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Argenta Self Propelled Anti Air Artillery Vehicle Model-15
Production information



SAM vehicle

Technical specifications
  • 20x Claw Hammer surface to air missile
  • modular secondary armament
  • driver
  • gunner
  • secondary gunner
Year introduced

Remnants War

  • Mobile Air Defense

Necros War





The Argenta Self Propelled Anti Air Artillery Vehicle Model-15, also known as the Intimidator is a Machina air defense vehicle build by the Argenta clan of Machina. The vehicle is based on the chassis of a variety of Machina APCs and support vehicles, including the Crusader IFV, Bastion APC, Instigator ATGW vehicle, Hammer SPMA, Law Bringer command vehicle and many others. The chassis itself looks like a simple box with a sloped glacis plate mounted on a pair of treads. The thing that sets the Intimidator apart from other Machina vehicles of the same chassis is the two large missile launchers on the top of the vehicle. These launchers hold ten Claw Hammer surface to air missiles each, for a total of 20. The Claw Hammer missile is in many respects similar to the UNSC STINGER SAM, in that it is capable of engaging low flying aircraft such as dropships and gunships, with some effectiveness against low flying bombers and fighters. The vehicle also has a modular secondary armament option, designed to fend off infantry or vehicles, depending on the weapon chosen. The vehicle is typically deployed to provide air defense for Machina armored forces along with Arrester and Onslaught AA vehicles.

Modular Sections

  • Commanders Hatch
    • Periscope: Allows safety at the cost of visibility
    • Remote Operated Heavy Storm Rifle: Gives the Commander the ability to defend his position
    • Remote Operated TOW: Gives the Commander the ability to reach out and 'touch' a tank.
    • Battlefield Observation System: Consists of LIDAR, Optical and Thermal scanners and radio equipment.


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