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"We're 3,000 light years from home, surrounded by the enemy, and low on supplies. Better fight harder!"
―Vice Admiral Diane Rossolini

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Bastion-class Carrier
Production information
Technical specifications
  • Long-range attack

United Nations Space Command


One of the UNSC's dedicated carrier fleet, the Bastion-class Carrier is a high endurance warship, capable of operating far from home for extended periods. The Bastion is built to survive and sustain for long periods, carrying with it the necessary supplies to sustain long range mission. The ship is built tough as well, with hardened reinforcement to allow it to continue action even after suffering heavy damage. To further support this role, it can carry four Corvette-sized vessels, allowing it to launch them for short ranged harassment missions, or as a mother ship for sector patrol and escort.


Block 1

Block 2

Block 3 - Cryptic-class Carrier

The Cryptic-class featured heavy overhauls to the long-range endurance packages, on-board manufacturing, reactor, and sensors, all in the pursuit of fitting new stealth systems, including active camouflage. At the sacrifice of some of it's carrier capacity, the Cryptic-class is capable of infiltrating deep into enemy territory, with the intention of raiding, or supporting special operations. Each is almost coach built, with differences in each, such as Spartan bays, expanded SOEIV drop pod bays, or other similar features. Such vessels are prohibitively expensive, and the technology needed to keep such a large ship hidden is still experimental.

Ships of the line

  • UNSC Bastion
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