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BEN THE BESTverse is an expanded universe project created by BEN THE BEST456 as a means of creating a universe with his own characters in mind. The stories mainly cover 3 major eras, being the Insurrection, Human-Covenant War and the Post War Era. The universe primary focuses on the expeditions and missions of military based personnel throughout the eras and their overall stories. The universe also takes a strong focus on the soldiers of the Alpha-Zulu Corps and their time throughout UNSC history.

Currently, I also wouldn't mind if a novelist came into the universe to help me write some stories here and there. Please leave a message under my board if you are interested.


1. Wikia and Halo Fanon rules still apply.

2. You must follow continuity of both the actual Halo Timeline and the universe.

3. If you want to join, feel free to ask. I don’t think I’m going to have more than 5 or 6 people under this belt. If you would like to join, give me a message.

4. If you write a story based on one of the characters "already" in universe (Prior to July 2018) then please use the summaries on the articles themselves. Do not create a whole new tale with those characters in it.

5. New Covenant remnant and insurrectionist factions are fine. Just don’t go overboard.

6. Do not go past the 2590’s as I myself am still working on stuff for that with the exception of a few minor things. Additionally, you may give out articles that are set earlier than the 2400’s but please, limit those.

7. Have fun and write well.


Insurrection (2400-2525)

The insurrection stands as the starting point for many older characters in universe such as Albert Söze or Richard Bradley. As a result, it would be the best possible starting point for some older leaders or older soldiers during the next era. Or if you want to have some events here, feel free to alert me before hand so I may make the appropriate changes. The Insurrection also covers the beginning of the Spartan-II program so if you have any, this is the correct era for their beginnings.

Human-Covenant War (2525-2553)

A major part of the BEN THE BESTverse, the Human-Covenant War covers nearly forty years, largely focusing on the devastating Great War and the battles that occurred during this period. As most of Halo canon takes place here, BEN THE BESTverse characters will take part in a number of well-known events, from the Harvest Campaign to the Battle of Earth. The era also covers the creations of the Alpha-Zulu Corps, Shield Team, and other war heroes.

Post-War Era (2553-Onwards)

The Post War Era is the latest period of history in the BEN THE BESTverse and covers the numerous conflicts following the Human-Covenant War. While the immediate threat of the Covenant has passed, this era sees the emergence of several new factions as the galaxy becomes a much more dangerous place, leading up to the war against the Created and beyond.

A list of all major characters within the BEN THE BESTverse that currently posses an article.


Orange Team

Purple Team


Alpha-Zulu Corps

Shield Team


Fireteam Guardian

Fireteam Renegade

Shield Team

Basic UNSC




Coalition of the New Earth Government

Fleet of Regretful Redemption

Devil's Cry

Servants of the True Reclaimers


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25th Century


  • 2470
  • 2471
  • 2472
    • September 23: Avu Med ‘Gadamee is born
  • 2473
    • July 22: Rtas and Thel Zattin are born
  • 2474
  • 2475
  • 2476
  • 2477
  • 2478
    • June 15: Telroc ‘Rauee is born
  • 2479


  • 2482
    • September 12: Uhze Nostrum is born
  • 2484
    • September 3: Raghath is born
  • 2485
    • September 18: Zaz ‘Vadem is born
  • 2487
    • September 4: Marcus Locke is born
    • December 6: Ooskoo is born
  • 2488
    • April 15: Fin Krudom is born
  • 2489


  • 2490
    • June 3: Henry Fawlkins is born
    • September 15: Zaz ‘Solok is born
    • September 18: Albert Söze is born
  • 2491
    • June 3: Uhze ‘Nar is born
  • 2492
    • April 21: Stanford Doland is born
    • August 29: Connor Stewart is born
  • 2493
    • September 3: John Scrapper is born
  • 2494
    • Unknown: Telroc ‘Rauee and Avu Med ‘Gadamee join the Covenant military
    • April 23: Daniel Tarkin is born
  • 2496
    • May 23: James T. Avery is born

26th Century


  • 2500
    • Unknown: Rtas Zattin joins Covenant military
  • 2503
    • September 14: Maxwell Drake is born
  • 2504
  • 2505
    • Marcus Locke enlists with the UNSC Navy
  • 2506
  • 2507
    • Unknown: Ooskoo and Raghath join the Covenant military
  • 2508
    • Unknown: Uhze ‘Nar enters Covenant military. Henry Fawlkins enlists with the UNSC Navy.
    • October 25: Hugo Jenkins is born
  • 2509
    • Unknown: Uhze Nostrum joins Covenant military
    • June 5: Damon Janeiro is born
    • September 21: Anthony Michelson is born


  • 2510
    • Unknown: Albert Söze, Connor Stewart and Stanford Doland enlists in the UNSC.
    • April 26: Gary-009 is born
    • June 3: Aidan-007 is born
    • June 29: Roman-071 is born
    • October 22: Nichole-077 is born
  • 2511
    • Unknown: Zaz ‘Solok and Zaz ‘Vadem joins Covenant military. John Scrapper enlists in the UNSC.
    • February 11: Clark-055 is born.
    • February 12: Samuel Rayburn is born
    • March 4: Thomas-012 is born
    • March 14: Mission to Achilles occurs
    • March 20: Mission to Luna occurs
    • March 23: UNSC Alexander is commissioned
    • April 2: Battle of Olympus Mons occurs
    • May 16: Owen-022 is born
    • August 3: Timothy-127 is born
    • September 26: Dane-074 is born
    • October 18: Cassie-119 is born
    • December 7: Zoey Braden is born
  • 2512
  • 2513
    • Daniel Tarkin enlists in the UNSC Navy
  • 2514
  • 2515
  • 2516
    • Unknown: Christian Judd and Emily Tannen are born.
    • December 15: Maxwell Hendricks is born.
  • 2517
    • Spartan-II Candidates are taken by ONI and replaced with Flash clones.
  • 2518
    • Unknown: Fin Krudom joins Covenant military
  • 2519


  • 2520
    • January 22: Roderick-A207 is born
    • February 19: Arthur Renners is born
    • September 30: Patrick Irons is born
    • October 25: Steven-A231 is born
  • 2521
    • Unknown: Maxwell Drake enlists in the UNSC
    • February 9: James-A242 is born
    • March 16: James-A208
    • May 18: Elizabeth-A221
  • 2522
  • 2523
    • Unknown: Richard Bradley enlists in the UNSC
    • February 19: Stewart-A210 is born
    • May 28: Sophia-A335 is born
  • 2524
    • March 2: Garret Rogers is born
    • March 5: Mission to Tri-Glav occurs
    • May 17: Lucas Frenan is born
    • June 18: Ace-A220 is born
    • September 28: Danielle Reele is born
    • November 6: Duncan Zimmermann is born
  • 2525
    • Official unknown: Beginning of the Harvest Campaign. Start of the Human-Covenant War.
    • March 25: Abagail Drakken is born
    • March 30: Paul-A238 is born.
    • April 17: Francis Bazin is born.
    • April 23: Charles Duncan is born.
    • June 6: Martin Long is born.
    • July 7: Kyle-A245 is born.
    • July 15: Madelyn Smith is born.
  • 2526
    • Unknown: Anthony Michelson enlists in the UNSC. Orange Team and other Spartan-II’s enter service.
    • June: James T. Avery enlists with the UNSC.
    • July 3: Purple Team is deployed in Operation: ARSENAL to disrupt and stop a possible Covenant invasion.
    • July 5: Operation: ARSENAL ends in Covenant victory.
  • 2527
    • Unknown: Damon Janeiro and Hugo Jenkins enlists into the UNSC.
    • May 14: Battle of New Sweden begins
    • May 22: Battle of New Sweden ends in Covenant victory
    • June 14: UNSC Guardrail is commissioned.
    • September 13: Battle of Homage begins
    • September 29: Battle of Homage ends in Covenant Victory
  • 2528
    • June 17: Battle of New Zimbabwe begins
    • June 29: Battle of New Zimbabwe ends in Covenant victory
  • 2529
    • Unknown: Samuel Rayburn and Zoey Braden enlists into the UNSC.
    • January 15: Covenant invade New Sol
    • March 26: Battle of New Sol ends in Covenant victory
    • May 8: Benjamin-B300 is born
    • August 2: Gabriella Gordon is born.
    • October: UNSC Guardrail is deployed.
    • October 9: Battle of Notre Dame begins
    • October 22: Battle of Notre Dame ends in Covenant Victory


  • 2530
    • March 12: Andrew Dallas is born
    • March 24: Thomas and Bridget Miles are born.
    • June 15: David Greyson is born.
    • June 29: Christopher Drake is born.
    • June 30: Samuel-B308 is born
    • July 31: Brian Mack is born
    • September 22: Battle of Sector 5 occurs
    • November 30: Maya Vono is born
    • December 30: Edward-B234 is born
  • 2531
    • Unknown: Matthew Cross enlists with the UNSC. ONI begins taking children for the Spartan-III program; specifically members of Alpha Company.
    • February 9: Battle of Arcadia occurs
    • June 2: Battle of Lotus occurs
    • July 23: Emily Todd is born.
  • 2532
    • Unknown: Delany Wilkinson enlists in the UNSC.
    • January 19: Joseph Avery is born.
    • January 26: Henry Jones is born
    • March 19: Ashley Bunsen is born
    • June 14: Lance Gorse is born
    • July 6: Cassy Arnold is born
    • July 7: Battle of New Rustenburd begins
    • July 23: Matthew Sabjoi is born
    • August 3: Battle of New Rusetenburg ends in UNSC loss.
    • November 17: Kevin Miles is born.
  • 2533
    • February 12: Jorge Salvos is born
    • June 3: Battle of Felcuica begins
    • June 15: Battle of Feluica ends in Covenant victory
    • July 7: Nathan Ford is born
    • August 7: Battle of Atlas begins
    • August 16: Battle of Atlas ends in UNSC defeat
    • September 5: Battle of Dramanco begins
    • September 22: Dramanco falls to the Covenant
  • 2534
    • Unknown: Maxwell Hendricks, Christian Judd and Emily Tannen enlists in the UNSC.
    • December 3: Battle of Gaul begins
    • December 23: Gaul falls to the Covenant
  • 2535
    • February 7: Battle of New Singapore begins
    • March 14: Battle of New Singapore ends in UNSC loss
    • March 30: Ace Fisher is born
    • June: Alpha-Four is formed
  • 2536
    • Unknown: Rebel Sangheili stop a human transport and give them assistance. Samantha Todd dies and Emily is adopted by the Sangheili Scientist Thel Zattin. Spartan-III Alpha Company is deployed
    • February 4: Covenant arrives at Himita and begins their attack.
    • March 7: UNSC Lurther is destroyed in the Battle of Himita
    • March 20: Henry Fawlkins and UNSC Liberation is destroyed in the Battle of Himita
    • April 1: Himita is lost to the Covenant
  • 2537
    • Unknown: Other UNSC Spartan-IIIs are deployed to fight Covenant. ONI begins to take children in for Beta Company.
    • January 19: Battle of Magus begins
    • January 18: Battle of Lagos-2 begins
    • January 22: Battle of Magmus ends in UNSC victory
    • February 13: Battle of Rammer begins; Battle of Aspeo begins
    • February 15: Battle of Lagos-2 ends in Covenant loss
    • February 23: Battle of Demeter-4 begins
    • February 26: Battle of Rammer ends with UNSC victory
    • February 27: Battle of Demeter-4 ends with Covenant defeat
    • March 1: Battle of Aspeo ends in Covenant victory
    • March 15: Battle of New Spain begins
    • March 22: Battle of New Spain ends in Covenant Victory
    • April 2: Battle of Iris begins
    • April 4: Battle of Iris ends in Covenant victory
    • July 27: Operation: PROMETHEUS begins
    • August 1: Paul-A238, Kyle-A245, Lopez-A232, James-A242 survive the battle
    • August 2: Operation: PROMETHEUS ends in massive UNSC defeat
    • August 18: Battle of Cutthroat begins
    • August 22: The Survivors of PROMETHEUS arrive at the Cutthroat and assist UNSC forces.
    • August 30: Battle of Cutthroat ends in UNSC victory
    • September 11: Oswald Cunningham is born
  • 2538
    • Unknown: Benjamin-B300 is taken by ONI as a Spartan-III candidate
    • May 23: Adam Johnson is born
    • September 14: Battle of Elysium begins
    • September 22: Ryan-G272 is born
    • November 3: Hugo Jenkins dies in battle
    • November 15: Battle of Elysium ends in Covenant victory
  • 2539
    • Unknown: Arthur Renners enlists in the UNSC
    • April 5: Michael Cross is born.
    • October 12: Battle of Yuri begins
    • October 30: Battle of Yuri ends in Covenant victory
    • December 4: Battle of Galileo begins
    • December 21: Battle of Galileo ends in Covenant victory


  • 2545
    • Unknown: Several members of Beta Company are deployed. ONI abducts children for Spartan-III Gamma Company.
    • June 7: Battle of Dingo
    • June 14: Battle of Dingo ends in UNSC defeat
    • July 3: Operation: TORPEDO
    • July 28: Battle of Crimson Tide
    • August 2: Battle of Surch begins
    • August 7: Battle of Surch ends in Covenant victory
    • November 1: Battle of New Century begins
    • November 30: Bravo Team dies in battle. James T. Avery dies and the UNSC Hamlet is destroyed.
    • December 10: Battle of New Century ends in Covenant victory


  • 2550
    • Unknown: Cassy Arnold, David Greyson, Christopher Drake, Joseph Avery, Martin Long, and Lance Gorse enlist with the UNSC.
    • February 21: Battle of Golem Begins
    • March 2: Battle of Golem ends
    • March 3: Fall of Jericho III begins
    • April 5: Jericho III falls to the Covenant
    • June 3: Battle of Draymen begins
    • June 15: UNSC Raven's Nest is commissioned
    • June 17: Maxwell Drake dies in battle
    • July 8: Battle of Draymen ends in Covenant victory
    • August 12: Battle of Nokris; UNSC Raven's Nest deploys
    • September 7: Battle of Thor begins
    • September 19: Battle of Thor ends
    • November 13: Operation: COLD STRIKE begins
    • November 15: Operation: COLD STRIKE ends.
  • 2551
    • Unknown: Matthew Sabjoi enlists with the UNSC. Emily Todd joins ONI sections I and III
    • June 25: Battle of Draeus begins
    • July 6: Battle of Draeus ends
    • July 8: Battle of Marlo begins
    • July 15: Battle of Marlo ends
    • October 10: Battle of Gamma Omega begins
    • October 15: Samuel Rayburn dies in battle
    • October 19: Battle of Gamma Omega ends in UNSC defeat
    • November 25: Battle of Bivec Begins
    • December 10: UNSC Crimson Tornado is destroyed during the Battle of Bivec.
  • 2552
    • Unknown: Kevin Miles enlists with the UNSC. Gamma Company spartans were deployed. Late in 2552, Rtas and Thel Zattin joined the Swords of Sanghelios. Shield Team became a fully active unit.
    • January 4: Battle of Bivec ends in massive Covenant Victory
    • March 3: UNSC Argent Crest is deployed
    • June 17: Battle of Los Ares occurs
    • July 17: Battle of Sigma Octanus IV begins
    • July 17: Owen-022 dies in defense of Sigma Octanus IV
    • July 18: Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
    • July 24: Fall of Reach begins
    • August 27: Roman-071 dies in defense of Reach
    • August 28: Dane-074 dies in defense of Reach
    • August 30: Aidan-007 dies in defense of Reach. Reach falls
    • September 19: Battle of Installation 04 begins
    • September 22: Battle of Insulation 04 ends
    • October 22: Battle of Earth Begins; Zoey Braden dies
    • October 25: UNSC Alexander and Guardrail are destroyed. Marcus Locke dies.
    • November 5: Madelyn Smith dies in operation
    • November 17: Battle of Earth ends in victory
    • December 11: Battle of Installation 00. Human-Covenant War ends
  • 2553
  • 2554
    • Unknown: The Servants of the True Reclaimers forms with Raghath as leader. Ooskoo is given the title as Supreme Army commander within the faction.
    • March 15: The Battle of Fort Williamsburg occurs. UNSC victory
    • April 17: Sierra Team is deployed on Classified Op: 67890-11122-AR
    • April 20: Sierra Team returns to the UNSC Altman with their mission completed.
    • May 6: Battle of Durban begins
    • May 14: Battle of Durban ends in UNSC victory
    • June 15: Battle of Dramen-VI begins
    • June 20: Battle of Dramen-VI ends
  • 2555
    • Unknown: Oswald Cunningham enlists with the UNSC.
    • January 22: Battle of Hiro Kappa occurs
    • June 21: After mobilizing enough military force, the Coalition of the New Earth Government attacks Agnes-5
    • June 29: The Coalition of the New Earth Government captures Agnes-5 and turns it into its capital.
    • July 7: Battle of Phoenix begins.
    • July 13: Battle of Phoenix-2 ends in UNSC victory
    • July 14: Ace Fisher enlists with the UNSC.
    • October 14: After months of political and social unrest on Kasen-7, Commander Joshua Ditullo leads a rebellion to capture the planet.
    • October 29: After several days, Ditullo captures Kasen-7 for himself and installs labor camps for opponents.
    • November 2: UNSC forces respond to Ditullo’s rebellion by deploying Spartan Orange Team. The spartans are captured and thrown into camps.
    • November 3: The Coalition attacks Sentiment. The UNSC responds quickly.
    • November 18: Julia-063 contacts UNSC forces for backup.
    • November 19: Julia is taken by Joshua’s forces and beaten to death.November 23: Julia-063 succumbs to her wounds and dies.
    • November 24: UNSC forces arrive at Kasen-7 and free political prisoners and begin to fight back against Ditullo.
    • November 29: UNSC forces invade Ditullo’s final strong hold and kills him, ending the fight.
    • December 5: UNSC forces launch Operation: CLOUD COVER and stop the Coalition on Sentiment and arrest their leader.
  • 2556
  • 2557
    • Unknown: The team known as the Renegade Commandos enter the Spartan-IV program and become Fireteam Renegade. Nathan Ford and Adam Johnson enlists into the UNSC. Michael Cross enlists into the Spartan-IV program.
    • March 13: The Servants of the True Reclaimers engage UNSC forces over Installation 02. Both parties crash onto the ring.
    • March 15: A small band of Covenant remnants invade Sitren. Echo and Whiskey Teams are sent to defend the north of the planet.
    • March 16: Whiskey Team is transported to Installation 02 and assist UNSC forces.
    • March 17: Covenant forces leave Sitren in defeat.
    • April 17: Battle of Berlin occurs.
    • June 14: Andrew Dallas, Cassy Arnold and Matthew Sabjoi kill Logan Fhajad and join the Coalition of the New Earth Government.
    • July 14: After months on the ring, the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios prepare for an attack on the Ring’s control room.
    • July 15: Fin Krudom and a few other elites form the Fleet of Regretful Redemption and begin to secretly recruit other Sangheili into their ranks.
    • July 21: Battle of Requiem begins
    • July 23: Battle of Requiem ends.
    • July 24: The UNSC and Swords attack Raghath and his forces. Both Raghath and Ooskoo die in battle. The battle ends.
    • July 25: The New Phoenix Incident occurs. Jane-105 dies in the blast while defending the city from the Didact.
    • September 13: Telroc 'Rauee and Avu Med 'Gadamee found the Devil's Cry faction of Covenant remnants
  • 2558
    • Unknown: David Greyson, Gabriella Gordon, Emily Todd, Christopher Drake, Maya Vono, Brian Mack, and Kevin Miles enter the Spartan-IV program. Fireteam Guardian becomes active
    • January 17: Mission to Schmidt Oil Reserve occurs and ends in UNSC victory
    • February 7: Requiem campaign begins
    • March 7: Nichole-077 dies during the Requiem campaign
    • March 8: Cassie-119 dies during the Requiem campaign.
    • March 12: The Requiem campaign ends and Requiem is destroyed.
    • April 3: Insurrectionist forces take the port city of Pascal
    • April 7: UNSC forces invade Pascal
    • April 12: UNSC forces retake Pascal.
    • June 17: Fleet of Regretful Redemption arrive at Vixel.
    • June 20: The Fleet of Regretful Redemption attacks San Andreas' communication arrays. Richard Bradley dies in combat.
    • June 23: San Andreas is invaded. Paul-A238, James-A242 and Samuel-B308 as well as many other spartans die in combat.
    • June 24: Lopez-A232 and Ryan-G272 die in combat, leaving only Kyle-A245 as a member of Shield Team.
    • June 30: Alpha Team leads Operation: SUNRISE.
    • July 1: Krudom's forces attack UNSC outposts and scatter humans.
    • July 16: Battle of Oban occurs
    • July 18: UNSC forces invade San Andreas. There, they ally with Separatist elites led by Uhze Nostrum and Zaz ‘Solok.
    • July 20: Vixel High Command is attack. UNSC fight off the invasion.
    • July 22: Operation: DOUBLE FRONT begins and ends in failure.
    • July 26: Roderick-A207 and Nostrum attacks Krudom's final bunker. Nostrum and Krudom are killed and the battle ends.
    • July 30: The Fleet of Regretful Redemption shatters with a third signing a treaty while the rest scatter to the stars.
    • August 2: The Raid on Fort Macerson occurs
    • August 15: Mission to Taz occurs.
    • October 22: Shield Team and Swords of Sanghelios engage Regretful Redemption over Fulken.
    • December 3: Devil’s Cry faction invades Guardian-IV.
    • December 4: Promethean forces attack Guardian-IV
    • December 5: Fireteam Guardian engages hostiles on Guardian-IV
    • December 12: Battle of Guardian-IV ends.
    • December 19: UNSC forces track down Devil’s Cry faction to New Genus and attack.
    • December 21: Battle of New Genus ends in UNSC victory
  • 2559
    • Unknown: Avery Class Heavy Cruiser is commissioned by UNSC. Dr. Henry Jones enters ONI section I. Servants of the True Reclaimers reform under one branch.

February 7: Devil's Cry faction invades the Sangheili state of Zattin.

    • February 11: After several odd energy surges, Fireteam Guardian is sent to investigate the area.
    • February 14: Thel Zattin dies by the Warden Eternal. Avu Med 'Gadamee dies in combat and the Battle of Zattin ends in UNSC, Swords of Sanghelios victory.
    • March 14: After a month of turmoil, the Devil's Cry faction splits into Civil War led by Telroc and Zuka 'Dracam.
    • March 15: Battle of Gorse begins
    • March 17: Battle of Gorse ends.
    • April 3: Devil's Cry breaks apart after a massive Civil war, leaving both sides defeated.
    • October 17: Battle of King's Bay occurs
    • November 19: Classified Op 3777-0984-JB-EP occurs


  • 2560
    • Unknown: Adam Johnson and Oswald Cunningham enlists into the Spartan-IV program
    • March 3: Battle of Steel begins
    • March 7: Battle of Steel ends in UNSC victory
    • June 16: Classified Op 44556-01972-LA occurs.
    • July 14: Battle of Phoenix begins
    • July 20: Battle of Phoenix ends in victory for the UNSC
    • August 2: Skrimish at Mekron City occurs.
  • 2561
    • January 23: Siege of Sentinel begins
    • February 4: Siege of Sentinel ends in Covenant defeat
    • April 16: Insurrectionist attack the city of Cipher.
    • April 22: The Battle of Cipher City ends in UNSC victory.
    • July 1: Maxwell Hendricks is approved to to conduct his program, the Spartan Joint Operations Units with Albert Söze and Spartan Teams, Orange, Purple and Juliet
    • July 2: Battle of Installation 06 begins
    • July 5: Devil’s Cry faction under Zuka ‘Dracam is destroyed. All members, except Sophia-A335, of Juliet Team died in battle. Spartan Joint Operations Units is approved for further exploration and usage. Battle of Installation 06 ends.
    • July 31: Battle of Horsemen begins
    • August 18: Battle of Horsemen ends in UNSC victory
    • December 15: Battle over Clifton begins. Logan-G026 and Brian Mack dies in battle
  • 2562
  • 2563
    • Unknown: Ace Fisher and Joseph Avery enter the Spartan-IV program
    • January 3: Battle of Shield 0715 begins.
    • January 4: Michael Cross dies in battle
    • January 6: Admiral Uhze 'Nar decimates the Fleet of Glorious Redemption
    • January 10: Battle of Shield 0715 ends in Fleet of Great Harvest victory
    • December 6: Battle of Serpent begins.
    • December 11: Battle of Serpent ends in UNSC victory
  • 2564
  • 2565
  • 2566
    • August 30: Battle of Suzuela occurs. Kevin Miles and Maya Vono die in battle. Uhze ‘Nar is killed.
    • September 17: Admiral Stanford Doland is arrested on Vixel.
    • September 20: The Siege of New Century, Vixel, begins
    • September 23: John Scrapper is assassinated by UNSC and Matthew Cross is arrested.
  • 2567
    • Unknown: Jorge Salvos enters the Spartan-IV Program
    • January 23: After 5 month long siege, the UNSC push back the Coalition out of New Century, Vixel.
    • February 18: Thomas Montesquieu is captured by Alpha Team. Steven-A231 is killed by Montesquieu.
    • March 30: Battle of Azod begins
    • April 2: Stewart-A210 is killed by General Connor Stewart. General Stewart is arrested and the Vixel Rebellion ends.
    • July 9: Stanford Doland commits suicide.
    • September 1: Battle of Saigon Prime begins. Lance Gorse is killed in battle.
    • September 2: Bridget Miles dies on Saigon Prime
    • September 3: The rest of Alpha-Four dies and losses the battle. Alpha-Four official disbanded.
    • September 30: Battle over Installation 07 occurs. Captain Arthur Renners converted by the Flood. Sophia-A335 sacrifices herself and the UNSC Argent Crest to stop the Flood from spreading.
    • October 25: Battle of Lost Honor occurs.
  • 2568
    • January 2: Battle of Surgeon occurs. Shield Team dies and becomes a disbanded team. The Fleet of Regretful Redemption is fully destroyed. Orange Team members Clark-055 and Thomas-012 die in battle.
  • 2569



  • 2587
    • May 8: After roaming the galazy for years, the UNSC and Coalition clash at the Battle of Cereus-12. Patrick Irons is arrested for treason and the Coalition of the New Earth Government falls.
  • 2588
    • July 15: Patrick Irons hangs himself in prison.


  • 2591
    • August 1: The Coalition of the New Earth Government reforms itself under ex-Senator Sarah Harn and General Wolfgang Wright.
  • 2593
    • Unknown: Wolfgang Wright leads a coup against Harn and Admiral Matthew Lien. The coup is successful. Wright and Lien enter a civil war with Wright claiming victory.
  • 2594
    • September 7: Harvey McKane begins his plan to capture the Coalition from Wright and Lien.
    • September 28: The Cereus-12 Campaign ends with both Wright and Lien being arrested for crimes. McKane took control of the planet and turned the Coalition into a pirate gang.
  • 2595
    • Unknown: Gary-009 finally retires from the UNSC.

27th Century

  • 2600
    • Gary-009 dies of old age.

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