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Argenta Self Propelled Rocket Artillery Vehicle Model-41
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Necros War





The Argenta Self Propelled Rocket Artillery Vehicle Model-41, also known as the Scattershot is a multiple rocket launcher based on the Chassis of the Bastion APC, basically an armored box with glacis place sloped at a high angle mounted on a pair of treads. Mounted on top of the chassis is a large rocket launcher for twenty-four War Hammer Rocket batteries. These rockets contain high explosive, anti-tank, or submunition warheads and are aimed using a computer guidance system. The Scattershot Also carries a mount for a weapon near the hatch which can carry a Storm Rifle for anti-infantry defense or a TOW missile launcher for anti-tank defense.

Modular Sections

  • Commanders Hatch
    • Periscope: Allows safety at the cost of visibility
    • Remote Operated Heavy Storm Rifle: Gives the Commander the ability to defend his position
    • Remote Operated TOW: Gives the Commander the ability to reach out and 'touch' a tank.
    • Battlefield Observation System: Consists of LIDAR, Optical and Thermal scanners and radio equipment.

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