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132 2552.jpg

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Biographical information

XXX, Bailey M.

Spartan Tag



Roost (New Fresno, Maredio)

Date of birth

February 3, 2511




6 feet, 10 inches

Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Affiliation and military information

Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8)


Fireteam leader


Active as of May 2560


Class I


Senior Chief Petty Officer Bailey-132 (callsign Sapphire One or Sapphire Actual), sometimes jokingly referred to by his fellow Spartans as "Banana" due to his unusually colored armor, and more formally known to the UNSC at large as Project ORION, Generation II Subject, Candidate Designation Number 132, was a Class I SPARTAN-II supersoldier and the leader of Sapphire Team. One of the final few surviving members of the first class of the SPARTAN-II program still active following the end of the Covenant War, Bailey and his team saw almost nonstop combat deployment throughout the entirety of the war, and his number of successful combat sorties was surpassed only by those of fellow Spartans.

Following the formal end of the war in 2553, Bailey and the rest of Sapphire Team would be sent to the edges of human space to conduct a variety of clandestine operations, until an incident in early 2558 led to Bailey being wrongfully branded as a traitor and and subsequently imprisoned in the Midnight Facility. However, the emergence of the Created later that year would see him being pardoned and placed in a position of command within a newly formed joint task force assigned with countering the newfound threat.

Biographical Information

Early life

Bailey was born on the colony of Roost on February 3, 2511, in the city of New Fresno. A quiet and passive child, Bailey avoided conflict and usually kept to himself, generally preferring to draw or quietly play alone than to take part in the loud games of his rowdy peers. This often put him at odds with his older brother, Marcus, who was a highly extroverted individual, and did not understand why Bailey wanted to be by himself so much. Bailey often felt frustrated by the fact that no one seemed to understand that he just wanted to be left alone, and felt like no one understood him or his needs.

Bailey soon drew the attention of ONI, after they learned that he possessed all of the genetic markers necessary for SPARTAN-II candidacy through a blood sample secretly obtained via the Outer Colony vaccination program. He was kidnapped soon thereafter and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program in August 2517, being replaced with a flash clone so as not to draw unwanted attention.


Upon arrival on Reach, Bailey and the other kidnapped candidates awoke from cryo-sleep in the FLEETCOM military complex in the Viery Territory of Eposz. There, he and the other candidates were introduced to Project ORION Generation II, in which they would be taking part. The candidates were then informed that they would never be allowed to see their families again.

The following morning, on September 24, the six-year-old SPARTAN-II candidates were awoken at 0530 hours by CPO Franklin Mendez, the man who would be responsible for conducting their training. They were instructed to head to the showers, and any who protested or refused were struck with a humbler stun baton. From the showers, the children were sent outside, where they were put through 100 reps of jumping jacks, sit ups, deep squats, knee bends, and leg lifts. Afterwards, they jogged roughly a mile to the Reach Naval Academy, where they would be given lessons by the AI Déjà. This was to become the Spartans' daily morning routine.


Bailey on the augmentation table.

Finally, in 2525, the SPARTAN-II candidates underwent the toughest part of their journey thus far: augmentation. Through this process, the candidates would be transformed from already exceptional physical specimens into something far beyond human. However, the process was risky: in addition to the risk of implant rejection and side effects, there was the chance of lethal physiological stress, as the whole ordeal would involve minimal anesthesia, and thus although the Spartans would be technically unconscious during the procedures, they would still be able to feel everything happening to them.


Deployment on Chi Rho

Human-Covenant War

Battle of Chi Ceti IV

"Uh, why is it yellow?"
―Bailey upon seeing his brand new suit of MJOLNIR armor.

Upon completing their training, Bailey and the rest of the SPARTAN-IIs were sent to Chi Ceti IV to receive their new MJOLNIR armor. Unfortunately, this trip was complicated when the SPARTANs arrived to find the planet under attack by alien invaders known as the Covenant.

The Spartans were forced to put their training to the test and fight their way to the into an underground research facility, where they were given their new armor. Bailey's armor specifically had received a number of special modifications, courtesy of the Delta-3 Division, an ONI cell which had recruited him several years earlier for unknown reasons.

While leaving Chi Ceti IV, a team of Spartans was forced to board a Covenant warship and destroy it from the inside. While this succeeded, the Spartan Samuel-034 was killed in the process.

Early Harvest Campaign

After returning to Reach, Bailey and his team were sent with Battle Group X-Ray to the colony of Harvest. Upon arriving in the Epsilon Indi system, they found the breadbasket world of Harvest to be mostly glassed and beginning to suffer the effects of nuclear winter. Battle Group X-Ray also discovered a large alien vessel in orbit above the colony, which they quickly destroyed at the cost of thirteen of their own ships.

After a short-lived search for survivors on Harvest's surface (which was quickly called off upon learning how horrifyingly thorough the Covenant had been in their ruthless genocide of the population), UNSC forces began to establish bases on Harvest's now frozen surface, in preparation for ground operations that would be conducted with the intent of taking what was left of the colony back from the Covenant forces remaining on its surface. Sapphire Team was attached to the aptly-named "Utgard Base"; a particularly large base located less than two kilometers from where the city of Utgard had once stood.

Though the Covenant's forces were initially disorganized and easily defeated, this changed when a group of CCS-class battlecruisers arrived above Harvest after patrolling the fringes of the Epsilon Indi system. These ships forced Battle Group X-Ray to hastily pull back away from the planet and regroup, leaving UNSC ground forces suddenly without valuable orbital support assets. Confusion spread and UNSC troops quickly became disorganized. To make matters worse, the Covenant began deploying fresh ground troops, and those already on the ground were able to operate more cohesively thanks to tactical support from their ships in orbit above.

Sapphire Team was quickly deployed to key locations in order to provide assistance to UNSC marines with whom contact had been lost as Battle Group X-Ray fought to regain control of the situation in orbit. They left their commanding officers speechless; they were able to engage Covenant troops toe-to-toe and win almost effortlessly, succeeding with ease where even the best of normal human soldiers would struggle.

Two days later, on April 12, the Covenant had appeared to have begun to withdraw their troops from the colony's surface, and the UNSC believed that victory was nearly at hand. However, the next day, a sizable Covenant fleet exited slipspace above Harvest, and immediately began to deploy ground forces. When these forces landed, UNSC marines discovered that a new alien species, which were soon nicknamed Elites, were replacing the Brutes as the commanders of the Covenant's troops. The Elites proved to be far more disciplined and potent foes for Sapphire Team, but the Spartans still managed defeat them all the same.

After the arrival of the Elites, the campaign to retake Harvest carried on for a considerable amount of time without much in the way of progress, and it soon became clear that even if victory was possible, it would be a hard-fought battle for a goal which would be largely symbolic, and of scant strategic value. And as the Covenant began attacking other worlds along humanity's borders, more and more of the assets originally allocated to Harvest would be reprioritized and reassigned to aid in the defense of other colonies. Eventually this would come to include Sapphire Team as well, as in May of 2527, the Spartans would be shipped off to YZ Ceti IV, another farming world and likely Covenant target.

Battle of YZ Ceti IV

Battle of Meyer's World

Battle of Roleath

Late Harvest Campaign

Colin-142: "Who the hell are you?"
Bailey-132: "You mean you don't recognize me?"
Colin-142: "I'm not sure... I'm trying to figure out whether you're a Spartan or just a giant banana."
— Bailey-132 and Colin-142 meet again for the first time since their training.

In September 2530, the 17th Naval Fleet, including the members of Sapphire Team, returned to the Epsilon Indi System, where fighting continued to rage over the fate of what little remained of the colony of Harvest. Upon their arrival at Utgard Base, Sapphire Team was greeted by the first fellow SPARTAN-II they had seen in nearly five years: Colin-142.

SPARTAN-142 had been serving primarily as a solo operator for Section III of the Office of Naval Intelligence since the events on Chi Ceti IV, but had been sent to Harvest to bolster the ranks of Sapphire Team. ONI had recently discovered intelligence suggesting that a Covenant general whom had been previously encountered on Roleath was now leading troops on Harvest. This leader, believed to be known as the "Arbiter", was suspected to possess considerable significance within the Covenant hierarchy, and thus ONI believed that the removal of this individual could prove beneficial to the war effort against the new Covenant threat. Colin was to aid Sapphire Team in their new and especially dangerous task of hunting down this Arbiter, as well as to serve as an ONI liaison for the team.

Fall of Greenway

Oxius V Revolt

Battle of Nordarus

Solstice Uprising

Fall of Flourish

Siege of Redwall

Fall of Busgardt

Beta Taurius II Campaign

Bailey defending the small rural town of Klarowność.

Battle of New Sicily

Fall of Gryphonne II

Argo Incident

Operation: STONE OVEN

Fall of Reach

"You'd make one helluva Spartan, kid."
―Bailey to Leon Sikowsky as they escape New Alexandria.

Battle for Earth


Outer Colony Deployments

Erebus VII

Bailey on Erebus VII.

In 2557, Sapphire Team saw deployment on Erebus VII alongside several ONI remote contact teams, after contact was abruptly lost with research teams on the planet. Sapphire Team was quickly withdrawn from the Erebus system upon it being quarantined by ONI, although not before retrieving spectroscopic scan data from an abandoned research facility. While this data was not found to be of any use to ONI, it was later transmitted to the UNSC Infinity, where it was used to create a simulated training environment for use in War Games by the Infinity's dedicated SPARTAN contingent.

Quillion III Incident

In late January of 2558, Sapphire Team was deployed on a simple operation on the backwater colony of Quillion III. Quillion III was a former Insurrectionist holdout, and though it had been spared from the wrath of the Covenant during the war, food and resource shortages caused by the destruction of nearby colonies had forced Quillion III to rejoin the UEG in 2554 to prevent the starvation of its people. In spite of the necessity of this decision, Quillion III's turmoil did not end there, with the more staunch rebel supporters taking up arms against the colony's supposedly "defeatist" government. These fighters began targeting freighters carrying much-needed relief supplies from the UNSC, capturing them and even outright destroying them, being determined to have the people of Quillion III either find a way to take care of themselves or die out in the effort.

Sapphire Team's mission was to escort an especially important delivery directly to officials of the Quillion III government, supposedly containing military-grade weaponry in addition to the usual food, clothing, and clean drinking water. However, due to a communications glitch, Bailey was accidentally sent a copy of a secret ONI message containing information that he and the rest of Sapphire Team were not meant to be privy to: that the supplies being transported by Sapphire Team were tainted with a lethal biological agent. ONI wished to kill off the loyalist Quillion population and frame the rebels, thereby wiping their hands of any responsibility to continue providing aid to the colony.

Acting alone, Bailey made anonymous contact with the largest rebel contingent on Quillion III, making them aware of the especially important supplies heading to the planet. Upon landing, the freighter was quickly overrun by rebel forces, and the supplies were destroyed. Sapphire Team was sent home, their mission apparently unsuccessful.

However, during debriefing, Bailey was placed under arrest by ONI personnel, and an incredulous Sapphire Team was shown their commander's correspondence with the rebel forces.

ONI Custody

Created conflict

Formation of Operational Detachment-Sigma
Attack on the UNSC Orphellion
Raid on New Zaječar

Bailey while fighting off Promethean forces on New Zaječar.

Steinhold Rescue Operation
Mission to New Babylonia
Theras Outbreak

Career Service Vitae

Bailey in his GEN2 MJOLNIR Mk VI armor.
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Senior Chief Petty Officer

SERVICE #: S-132

    Enlistment Date: 08/16/2517
    Location: UNSC Vegas

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: New Fresno, Roost
    Birth Date: 02/03/2511
    Blood Type: O-
    Height: 208.28 cm
    Weight: 102.965 kg



UNSC Project ORION, Generation II Subject, Candidate Designation Number 132 (real name Bailey [REDACTED]), hereby known as SPARTAN-132, is a first-generation SPARTAN-II program graduate, with Class 5 Alpha-grade (MJOLNIR-qualified) biophysical enhancements (see attached document 44A/37-2548).


Personality & Traits

Bailey was a naturally quiet person, even prior to his conscription and with his social and emotional development stunted from his induction into the SPARTAN-II program, Bailey was, like many of his Spartan peers, left without much understanding of how to interact with others outside of a formal military setting. As such, he tended to avoid contact with normal people on the rare occasions he was not either actively participating in or preparing for combat operations. When he was forced to do so, he tended to be blunt and to the point, as well as often rude and condescending, feeling his time would be better spent somewhere else besides talking with other people.

However, after spending more than nine months on an ONI detention ship in 2558, Bailey's mental and emotional state took a turn for the worse thanks to the efforts of naval intelligence operatives to brainwash him as well as thanks to countless weeks spent in solitary confinement. He became somewhat unhinged; quicker to aggression and anger and markedly less reserved and calculating. Upon returning to meet Addison again after his imprisonment, the couple's relationship became somewhat strained thanks to Bailey's misplaced anger and lack of patience. He also began to suffer from insomnia and night terrors, leading to constant fatigue. In spite of this, his abilities as a soldier and a leader remained solid, and those who trusted him in the past continued to do so despite his newfound difficulties.



Suit Name
Time Worn
132 Equip MkIV.png
November 27, 2525—January 22, 2532
Like the rest of the Class I SPARTAN-IIs, Bailey was issued his initial suit of Mk IV MJOLNIR armor on Chi Ceti IV in November 2525. Unlike the other Spartans' suits, however, Bailey's suit had been treated with a heat-masking, radar-inhibiting outer coating which gave it a distinctive yellow hue, a modification ordered by the Delta-3 Division. While Bailey initially disliked the yellow coloration which stood out sorely from the olive drab of the other Spartans' suits, over the years it grew on him, leading to him using yellow paint schemes on his later suits.
In Storage
132 Equip MkIVB.png
January 22, 2532—November 24, 2551
Issued to Bailey and the rest of Sapphire Team in January 2532, Mk IV[B] was a version of the baseline Mk IV that was partially constructed by private contractors, reducing costs. The advantage for the Spartans was increased compatibility with a wide array of new attachments and customization options for the MJOLNIR system, something which all of Sapphire Team happily took advantage of. Bailey's suit was customized with a CQC-optimized right shoulder plate (a design architecture later repurposed by Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme as the basis for the shoulder plating of their CQC MJOLNIR variant), an up-armored left shoulder plate originally designed for high-profile security details, a slew of additional storage options including a hardened tactical case on the upper left thigh, and a hardened MC5 TACPAD uplink mount on the left wrist. In 2535, this suit's original fission-based microreactor was replaced with a much more stable and efficient microfusion unit, as part of a system-wide upgrade program.
In Storage
132 Equip MkVB.png
November 24, 2551—August 29, 2552
Despite being physically almost identical to the Mk IV[B], the Mk V[B], which was issued to the SPARTAN-IIs in November 2551, brought with it many improvements over the previous generation, most importantly the introduction of energy shields. While energy shields had been tested on the Mk IV platform since as early as 2531 (with Sapphire Team themselves having used them in the field on a fair number of occasions since the Beta Taurius II Campaign in 2537), they had never been especially powerful or reliable, and had never been included standard on any MJOLNIR suits until the introduction of the Mk V[B]. Like the Mk IV[B], the Mk V[B] was heavily customizable, with Bailey's suit being outfitted in much the same way as his Mk IV[B] suit, minus the specialized shoulder plates, and with the addition of a command network module on the helmet and even more storage options.
In Storage
132 Equip MkV.png
August 29, 2552—November 5, 2552
Issued during the final stages of the Fall of Reach in late August of 2552, this upgrade of the MJOLNIR Mk V intended for use by the SPARTAN-IIs during the perilous Operation: RED FLAG would be considered the definitive version of the Mk V platform. This version of the Mk V came alongside an upgrade to the Spartans' neural interfaces, allowing for the use of a ship-grade smart AI to boost the connection between the armor and the wearer (though none of Sapphire Team would ever use this capability). The armor itself included many adjustments and fine improvements over previous Mk V iterations, and while Sapphire Team would be called off of Reach almost immediately after receiving the armor, they would go on to use it extensively during the opening stages of the Battle of Earth.
In Storage
132 Equip MkVI.png
November 5, 2552—April 7, 2554
The most advanced iteration of MJOLNIR to see service during the Human-Covenant War, Mk VI armor was issued to Sapphire Team about halfway through the Battle of Earth, on November 5, 2552. The armor featured improved responsiveness and energy shielding over the Mk V, as well as a number of more minor improvements such as automatic biofoam injectors and weapon recoil compensators.
132 Equip MkVI GEN2.png
April 7, 2554—
Following the end of the war, a second generation of MJOLNIR was introduced. Due to being sent off on an extended set of missions in the remains of the Outer Colonies almost immediately following the end of hostilities with the Covenant, Sapphire Team was among the last to upgrade to the new [GEN2] standard, finally making the transition in April of 2554. Bailey opted to have his existing Mk VI suit upgraded to the new [GEN2] spec rather than requisition an entirely new suit. In November 2558, following Bailey's pardoning and release from ONI custody, this armor was fitted with an integrated thruster pack, as this had become standard on the [GEN2] platform by that time.


SPARTAN-132's Weapons
Weapon Name
Date Issued
MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System
October 8, 2525
The MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System would be Bailey's weapon of choice throughout much of the Human-Covenant War. Issued to him just prior to heading out on Sapphire Team's first combat deployment on Chi Rho in October 2525, Bailey's MA5B would go on to service throughout the conflict with the Covenant. A close to mid-range powerhouse with a blistering nine-hundred round per minute rate of fire and a deep sixty round magazine, the weapon was well-suited to Bailey's up-close and aggressive approach to combat.
MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System
June 28, 2529
At the outbreak of the Battle of Roleath, the members of Sapphire Team each received factory-fresh Army-issue equivalents of their preferred weapons, a gift courtesy of Major General William Hughes. For Bailey, this came in the form of the MA37 ICWS, the predecessor of his more commonly used MA5B. Though not as fond of this weapon as he was of his MA5B, he still appreciated it, and would often use it when serving closely alongside UNSC Army and Air Force assets, allowing him to share magazines with them.
MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System
November 5, 2552
MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System (2554 model)
April 7, 2554
MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System (2558 model)
November 1, 2558
BR55 Service Rifle
December 15, 2528
M6D Personal Defense Weapon System
October 8, 2525
M6G Personal Defense Weapon System (2528 model)
June 28, 2529
M980 Combat Knife
March 26, 2520
Any and all weapons and equipment required based on mission parameters and/or objectives

Involvement with the Delta-3 Division

Upon learning of the program's existence, ONI's Delta-3 Division insisted that it have unrestricted access to at least one SPARTAN-II candidate, offering to divert a portion of their own funding towards the project in return. Catherine Halsey, in need of additional funding for Project: MJOLNIR at the time, reluctantly agreed, and in 2522 the Delta-3 Division grafted Bailey into their ranks in order to grant themselves unlimited private access to him and his affairs.

The Delta-3 Division used Bailey to observe and research the combat capabilities and limitations of Halsey's supersoldiers, and also used him to test new technologies designed specifically for or that were best suited for a SPARTAN-II's unique skillset or superhuman physique.


  • Bailey's tag is a 7 reference, as 1+(3×2)=7.


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