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Battle of Midvale, Battle of Moline


Battle of Alpha Aurigae

Battle of Gamma Aurigae


Human-Covenant War


April 26th, 2526


Gamma Aurigae system


Covenant victory



Covenant Empire


Chieftain Cronus


5 Hector-class light destroyers

  • Hanson
  • Saratoga
  • San Diego
  • Porter
  • Sheffield

1 CPV-class heavy destroyer


Heavy, four ships destroyed



The Battle of Gamma Aurigae was a minor engagement that took place in 2526 between the UNSC and Covenant Empire. On April 26th 2526 a lone Covenant destroyer entered the Gamma Aurigae system just near the asteroid belt. Reacting immediately to its arrival, a UNSC battle group, consisting of five light destroyers, engaged the lone warship.

The battle group moved in and opened fire with a volley of Ares missiles, all fifteen missiles struck the Covenant ship but to no effect. The Covenant ship fired its energy projector and annihilated the UNSC Hanson with one shot. The remaining UNSC ships spread out to avoid being an easier target. They fired another volley of missiles but were completely unable to penetrate the Covenant's shields. The Covenant destroyer fired a volley of four plasma torpedoes, the UNSC ships effected emergency evasive maneuvers in an attempt to avoid the incoming projectiles. But the Saratoga and San Diego failed to avoid the torpedoes and were struck head on, the torpedoes boiled away centimeters of armor and vaporized whole decks in an instant, completely destroying both ships.

The Porter and Sheffield managed to avoid the worst of the plasma by using their emergency thrusters to maneuver out of harm's way. Still the torpedoes grazed them and took a whole layer of deck from each ship. Desperately the two ships continued to fire salvos of missiles at the Covenant ship but to no avail as they were completely unable to pierce the enemy's shields. However, though they had avoided the plasma torpedoes once, they were unaware of their tracking capabilities. The plasma torpedoes circled back around and caught the Sheffield off guard, destroying the vessel with all hands. Knowing that the situation was lost, the Porter made an emergency jump into slipspace and escaped the incoming torpedo.

In seven minutes the Covenant had wiped out an entire battle group with total impunity. The UNSC Porter successfully escaped to warn the UNSC of the incursion and three days later FLEETCOM responded with a fleet of thirty ships. They returned to Gamma Aurigae and found the Covenant destroyer as it was attacking the human colony, but it retreated before they could destroy it.


  • The Hanson was named after Admiral J.P Hanson of Star Trek who led the Battle of Wolf 359.
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