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Biographical information


Date of birth


Physical description

Brute Chieftain






2.5 meters

  • Custom Gravity Hammmer/Soul Crusher
  • Spiker
  • Active Camo
Hair color

dark brown

Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Remnant War
  • Necros War

"I don't fight for what I believe it, I fight for what amuses me most. Suffering."

Barakus is a former Jiralhanae Kingdoms Pack leader, before defecting to the Remnant with his loyal pack.


Early life

Barakus was born into the life of a warrior, being with his father in his pack since birth. He was risen with combat as a constant facet in his life, being able to wield a weapon as soon as he could walk. His father was intensly loyal to the Jiralhanae Alliance, with his task being to lead his stealthy pack in hunting down war criminals and Remnant Brutes. He cruelly tortured those traitors that he captured, though elements of this rubbed off on his son, who became a sadistic sociopath. Barakus continued to fight loyally with his father until they came to raiding a Pirate and Remnant slave trading station. When Barakus set foot on the station, it was a dream come true. Sadism and torture every where he looked. He slayed his father in cold blood, then slayed his second in command in 'honourable combat', taking his Father's hammer, a gravity hammer which was capable of both normal gravity hammer capabilities but could project intense electrical bursts for stun purposes and create heavy gravity fields, similar to much more powerful Fist of Rukt. He took control of the pack by force, along with their stealth corvette before he explored the intracacies of the slave station he was on before departing to align himself and his pack with the Covenant Remnant.

Covenant Remnant

He was welcomed with open arms into the Remnant. Brutes with his stealth skills were short in number, so a whole pack of them were something of great use. In 2605 he was put to good use. The Brutes were aiming to weaken the UNSC/UEG infrastructure around the world of Kanna, so they aimed to strike at the local Governor. They were going to attempt to lure him, and consequently UNSC forces, out by taking his daughter, Alisia Ikiru hostage and forcing a ransom. The plan backfired when Governor Ikiru, who many assumed to be somewhat corrupt due to missuse of power in the past, retained his allegiance to the UEG and would not come out into the open to pay the ransom, nor send UNSC forces into a potential trap just for her. Though ruthless, the plan secured Kanna's safety, at least until 2607. Barakus was unfazed by this set back and kept Alisia as his personal slave. However, he served with distinction for several sneak attacks before he eventually was sent along with Lakvanus to Kanna for the Battle of Kanna. There he was sent onwards in the unprestigious task of recovering ONI personel from a downed vessel, which he completed with his typical skill and professionalism, recovering the ONI AI Dahlia, the ONI tech and later Necros Sleeper Agent, Jenny Anderson and a smaller number of elite LRRP soldiers from the 77th airborne, of whom he divied between his crew and one as a pet for his young, boisterous (violent by human standards) children.


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