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Badger Team
Unit Background

Special Forces


New Quebec

Unit size


Current Commander


Current Status

Active Duty


The Team

Badger Team consists of the Squad Leader, Nat-D5795, her second in command, Matt-D2105, and their teammates, Peri-D914, Maurice-D3574, and Eleanor-D2784.

While not the most skilled of the Delta Spartans in terms of combat or technical talents, Badger Team is the tightest knitted team. They are very intimate with each other, and will joke and debate like no other Spartan Team out there. Their cooperation keeps the team near the top in battle.

Curiously, they're best suited for work in the battlefield. Examination of simulations shows that none of them took them too seriously, but their combat skill peaked in real combat. This is perhaps because they know when it is real and when it isn't, and their motivation to succeed changes likewise.

General Personality

"These aren't the guys you want right next to you. These are the guys you want playing around behind enemy lines."

The members of Badger Team are very tightly knitted, and don't play well with outsiders. They have been known to fight with other Spartan teams, and haven't advanced very well in rank because of that as well as being disqualified from receiving Honors upon graduation.