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Arrestor SPHAAG
Production information



Self Propelled Hybrid Anti Aircraft Gun

Technical specifications
  • 4x 30mm cannons
  • 4x Claw Hammer SAM
  • modular co-axial armament
  • Anti Aircraft Artillery
  • Surface to Air Missile Launcher

Fattail (UNSC)


Necros War




The Argenta Self Propelled Hybird Anti Air Artillery Vehicle Model-12, also known as the Arrestor, is a Machina anti-aircraft vehicle.


The Argenta Self Propelled Hybird Anti Air Artillery Vehicle Model-12 was built by the Argenta clan of Machina around the UNSC's Fattail SPHAAG. The Arrestor's chassis looks like a simple "armored box" with a sloping glacis plate, mounted on a pair of treads, as typical for tanks of Machina (as well as human and Vorenus) design. The turret of the Arrestor is equipped with four 30mm cannons and four Claw Hammer anti-aircraft missiles. With this dual armament, the Arrestor can engage hostile aircraft at both short and long range, and at both high and low altitude. The Arrestor has proven itself effective at defending Machina armoured forces from Ground attack Aircraft such as Covenant Remnant Banshees and Vampires and Necros Carrion, Laceration, Devastation, and Dervish Gunships. When turned against infantry, the autocannons can also be used to engage infantry and light vehicles. The Arrestor also has a modular co-axial and mount capable carrying a variety of weapons and other systems.

Modular Sections

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