    • Ririm Tribe

The Battle of New Jerusalem was a major engagement of the Human-Covenant War. Although in the end a Covenant victory, the Office of Naval Intelligence dubbed it "a strategic victory" and "tactical withdrawal", because the Covenant's advance was stalled for over a month.



3 September, 2552

  • 2000 Hours, Local Time: A Covenant scout craft slips into the Cygnus system too far away for sensors to detect and makes its way towards New Jerusalem.
  • 2231 Hours, Local Time: Orbiting detection satellites pick up an unregistered contact bearing in on New Jerusalem, high alert mode is activated and local defense forces are mobilized.
  • 2314 Hours, Local Time: The contact is identified as of Covenant origin. New Jerusalem Command and Control makes the decision to contact UNSC High Command and request reinforcements, as most of the planet's home fleet has been recalled to Reach, and the remnants on patrol and too far away for fast reaction.
  • 2349 Hours, Local Time: The scout craft disappears behind one of New Jerusalem's moons and radar/lidar contact with it is lost.

4 September, 2552

  • 1230 Hours, Local Time: A damaged UNSC Navy picket fleet arrives on the outskirts of Cygnus, consisting of 1 Cruiser, 1 Carrier, and 6 Frigates. Unknown to NJC&C, they are survivors of the glassing of Reach who responded to New Jerusalem's distress call.

26 September, 2552

27 September, 2552

28 September, 2552

29 September, 2552


Notable participants

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