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Ava Johnson
Biographical information

Full name:

Ava Amaya Johnson


New Jerusalem


September 3, 2529






195.6 centimeters (6' 5")


97 kilograms (214 lb)

Hair color:


Eye color:


Political and military information


  • Office of Naval Intelligence (former)
    • Asymmetrical Action Group
  • Spartan Operations
    • Spartan-IV program




Ava Amaya Johnson (SN: 77249-53781-AJ) is a supersoldier of the SPARTAN-IV program who previously served as an operator with the Office of Naval Intelligence.

The daughter of Avery Junior Johnson and Jilan al-Cygni, Ava grew up as a genetically-enhanced individual unofficially referred to as a "Spartan 1.1". In the final years of the Human-Covenant war—and in its immediate aftermath—she served with ONI Section-III, first as an Acquisitions Specialist and then as an Asymmetrical Action Group operator, before eventually being selected to join the ranks of the elite Spartan Operations branch.


Early childhood and military career

Ava Johnson was born on the human colony of New Jerusalem on September 3, 2530. Her parents—Jilan al-Cygni of ONI and Avery Johnson of the UNSC Marine Corps—were both active combatants during the Covenant war so she very rarely saw either of them in her youth, instead living with her maternal grandparents in a suburb just outside of the capital. Since birth, Ava had been monitored closely by ONI as her identity as a "Spartan 1.1" made her a potential asset to the organization.

By the time she was eleven years old, Ava decided that she would follow in the footsteps of the parents she admired yet barely knew and enlist in the military, despite the protests of disapproval from her family. She originally intended to join the UNSC Marine Corps like her father—whom she had arguably grown closer to over the years than her seemingly more-distant mother—but on September 3, 2546, the day of her seventeenth birthday, she was approached by Jilan; It was from her, on that day, that Ava learned for a certainty of her identity as a Spartan 1.1. Jilan attempted to persuade Ava that if she truly had resolved to join the military, that the Office of Naval Intelligence would be the best place for her, but Ava harbored doubts. It was only after a Waypoint conversation with her father that she would decide to join ONI, convinced by Avery that she could make more of a difference with them than in any conventional military organization.

Early ONI career

Johnson as an Asymmetrical Action Group operator during the Battle of Earth, 2552.

Battle of Earth

Operation CRY WOLF

Becoming a SPARTAN-IV

Personality and traits


Awards and decorations

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