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Bartosz Sówka
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August 19, 2470



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Bartosz Sówka was a SPARTAN-I supersoldier, and one of the first UNSC servicemen to be recommended and volunteer for the ORION Project. A decorated war hero and veteran of the Insurrection, Bartosz is a ruthlessly effective soldier, responsible for the elimination of several Insurrectionist factions during the early years of the conflict.

When Project ORION was shut down, Bartosz made the decision to retire from the military, but not before taking part in Operation: HEMLOCK on Dwarka in 2506. The operation was a disastrous failure, leaving him scarred both physically and mentally as a result of the resistance put up by Dwarkan insurrectionists. After being discharged, Bartosz moved to the colony of Minister and owned an apartment in the capital city of Cremona. There, he became a detective for the city's local police agency.


Early life

"Oldest of three chaotic children... they still haven't thanked me for that."
―Bartosz in a lighthearted reminisce of his childhood.
An infant Bartosz with his mother.

Firstborn to Filip and Jaroslava Sówka, Bartosz is the oldest of the Sówka siblings, growing up on their family estate outside the city of Toruń on Mazovia. Being the son of a CybCell businessman and an actress, Bartosz lived an affluent life; going to the most expensive schools and viewed and experienced the world more fortunately than most other children that grew up in Toruń. For Bartosz's first seven years as an only child, his parents pushed him into leadership roles and being an early achiever academically and in school sports. By the time his siblings Noah and Monika were born, Bartosz had become a leader both at home and at school.

Bartosz would form a strong bond with his siblings, who was often left to care for them because of their parent's busy careers. As the years passed, Noah had looked up to his older brother as a role model, something Bartosz would come to feel concerned about in future years.

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Life on Minister

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