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Battle of Hill 132




January 19th-20th, 2552


Hill 132, Sigma Octanus IV


Insurrectionist defeat, one Freelancer operator KIA, one MIA


United Rebel Front

United Nations Space Command


Jonathan Ulan

Agent Carolina


Squad sized unit of HEADHUNTER operatives





The Battle of Hill 132, also known as Operation: KILLING GROUND, was an engagement between the United Nations Space Command and the Insurrectionists. The battle was initiated by rebel officer and MINUTEMAN operator Jonathan Ulan in order to lure the Headhunters into a trap. While the operation had strategic importance in stopping the agents, it was also a matter of personal vengeance for Ulan. Requiring more than just the naval infantry unit the Victorian Independent State supplied, Ulan also enlisted the aid of local rebel militias, promising them support and a share of whatever technology was salvaged if they aided him in the operation.

On January 19th, a squad sized unit of Headhunters arrived at Ulan's command post on Hill 132 on Sigma Octanus IV's frontier. On Ulan's command, the anti aircraft guns opened fire on the Freelancer's UH-144 Falcon and D77-TC dropship, the rebels downing the former. A chaotic melee ensued at the hillside, with the rebels unable to bring in reinforcements or strike by air, as their anti aircraft guns had been captured.

As the battle drew to a close, a company sized unit of rebel Spade technicals arrived to aid the rebel forces at Hill 132. Risking encirclement, the SPARTANs began to retreat, losing two to the rebel advance.

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