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Battle of Hyacinth


  • Human-Covenant War


  • September 9th, 2551 - March 14th, 2553 (550 days)



  • Covenant strategic victory
    • Invasion of Jacinto
    • Hyacinth ε is glassed
    • Hyacinth is blockaded by the Covenant until arrival of UNSC 30th Fleet
    • Krosov Array destroyed
  • Human strategic victory
    • Jacinto liberated
    • UNSC/JCDF naval forces maintain superiority over Jacinto
    • Cease fire declared
  • United Nations Space Command
  • Commonwealth of Jacinto
  • Covenant Empire


  • Admiral Geir Gulbrand
  • Captain Jean Lémieux
  • Admiral Vincent Clare†


  • Admiral Veronica Garcia
  • Jacintan Colonial Defence Force
    • Colonial Defence Fleet - (40 warships)
  • UNSC
    • Hyacinth Defence Fleet - (60 warships)
    • UNSC 30th Fleet - (80 warships)
    • 40th Exploratory Fleet - (12 warships)
  • Fleet of Serene Purity - (9 warships)
    • Divine Justice
  • Fleet of Cleansing Devotion - (146 warships)
    • Clarity of Conversion

120 destroyed

129 destroyed


The Battle of Hyacinth was the system-wide naval engagement attached to the Siege of Jacinto. While the majority of naval engagements occurred around the planet, both the UNSC and Covenant would conduct limited military operations throughout the solar system. The battle ended two days before official hostilities between the Covenant and the UNSC ended on Jacinto. However, the Covenant's ability to effectively continue their naval campaign was crippled four months earlier, as a crushing defeat destroyed what remained of their strongest ships along with their agricultural ships, preventing the resupplying of their ground forces. By January 2553, Jacinto was effectively liberated from the Covenant, with only a few holdouts remaining.

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