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Apophis-class Heavy Carrier
Production information

Reyes-McLees Shipyards



Technical specifications

4,236 meters


847 meter


770 meter



  • Titanium-A3 battle plate
  • Laminated shell
  • Layers of AEGIS
  • Thermal energy absorbing layers
  • Kinetic absorbing layers
  • Aero gel layer
  • Shielding
Sensor systems
  • AN/SPY-9 PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
  • AN/SPY-7 PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
  • AN/SSS-19 SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SSS-19 REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SVS-68 Optical Telescope
  • AN/SAS-67 Infra-red Telescope
  • AN/SSQ-23 Sensor Network
Targeting systems

Multispectrum Optical AI assisted camera network


AI Assisted ADIS

  • MASER communications dish
  • Slipspace LASER communication system
  • War Net Integrated computer
  • 1x CR-03, Series-8 MAC
  • 300x 24 M42 Archer
  • 180x 30 M75 Rapier
  • 450x 20 M96 Howler
  • 750x M965 Fortress 70mm guns
  • 350x 4-linked anti-ship 120mm gun
  • 200 M85 Anti-Aircraft Gun network
  • 150x ASB-14, Mark 12 recoilless 4 linked batteries
  • MAC Network (60)
  • R1295 Launching System/M9407 SOEIV (289)
  • B854 Jettison Bays/M8823 HEV 6,704)
  • SKT-29 Class-8 EHL/C (8,900)
  • RLT-85 Emergency Shuttlepods (12,570)
  • D79H-TC Pelicans serie B5
  • M808B Main Battle Tanks
  • M12 Warthogs
  • M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicles
  • M510 Siegework/Ultra-Heavy Mobile Anti-Aircaft Weapons Platforms
  • HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense Systems
  • F-41 Exoatmospheric Multirole Strike Fighters (240)
  • GA-TL 3 Longsword Heavy multi-roles Fighter (120)
  • YSS-1000 Saber interceptor (168)
  • Total: 12,387
  • Navy: 9,075
  • Marines: 3,300
  • Intelligence: 12
Year introduced


  • Carrier
  • Flagship
  • Fleet suport

War for the Mantle of responsibility



"Its only purpose? Filling the precious gap between our Cruiser and the Infinity-class Heavy Carrier-Cruiser"
―Captain James Willow

These ship were created in the years after the Great War to fill the perceived gap left by the UNSC super carrier. They were created by the Reyes-Mclees shipyard in order to create new ship to support the UNSC Fleets. Helped by the Sangheili to include new technology system as well as better shield generator for their ship the UNSC created the Apophis-class heavy Carrier a balance between fire power, troop carrier and fighter capacity.It was a radical change in the ship design optimizing frontal assault, the front of the ship houses the heavy MAC gun. This ship includes a pair of Hangars features on two arms outside the ship that usually house the fighter and bomber compliment, allowing them to rapidly throw out masses of ships at the enemy.

UNSC Comments

"Its real purpose? Providing back up fighter forces and emergancy muscle to fleet actions, when fighters are at a premium."

"Its not bad at orbital assaults. Its just fast enough and armoured enough to break past defences without anything serious."

"One of these supported the landing at Linna Beta, bringing in some real heavy ordnance for our forward Frigate landing groups. Damn happy for that."

Know Ships of the Line

  • UNSC Apophis
  • UNSC Salaberry
  • UNSC Tecumseh
  • UNSC Wolverine
  • UNSC Vermillion


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