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Class overview

Argyre-class landing craft


Aerofabrique SA



Preceded by

Pony Express-class heavy freighter

In service

September 30, 2557 - present

General characteristics

Landing craft


294 metres

  • Minimal load: 148,000 metric tons
  • Operational load: 202,000 metric tons
  • Maximum load: 229,000 metric tons
Engine unit(s)

SlipTech's GEN1-#7810 Deuterium fusion drives (3)


Materials Group's RG-916B dispersal field generator


15-50 centimetres of Titanium-A2 battleplate

Navigation system

Universal Navigation Array-uplinked TOMBRAIDER navigation computer

  • Mark 91 Torrent heavy naval coilguns (2)
  • Modular missile pods (12)

1,040 sailors

Additional information

Post-War era

  • Deployment of ground troops
  • Refueling
  • Limited fire support
"She dove nose-first, as fast as a lightning bolt, shields rippling from those Mantises. We stormed their camp as soon as we touched down, and then it hit me why these Mike Foxtrots were so easy to kill: we caught them during their lunch break!"
―Specialist Aidan Sears

The Argyre-class (hull classification symbol: LSM), also known as the Argyre Planitia-class, is the UNSC Navy's first dedicated model of landing craft introduced since the Insurrection. Named after the region of Mars in which the UNSC Marine Corps conducted their first interplanetary invasion, the Argyre-class was designed and built by Aerofabrique SA.

Unlike most other ships born from the Post-War Fleet Line Initiative, the Argyre-class was introduced to fulfil a single role - that of large-force deployment on hostile worlds. Outfitted with powerful shields and average armour, this model of landing ship is capable of ferrying all the consumables, assets, and personnel of a Marine Expeditionary Unit down to a planet's surface while under fire from surface-based defences, piggy-backing through slipspace on larger vessels. While poorly-armed when compared to traditional warships of its tonnage, an Argyre-class is capable of unloading its entire complement in a shockingly-short period of time, with the speed necessary to rapidly reach the planet's surface. Although considered a short-range craft, dedicated models outfitted with slipspace drives have emerged with fuel tanks, allowing them to act as refuelling ships in the field.

The first of these ships were commissioned on the 30th September 2557, entering service just before the Anlace-class light frigate which they were intended to operate alongside. They first saw action during pacification operations near Green Hills, deploying HAZOP units onto its surface to destroy a hostile Unggoy breeding camp and testing the ship's general capabilities in a dangerous environment. Satisfying the admiralty, an initial block of 120 ships were ordered; only seventeen would finish construction, as the advent of the Created crisis led to the decimation of Aerofabrique's shipyards.

Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Argyre Planitia LSM-001 September 30, 2557 November 19, 2558 Lead ship of the class, captained by commander Alex Truss, destroyed by a Promethean ambush.

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