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Morta Expedition

Attack on the Hirondelle


UNSC/Sangheili victory

  • Boarders repelled
  • Discovery of Morta
  • Peace delegation disrupted

Swords of Sanghelios

Valhn Legion

Valhn Legion

Group of Nine
Sapien Sunrise


  • One Hekar Taa-pattern blockade runner
  • Two SDV-class heavy corvettes

  • Senator Jessik Clemens
  • Kaidon 'Brinam
  • Kaidon 'Dorsaam
  • Two Gladius-class corvettes
  • UNSC Theseus damaged
  • Two SDV-class corvettes
  • Two SPARTAN-IVs killed
  • Several Marines and sailors killed
  • Several Sangheili
  • One blockade runner
  • Several Sangheili
  • Several Unggoy
  • Two Mgalekgolo

  • Caliban apprehended
  • Six infiltrators captured
  • Twenty infiltrators killed

The Hirondelle Incident was a brief but devastating engagement between a combined UNSC/Sangheili force and the Valhn Legion that created a great deal of confusion among both belligerents as the first shots were fired. Only after the loss of five ships did any side begin to make an attempt at dialogue, which was first initiated by Captain Lucas Foster of the UNSC Theseus and successfully managed to deescalate the incident. However prior to the battle, the diplomatic ship carrying the human and Sangheili delegation was infiltrated by several insurgents loyal to the Sapien Sunrise terrorist group, who quickly took control of the vessel and executed all Sangheili aboard as well as UEG Senator Jessik Clemens from Mars and two members of her SPARTAN protection detail.

Hours after the hijacking, the remaining crew and civilians aboard the Hirondelle were still being held hostage. UNSC and Sangheili forces aboard the Theseus immediately began formulating a rescue operation. The operation would be spearheaded by Team Spatha and the rest of Fireteam Castle, with support provided by a contingent of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Seeking to avenge their murdered Kaidons, the Swords of Sanghelios and Valhn Legion each lent a combat team for the operation.




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