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Ariake-Kassa Fabrication
Organizational information
  • Ariake Yoshito
  • Ariato Kassa
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Earth)
Primary role(s)

Development and production of armor

Major Products
  • M4A2 Body Armor
  • M5A1 Body Armor
  • M5A2 Body Armor
  • M6B Body Armour
  • M7 Body Armor
  • M52 Compression Armor
  • M37 Pressure Suit
  • M11 Ghillie Suit
  • Semi Powered Infiltration Armor Mark III
Chronological and political information



Necros War




One of the younger corporations that does business with the UNSC, it was founded when the Ariake Fabrication Company, then controlled by Ariake Tako, bought out Kassa Manufacturing, then controlled by Serib Kassa, in 2447. Soon enough, the formerly independent company was getting contracts from, designing for and selling products to the UNSC almost entirely; by the start of the Human-Covenant War, they were the leading distributor of UNSC armor, including being manufacturers of the famous ODST and Marine Body Armor Series. By the time of the Necros War, they were the sole manufacturer of UNSC armor, minus the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Mark VII, ranging from heavy, military grade armor to light police and civilian armor, even those used in

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