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Annie-003 portrait


Birth name:

Anne Norman


"Sky Soldier"


8 March 2511
New York City, URNA, Earth


30 August 2552 (aged 41)
Facility A-331, Reach, MIA


206 cm (6’9”)


114 kg (252 lb)

Armored height:

216 cm (7'1")

Hair color:


Eye color:


Military career


Halo Waypoint - UEG Unified Earth Government


UNSC-Navy-logo1 UNSC Navy

Years of service:

2517 – 2552


Reach - Sergeant Grade 2 Chief Petty Officer

Service number:



SpartanII SPARTAN-II Program

  • Red Team
  • Platinum Team
  • Specialty:

  • Fireteam leader
  • Air assault
  • Battles/wars:

    Human-Covenant War

  • Battle of Liber
  • Battle of Miridem
  • Battle of Flora
  • Operation: SQUALL
  • Battle of Sigma Octanus IV
  • Fall of Reach
  • Awards:

    Legion of Honor
    Colonial Crosses
    Silver Stars
    Purple Hearts

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    Anne "Annie"-003 (born Anne Norman; March 8, 2511 – August 30, 2552) was a SPARTAN-II supersoldier who fought in the Human-Covenant War. She was the leader of the Platinum Team until its temporary dissolution. During the Fall of Reach, she led Team Beta of Red Team in defending the orbital defense generators. She was ultimately killed by a brute named Tisamenus, and as per ONI Directive 930, she was listed as missing in action.


    Early Childhood

    Anne "Annie" Norman was born on March 8th, 2511 at New York City, URNA, Earth. When Annie was six years old, she was identified as one of the one hundred fifty candidates for the SPARTAN-II Program, being physically and mentally superior to almost all children her age. She was abducted and conscripted into the program by Dr. Halsey, with her official name changed to Anne-003. Like the rest of the Class-I SPARTAN-IIs, Annie was taken to Reach and trained by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and AI Déjà. Annie was placed in Red Team.

    As with all of the SPARTAN-II children, Annie-003 underwent the excruciatingly painful augmentation procedures. Annie was among those who recovered from the enhancements with no defects.

    Battle of Liber

    Main article: Battle of Liber

    In the month of February, 2535, ten years into the Human-Covenant War, the Covenant targeted the colonies of Jericho VII and Liber. While the majority of the Spartans were sent to Jericho VII, a few were needed at Liber. These few were Annie-003, and Dom-094, Rick-077, and Sam-015 from Green Team, and were designated the Platinum Team. Upon the Spartans' arrival at the colony, Vice Admiral Darryl Coatney informed them of the situation of the attack. Although the UNSC forces had a slight upper hand on the surface, the space battle did not seem winnable; there was nothing in Liber's orbital defenses that could take out the opposing assault carrier, the Divine Eradication. Having reviewed what had occurred in the Battle of Chi Ceti, Coatney urged the Spartans to board the Divine Eradication just as Blue Team had boarded the Unrelenting. Instead of bringing mere Anvil-II ASMs, however, the Spartans would bring a HAVOK nuke, as the assault carrier was at a safe distance from the UNSC vessels.

    Similar to the events of Chi Ceti, Platinum Team traveled to the Divine Eradication by piloting a G95M Gull with many of the UNSC Future Untold and several other UNSC vessels drawing the Covenant's attention. Annie-003 told Sam-015 to bring an M41 SSR MAV/AW, as she believed they would need all the firepower they could get. Several of the UNSC vessels then fired their MACs at the assault carrier, enough to create an opening in the Covenant carrier's narrow section for the Spartans to board. Platinum Team subsequently left their Gull and used their thruster packs to propel themselves into the Divine Eradication.

    Annie-003 and Sam-015 assault carrier
    If not for Sam-015's M41 SSR MAV/AW, not everyone would have made it out alive.
    The members of Platinum Team initially faced grunts and jackals and were able to take them out with little difficulty. When the Spartans began facing elite rangers, Annie-003 ordered Sam-015 to make liberal use of her rocket launcher against shielded enemies. Tougher infantry needed to be eliminated quickly as the Spartans could not afford the possibility of getting shot. Once the Spartans had fought their way deep enough into the Divine Eradication, they armed the nuke, putting it on a timer. However, they prepared for remote detonation should the timer malfunction. With the bomb in place, the Spartans proceeded to fight their way out of the Covenant ship. Commander Bella Caseiro contacted the Spartans, informing them that she was waiting for them outside aboard the UNSC Muted Whisper. Minutes after the Muted Whisper had safely recovered the Spartans, the HAVOK detonated, severing the Divine Eradication at its "neck" and also destroying a nearby Covenant battlecruiser.
    Platinum Team Liber
    Platinum Team, searching for survivors on the surface of Liber (From left to right: Sam-015, Dom-094, Annie-003, Rick-077)

    With the greatest naval threat gone, the Liber fleet proceeded to turn the tide of the naval battle. The Spartans were then deployed on the surface to help the UNSC ground forces finish off the Covenant infantry and also search for survivors. In orbit, the surviving UNSC ships were able to force the last two battlecruisers into retreat, ending the battle in favor of the humans. The synergy between the Spartans played a major role in their success at Liber, prompting the establishment of Platinum Team as a permanent Spartan unit under the leadership of Annie-003.

    Battle of Miridem

    Platinum Team was sent to Miridem in order to help evacuate its civilians. Among the multiple escort rounds, Dom-094 discovered three children who were orphaned by and hiding from Covenant forces. Dom-094 took the children to the rest of the Platinum Team, and the SPARTANs escorted them to the nearest transport, successfully keeping the children from enemy fire.

    Battle of Flora

    Main article: Battle of Flora
    Annie on Gliese
    Annie-003 fights the Covenant.
    Annie-003 and the other Platinum Team members were called to the colony of Flora to defend it from the Covenant. She arrived at about the same time Rick-077 and Dom-094 did, while Sam-015 had already been defending Flora at the surface. Annie-003 was placed on an orbital defense platform to fight off boarding Covenant infantry, and was soon joined by SPARTAN-III Ryan-A022. The two SPARTANs then left the station, piloting a GA-TL1 Longsword. After battling through many Covenant interceptors, Ryan-A022 and Annie-003 were ordered to land on one side of Flora, while Rick-077 and Dom-094 were ordered to assist Sam-015 in defending the other side.

    During the battle, ONI had intercepted a Covenant transmission regarding an artifact called the Contumacy. A map on the location of the artifact was hidden within an underground Forerunner structure on Flora. Rick-077, Dom-094, and Sam-015, who were closer to the structure, were sent to take the map, but could not reach it before the Covenant forces did. ONI, however, managed to track the map to the Covenant battlecruiser Unwavering Conviction, which by chance, was hovering a few hundred meters over Covenant-occupied land to refit. The SPARTANs on Zarmina boarded the battlecruiser using its gravity lift.

    Annie-003 assassinates ranger side
    Annie-003 assassinates an elite ranger.
    As ONI continued to track the Unwavering Conviction. Admiral Gerald de Gaulle of the UNSC Alexandra picked up Annie-003 and Ryan-A022, and gathered other cruisers to prepare to surround the Unwavering Conviction. Once the Covenant battlecruiser completed its refit and left the atmosphere, the Alexandra fired its MAC at the vessel, depleting its shields. Multiple Longswords closed in on the Unwavering Conviction, battling her fighter complement. Ryan-A022 and Anne-003 once again piloted a Longsword of their own, this time having a squad of ODSTs in the fighter, and boarded the weakened battlecruiser by flying into its hangar bay. The SPARTANs of both sides were able to join forces aboard the ship, and then kill the shipmaster and take the map. On their way off the Unwavering Conviction, however, the SPARTANs discovered that their Longsword was destroyed by Covenant. Fortunately, a D77-TC Pelican was able to pick up the SPARTANs at the nearest hangar bay, allowing them to make their escape.

    Operation: SQUALL

    Main article: Operation: SQUALL
    Platinum Team 2551
    Platinum Team, on Ogygia
    The Contumacy was hidden within a complex cavern on Ogygia. The Covenant ground forces were led personally by Fleet Master Dar 'Akamee. 'Akamee and his team of zealots got to the artifact first, but the Platinum Team immediately caught up right after. At the end of a brief struggle, all of the zealots lay dead, thanks to the SPARTANs' better teamwork. Dom-094 carried the forerunner device as the SPARTANs were pursued by more covenant forces. In the middle of the chaos, Dom-094 was separated from the team by a plasma grenade explosion. Due to the overwhelming number of Covenant forces in orbit, the rest of the Platinum Team was forced to leave Dom-094 behind, devastating Annie-003.

    Battle of Sigma Octanus IV

    Fall of Reach

    On August 30th, 2552, most of the remaining SPARTAN-IIs were deployed to the surface of Reach by the Pelican, Bravo 001, from the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. When Bravo 001 was crippled, the SPARTANs were forced to make high-altitude jumps. Four of the SPARTANs did not survive the landing. Upon regrouping, Fred-104 divided the SPARTANs into four splinter groups: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta; Annie-003, Rick-015, Sam-015, and three others were in the Beta splinter team.

    Tisamenus vs Annie-003
    Annie-003, moments before her death

    Team Beta was assigned to defend Orbital Defense Generator Facility A-331. Annie-003 ordered the Spartans to engage the oncoming thirty-two wraiths and 260 infantry in close quarters. Although the SPARTANs broke the assault wave, another two Covenant armored divisions along with three cruisers reinforced the first wave. During the holdout, a Spartan found himself cornered, and Annie-003 took it upon herself to help out her brother-in-arms. Unfortunately, the Spartan fell to enemy fire, leaving Annie-003 herself cornered in the same spot she tried to break her ally out of. Annie-003 held her own, eventually sustaining fire from plasma bolts, blamite shards, and superheated metal spikes. The Brute Captain Tisamenus approached the wounded Spartan and engaged in close quarters combat against her before finishing her off by impaling her just above the abdomen with the bayonets of his spiker. With such a kill, Tisamenus claimed the SPARTAN's body as a trophy and left the battlefield.


    Annie-003 was posthumously awarded the Legion of Honor for her actions on Reach. Her death immensely affected Sam-015, who believed herself to be the last surviving member of the Platinum Team, until Dom-094 returned to the UNSC after being MIA and when Rick-077 was able to receive proper medical attention from his otherwise-fatal injuries. Tisamenus was able to become a War Chieftain as a result of his kill and kept Annie's armor as a reminder of his accomplishment. However, on November 26th, 2556 in the Battle of Beimeni, Dom-094, Henry-G066, and Jim-G067 avenged Annie when they obliterated Tisamenus with the entire magazines of their weapons. After killing Tisamenus, Dom-094 activated the fail-safe detonation system of Annie-003's armor in order to honor his deceased former leader.

    Personality and traits

    Annie-003 was an impressive strategist, being very observant of her allies' skills and using this knowledge to coordinate her fellow soldiers in order to complete missions in the most optimal way possible. Annie's strategic prowess and her ability to efficiently manage her allies earned her the position of Team Leader of the Platinum Team. Having spent many years with her team members exclusively, Annie developed very close friendships with them.

    In terms of combat skills, Annie did not excel in anything in particular. However, she was among the first SPARTANs to test the earlier models of jetpacks intended for MJOLNIR armor. Having more experience in using a jetpack than most other soldiers, Annie-003 became one of the technology’s most prominent users.


    Throughout most of her career, Annie-003 wore the standard MJOLNIR Mk IV armor. When Annie-003 was given access to MJOLNIR Mk V Armor late in the year 2551, she chose to use the standard suit, but with a CNM attachment to her helmet, Jump jet safety restraints in place of the standard shoulder pauldrons, an HP/Parafoil torso accessory, a Tactical/TACPAD unit on her left forearm, and Grenadier knee guards.

    Annie-003 typically used standard firearms, her most common loadout being a combination of an MA5B rifle as her individual weapon and an M6D pistol as her sidearm. Annie often wore a jetpack for vertical mobility, having had a lot of experience using the equipment.

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