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Biographical Information


Annalee Lyra Tesarik


  • February 20th, 2170
  • Cryo Thaw: July 23, 2534



Physical Information




  • 2.08m (6' 10") Post-Aug.
  • 1.79m (5'9") Pre-Aug.





Political/Military Information


  • Special Warfare Technician
  • Command
  • Stealth


UNSC O-3.png Lieutenant (O-3)




SPARTAN-III Beta Company, Diamond Initiative


UNSC Navy Logo White.png UNSC Navy



UEGSeal.png Unified Earth Government


Annalee-B220, formerly Annalee Tesarik, was a SPARTAN-III Beta Company operator who was active during the Human-Covenant War. Notably, Annalee was one of twelve SPARTAN-III's pulled from Beta Company by ONI to staff Rear Admiral Darren Cohen's Diamond Initiative—an off-the-books increase for Beta Company's graduating class. Annalee is best known for her role with Beta Company's Team Golf and, later, as Diamond Team's Commanding field officer.

An expert rifleman and a hand-to-hand savant, Annalee had always been one of the more deftly oriented warriors in Beta Company. Focusing on maintaining a level of expertise across most field weaponry made her one of the better versed in combined operations, procurement, and general battlefield tactics. Annalee's exploits as the leader of Diamond Team set her on track to be one of ONI's most efficient operators and an undeniably key asset in the Diamond Initiative's Xeno-Exploitation role, which would prove to be one of the war's most important factors.

Annalee's Spartan career is one that would constantly test her mental resiliency as well as her ability to adapt and lead. With her early life marred by inability to maintain control of her own destiny, her struggle to keep her head, and a tendency to fall in line with others who were quick to use her for gain, her greatest asset became her propensity to overcome unforeseen adversity. At her core, Annalee is nothing short of a adept warrior and a stubborn survivor.


Early Life

Parents wanted.png
A screen grab of ID card images that UNSC loyalists were to utilize in locating the Tesariks. These particular images were taken Circa 2170 when the individuals were 38 and 35 respectively. Annalee's parents would unknowingly set the course for their daughter to a time and place beyond their comprehension.
"As her muscle-memory kicked in, she was flooded with a wave of nostalgia for climbing over the rooftops, and balancing across flimsy bridges of plywood and corrugated metal which spanned the gaps of narrow alleys far above the streets."
― Annalee reminiscing in Centroid

Annalee Lyra Tesarik was born on February 20th, 2170 in the Corrotoman Arcology Hospital. Corrotoman Arcology was a small walled city located on Mars, far in the northern hemisphere and away from most major settlements on the planet. She was her parent's —Antonia Doorman and Mikal Tesarik— first and only child.

Antonia Doorman, Annalee's mother, fled to Mars as a refugee seeking political asylum in 2168. Due to her work as a controversial Bio-Engineer and political actor for rogue elements in the field, she had put her life at great risk. Fearing imprisonment or political retribution, Doorman chose to flee Earth leaving behind her only living relative: her mother. With her career on Earth forced to a standstill, and her reputation dragged through mud, she sought the less restrictive government on Mars to continue her work. When she left for Mars, she had forfeit any hope of maintaining a normal life or family and focused entirely on her work and ideology.

Upon arrival on the Martian frontier, Doorman began work again for the political elements that had supported her work on Earth. Shortly thereafter, she met another young scientist, Mikal Tesarik, while working on a high risk chemical augmentation project. Tesarik, a veteran Combat Medic from the Rainforest Wars, was beginning a new career as a Pharmaceutical Chemist. Tesarik took a quick liking to the young Doorman, and after a short period of courtship, the two married after finding that their work promised a potential mutual partnership—their ideologies in line with one another.

Shortly after Annalee was born, radical changes in the United Earth Government started to affect Tesarik's work on Mars as it had on Earth. The couple, feeling as though their work and ideologies were unwelcome in this new order, sought to join a secretive colonization effort begun by former comrades of Mikal Tesarik. During this phase of their lives, Doorman was rocketed to a more political position as the prospect of her augmentation project was seen as an important development in the battle for sovereignty in the Sol system and beyond.

While her parents fought to maintain both their ideals and livelihood, Annalee's early childhood appeared to her standard and uneventful. She was friends with several Corrotoman Arcology children, and fondly remembered playing along the rooftops of the tightly packed buildings in her neighborhood. As an "Arcology Rat" she and the other children used these tightly packed homes to learn a sense of balance and agility as they played on roofs moreso than the often-narrow, and filthy streets.

Corrotoman Arcology .png
The housing sector in Corrotoman Arcology where the Tesarik's lived while caring for their young daughter. The Arcology was a safe-haven for political outcasts, and particularly veterans of the Argyre Planitia campaign and their families.

However standard her childhood was, Annalee did acknowledge her parent's abnormal attention given to her. Her parents, right or wrong, saw her as an advanced child. Even as a toddler, Annalee's memorization skills were sharp and she was an adept learner of language. By age three, Annalee was fluent in Standard English, Pidgin Martian, and Czech. Her parents, ever the scientists, made sure to study both anthropological linguistic and standard linguistic literature to better teach and mold Annalee as a polyglot. Annalee would recall to many Spartan comrades that her father would constantly play memory games with her with anything from vid games to Latin flash cards, working hard to hone her sense as sharply as he could. She would, however, avoid mentioning the other sort of attention that she often garnered from her mother. Doorman, seeing the above-average development of her daughter, sought to use her daughter as an unwilling test subject—a practice which had been shunned by science for nearly 200 years. Doorman sought to learn how she might either enhance Annalee's development with her already semi-complete work, or she thought to start her work over and study the bio-mechanics of her daughter's brain in the hopes that, eventually, this could lead to a new high-grade mental stimuli that she could synthesis as a new augmentation.

In late June of 2173, the family would leave their Martian home in Corrotoman Arcology after they were alerted to an impending UNSC loyalist raid. Annalee's mother, now a high ranking colonization official, was thrust into the top position after their ship's captain was killed in a UNSC raid. After a month of fleeing their home, the family finally joined and united with the crew of the Ambrosia Infinata. The Infinata, a 1.5 Kilometer long Pre-Slip Space Enzmann-type ship, was manned by a crew of twenty orderlies, with space for two hundred passengers. The Infinata came with suites of then state-of-the-art Cryostasis Modules with which the crew and passengers would be placed in stasis until reaching their destination.

Due to the nature of the Infinata's mission, it's tracking beacons were removed or deactivated and it purposely never reported it's vector or flight plan with the proper authorities. As such, the ship was never a target of Operation: SLOW BURN, a UNSC operation to recover Pre-Slip Space colonization ships that were then caught in a sort of "technological limbo", traveling in interstellar space at sub-light speeds. The Tesarik family, Including Annalee, were set in Cryo-Sleep on August 12, 2173 on a vector towards Goombridge-1830, the proposed colony location.


The Ambrosia Infinata as it was in 2183, as it made it's last gravity assist in Neptune's gravity well before leaving the Sol System.

On July 15, 2534, the ONI Signal Corps reported the activation of a faint and short distress beacon roughly 2 Light-Years from the Green Hills system. The Signal Corps also had reason to believe that the activity recorded afterwards indicated a Covenant presence that hadn't been known prior. As such, the newly christened Sahara-Class Prowler Boudica was sent to investigate, along with a SPARTAN-II detachment: Green Team.

On July 23, The Boudica arrived in observation range of the distress call. Upon scanning a debris field, the crew determined that a Covenant cruiser had attacked a small contingent of Human Junker ships which were the origin of the distress call detected a week earlier. The ships had been thoroughly decimated by the Covenant cruiser, but not before one had presumably rammed the Cruiser, forcing it to withdraw and repair. What the crew didn't expect to find, though, was that some of the debris was from a Enzmann-type ship that had been sheared into larger sections by the Cruiser's pulse laser turrets. With the rediscovery of the Ambrosia Infinata, the Boudica's mission changed to asset denial. Green Team deployed to the ship to ensure that the Ambrosia Infinata's computers did not contain any information that might lead back to Earth if the Covenant returned to investigate the wreck further.

While on the Infinata, Green Team, led by CPO Kenneth-139 stumbled upon an intact Cryo-Suite aboard the vessel. All but one of the Cryotubes had either long since malfunctioned, or had been manually powered down after the Infinata was cut from it's main power source. There was, however, one cryo-tube which remained on battery back-up. This was Annalee's. The Spartan team then moved quickly to extract Annalee's pod and brought her aboard the Boudica, saving her from an almost sure death.

ONI's Ward

Annalee would remain in custody of ONI as she recovered in a Naval hospital. Regulations set in place by Operation: SLOW BURN dictated that any individual recovered in such a manner would remain in state custody pending their health and mental well-being, considering the potential shock of waking centuries later.

For a month after her rescue Annalee would remain under constant watch as her body suffered severe cryo-burns, and she had several bouts of pneumonia due to the failed thaw. For the remainder of 2534 and early 2535, Annalee also was in a partial-diabetic state due to the primitive cryo-methods used when she was put in stasis. It was due to these same methodologies that Naval Doctors also noted very low-white bloodcell counts, and irregularity in her bone marrow. The extrapolation being, eventually, that the cryonics being used were running at less than efficient stasis, and thus some of Annalee's cell systems added more-or-less a half a year to her physical age, while others ceased function. As she was in hospital for an extended period dealing with these issues, she was routinely placed in a genetic database as part of a planned "integration program" where she would be vetted for eventual foster care by Naval Psychologist and State Psychologists.

Annalee's genetic map, quite unexpectedly, indicated that a sort of gene-therapy had been done prior to her cryo-stasis. The augmentations performed were specifically done to affect her brain activity and were studied at length, and eventually determined to originate from a compound known as 009762-OO (one which had been made illegal by the UNSC Medical Corps). Knowing the detriment this chemical could cause her brain in the long term, ONI's internal medical corps began working to find ways to counteract the inevitable deterioration. After her stabilization and recovery, Annalee was brought to ONI's headquarters in Sydney where her augmentation was further studied.

Life in Sydney

An artist's depiction of Sydney where Annalee lived in ONI custody from 2535 to 2537.

During her time in Sydney, Annalee would give periodic testimony about the Ambrosia Infinata. As part of her testimonies, she wove a timeline of her encounter with her would-be "Body Snatchers". As was recalled in her testimony: the so-called Junkers had woken her and two other survivors prior to the Covenant's discovery of the vessel. One of these survivors, she would explain, had been her own father. She witnessed as the Junkers vented the atmosphere in both his and another man's tubes, killing them by asphyxiation. Her testimony would eventually help constitute a case for the UEG to successfully indict the Junkers on charges of: Murder, the Intent to Traffic Humans for Sexual Exploitation, and the Intent to Harvest and Sell Organs Illegally. The Junkers, of whom Annalee never cared to learn their identity, were sentenced for the rest of their lives to an UNSC prison on Reach after Annalee had been conscripted.

These years Annalee lived in Sydney were also spent in foster care. Annalee would be "homed" with different ONI minders, most professional Psychologists or Doctors, in familial dormitories in the HIGHCOM bunker-system. She generally didn't care for these fosters as she felt she was treated more as an experiment than a person. This changed when she was six.

Annalee, shortly before her sixth "birthday" (now legally the day she was thawed), was flagged as a potential candidate for the SPARTAN-III program by Section 3 Doctors who had become familiar with her history. Already under ONI's microscope for years, she had shown great promise for the program due to her heightened brain activity and, alternatively, the general interest that ONI Section 3 had in her performance under the use of compound 009762-OO. Her augmentation had presumably made her candidacy purposeful on top of all other things. By this time, ONI had developed counter-compounds to prevent irreversible brain damage, and they began to give Annalee small doses until her vitals normalized and indicated no dangers of grey-matter decay. Though not intended as such, this procedure would later become an off-the-books augmentation used in Project CHRYSANTHEMUM for Gamma Company Spartans.

Since losing her parents, she felt the happiest when living with the Todds. She had already agreed, though, to leave this semblance of normalcy behind. The Todds would surrender this image to ONI at a later date.

Due to the strange, and sensitive nature of her origins, Kurt Ambrose sent his orderlies to meet and address Annalee personally when she was recovering from her series of counter-augmentations. She showed an intense interest when told about the prospect of fighting the Covenant. While she knew that Junkers had killed her father, her mother's Cryo-Suite had been on a severed portion of the Infinata—ONI minders had made use of this fact for years when testing her reactions to anger, as well as forming and feeding her hatred of the Covenant. Annalee told Ambrose's orderlies that if they made her past a secret, she would volunteer to enter the Spartan ranks so she could escape the clutches of ONI.

With her history squared away, and her future as a Spartan secure, Annalee would be given a chance to leave the walls of the Sydney facility in 2536 to attend a boarding school. This was done, mostly, to catch her up on a general education before she became a Spartan as she lacked any formal knowledge on some subjects. Marcella Todd, a Naval doctor who had cared for Annalee during her original recovery, offered to foster Annalee in her home so that she wouldn't be required to return to ONI's Sydney compound.

Though her husband James was unaware the plans that ONI had for Annalee, Marcella would incidentally discover Annalee had been held against her will for years at the Medical Facility. Marcella, feeling frustration and empathy Annalee, while also lacking a child of her own, secretly attempted to make inroads with the UNSC Medical Corps to allow her and James to adopt Annalee. Unsurprisingly, during her time with the Todds, Annalee would excel in school but would struggle to socialize with other children. As Marcella and James showed her care she hadn't felt since losing her parents, she would rightfully became hesitant as her deadline to become a Spartan approached. Ultimately, though, Annalee would leave the Todd's custody when her schooling was done, and she was spirited away to Onyx in 2537. Her hospital documentation would list her as "deceased", giving the Medical Corps reason to rebuke the Todds requests after Annalee was already long gone.

Spartan Trainee

"She found herself missing the call of Reveille as the sun set over Camp Currahee. Onyx seemed so long ago and far away, now."
―Axis Apeiron
Beta Company.png

As a Trainee, Annalee was assigned to Beta Company’s Team Golf. Though several Spartans were initially cycled through the fireteam, Golf would be focused to Nalini-B099, Wei-B258, Ahmed-B077, and herself during their early days of training. Nalini was given the reins as Golf's team leader not long after the group became better established. Thereafter, the Spartans-to-be quickly created what they would describe as a close-knit family-unit.

Annalee also became close friends with several other Spartan trainee's throughout the company, but in particular took a liking and became very close friends with Team Leader of Oscar Team: Spencer-B337 (who answered as "Spike"). This friendship between the two quickly blossomed and often resulted in their working in tandem either in training missions or early war games. Annalee's strong connection to both Teams Golf and Oscar often made her a cherished "peacekeeper" between the two, as competition between teams was rampant. As time went on Annalee and Spike's relationship became much closer, and Spike's drive to be a stand-out leader created rifts among the other groups which Annalee often found herself defending for Spike's sake. On several occasions when Team wasn't a factor, the two often worked together and were seen as a sharp, and potent duo. Observers within the Company had apparently flagged the two as potential Headhunters, but were superseded by AI Fluellen of the secretive Diamond Initiative in 2543.

Wrong Crowd

Spike's competitive nature, however, eventually overshadowed Annalee's own talents and forced her, more-so, into a subservient role. Spike was one of the more assertive Beta Company Team Leaders, and arguably one of the most aggressive. Spike's corrosive nature led to an intense and aggravated rivalry with Team November leader, Joel-B404. While the Spartan teams had at first enjoyed friendly competition, Spike became overtly aware of Joel's attempts to top him, and he came to resent him for this. This also led to Annalee being coerced to vocalize Spike's view on Joel as her own, creating a rift between her and Joel as well. The Spartan's rivalry came to a boil when Joel, in the course of a training exercise, accidentally knocked out a member of Team Oscar with a training round. An ensuing brawl in which several Spartans were injured, knocked-out, or incapacitated, ended when Spike and Joel were tossed in the brig by LCDR Ambrose, and the Company was marched for hours in reprimand.

While Joel was away, Nalini, both Annalee's team leader and her closest friend, made clear her feelings that Spike was using her as a means to compete with Joel, more so than as an equal partner or friend. At first reluctant, with time, Annalee realized she wasn't able to reach her full potential with Spike holding their unequal friendship over her—she realized, also, that she may have grown infatuated in the idea of Spike. With the realization that she had simply become a toady for Spike's ego when she was supposed to treat all Spartan's fairly and equally, she decided to return her focus to the Company at large.

When Spike and Joel left the brig after two weeks, Annalee told Spike that whatever they had done in the past, was now moot. Spike took this hard, and the two maintained a tense relation for the remainder of their training. On the flip side, Joel gained an immense amount of respect for Annalee for owning up to how she had behaved, and she found in Joel a much better friend.

Nalini's Defeat

In April of 2542, sections of Beta Company were moved to a remote UNSC outpost for an exercise off planet. By this time, most Beta teams had carried out similar missions before, and they would again try and prove their lethal precision. One of the evenings while in the field, however, Nalini shared her plot with Team Golf to break out of their barracks and into the nearby town. Using fake identity cards that they had been given for the exercise, she had planned for them to sneak into a bar and order them all drinks to celebrate a mission well done. The entire team excitedly agreed, and followed Nalini out in the early morning while the rest of the company slept.

Spike, still resentful of Annalee's betrayal, learned of Nalini's plan and reported the Team as AWOL. With Spike's tip, the Beta Company trainers went out to drag the Spartans back to their barracks. Nalini, however, had had other motives from the start. Nalini had grown increasingly fraught with certain trainers, and had even begun to shirk duties, and was repeatedly tossed in the brig and eventually lost command of Team Golf to Annalee. Prior to their mission, Nalini had made particularly important personal revelation to Company staff, and had felt ostracized for doing so. As such, with continued issues, she chose to rebel against the Company leadership.

Nalini's most intense aspect of her plan was to convince Annalee to run away from the Spartan program with her. Annalee, her closest confidant and friend, had known Nalini's personal struggles for years and had pledged to be very supportive for Nalini as she had been for her. However, Annalee would be blindsided when Nalini professed a young, naïve love for her. Convinced Annalee would follow her to the ends of the Earth, Nalini had morphed her vision of Annalee's friendship into more than camaraderie. Annalee, shocked by Nalini's feelings was unsure what to make of such a thing—she had never felt as though Nalini saw her more than a friend. She told Nalini she wouldn't run away from the Spartans and Nalini was crushed.

During this ordeal, the Beta Company trainers eventually tracked and caught up to Team Golf. When confronted, Annalee and the rest of the Spartans folded immediately and gave themselves up to the trainers. Nalini though, heartbroken and angry that her plan had failed, refused to return and fought off three separate trainers. In the process of trying to escape, she killed one of the trainers by crushing their trachea. When she realized what she had done, she surrendered promptly. Annalee was again shocked by Nalini's rash outburst of emotion, but when the trainer was killed, she felt a physical change. This would be the first time that Annalee felt her augmented brain blind her with a more "animal" instinct. She felt as though she was stronger than she had ever been and could have done far worse harm than Nalini had in that moment. The immense adrenaline rush, however, caused her to black out.

When Golf Team and other Spartan stragglers returned, they were immediately thrown into the brig for a day without food. When their time was up, they were marched into CPO Mendez's field office to face their fate. As an act of discipline, Nalini would immediately be removed from Beta Company and face a Court Martial. Mendez, recognizing that some in Golf, November, and Oscar teams had been terribly petty and undisciplined for years, reordered their teams as a final punishment. Annalee, in particular, was demoted from Team Leader, and thus Joel became the new leader of Golf, bringing with him Drew and Mary. Spike, begrudgingly, would take over as November's team leader and take Wei and Ahmed from Golf. Annalee's team, as she knew it, was destroyed and her best friend would be, likely, sent away for good and possibly executed.

Operation: TANGLE

Mendez would abruptly order the teams back to Onyx, early, where Nalini would face her Court Martial. While en route to Onyx, a hostage situation developed aboard ONI's remote Bravo 9 Listening Station located in Interstellar Space. By chance, the Spartans were aboard the closest UNSC vessel. Mendez, given the choice by the captain of the ship, gave the green light for the teams to respond.

The incident had been carried out by the crew of the notorious Junker Pirate vessel Mata Hari. The crew of the Mata Hari raided the remote Bravo 9 Relay Station for supplies, but quickly found themselves in the middle of a hostage crisis gaining the ire of the UNSC.

The Diamond Initiative

"She had been foolish to think being human would make her any less of a Spartan."
―Centroid, Chapter 4


Not long after Annalee and Team Golf returned to Onyx to finalize their training, the Spartans of Beta Company were alerted to the decision to Graduate 300 of the 418 trainees. Initially all of Team's Golf, November, and Oscar were not listed to graduate and instead were selected as "washouts" that had automatically been assigned to train the next company of SPARTAN-III's. Annalee was devastated, and immediately thought back to her chance to leave with Nalini, who was now gone and given a new identity. Within days, however, it was apparent that Mendez and Ambrose had something else in mind.

An internal still showcasing the massive physical change Annalee received from Project: CHRYSANTHEMUM.

When it came time for the potential graduates to leave for the UNSC Hopeful, Annalee and Team Golf were eventually ordered aboard and all of Golf, November, and Oscar were to receive Spartan augmentations, though it was notably off the record. Annalee would question this directly to Mendez who only assured her that it was not a mistake. He explained how all three teams had been carefully constructed by a team within ONI, and they would now work together pending a separation from the rest of Beta Company. When questioned further, Mendez could only reiterate that this was hardly done in error, and Annalee and the eleven other Spartans would be fully fledged Spartans, much to her relief.

Of the Beta Company graduates, including the off-books twelve, all received successful augmentations and were soon after put through even more rigorous training to test their new limits. During this time, all graduates were equipped with the upgraded Semi-Powered Infiltration armor and readied for impending operations. Once they had again proven their abilities, and were familiar with their new equipment, they would spend the next year conducting a series of smaller operations, generally against Insurrection targets, but occasionally against highly vulnerable Covenant targets as well. During this phase, although officially under Colonel Ackerson's command, the teams of Golf, November, and Oscar would almost always work together and were referred to as the "Diamond Lance" on direction from Rear Admiral Darren Cohen. Cohen, the benefactor of the off-books augmentation of the Diamond Lance, had managed to arrange for the teams to work closely before they would, eventually, be reassigned to the yet to be incorporated 90th Xeno-Materials Exploitation Battalion.

Operation: CARTWHEEL



In early 2545, the Diamond Lance were officially separated from the rest of Beta Company as instructed by Cohen. Though the Diamond Lance had yet been notified, they were now officially under the Umbrella of Cohen's Diamond Initiative. There had been one caveat, however, to their impending operation. While in negotiation for access to Spartans, Ackerson agreed to release full control on the Diamond Lance on the condition that they would conduct an operation that would test a new in-field data collection apparatus called STARS (Stealth Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Satellite), as well as agree to hit a target that would both benefit Ackerson's goal to slow the Covenant war machine as well as Cohen's goal to collect vital Xeno-Technology. Cohen agreed, and Operation: RAUCOUS SOLITUDE was compiled and planned accordingly.

Operation: RAUCOUS SOLITUDE was a high-risk, Spartan-only operation and it tragically resulted with most of the Diamond Lance KIA in the first hour of the mission. Annalee almost immediately found herself entirely split off from Team Golf within the first minutes of touch down, knowing that Joel-B404 and Ahmed-B077 had both died within mere minutes of landing. She was in on-again-off-again contact with Covenant patrols for several hours before retreating down from the plateau where their target had been located.

After a week of avoiding patrols, and stockpiling food, weapons, and ammunition, Annalee had managed to infiltrate the outer perimeter of the Covenant Citadel which contained their target. She would accidentally bump into Andrew-B191 and Spencer-B337 —Drew and Spike— while infiltrating the camp, and the trio devised a plan to destroy the Citadel with a HAVOK Nuke and attempt to escape the planet with at least something of value. After an intense firefight at the base of the Citadel tower, made easier by distractions caused by Drew and the unexpected arrival of a ODSTvolunteer force led by Waimarie "Lucky" Paiwei to help extract the Spartans, the three were able to swipe a working data storage device and fight their way off of the Citadel tower and onto the UNSC Sahara-Class Prowler Boudica, which arrived to retrieve the operatives. Sadly, Spike would sacrifice himself to allow for Annalee and Drew and the remaining ODST's to escape, leading them to believe they were the only Spartan survivors. Eventually, this would learned to be false as Mary-B300 and Wei-B258 would escape the surface via other methods.

Interlude on Reach

Diamond team.png
The Unit Patch for Diamond Team

When the Boudica finally arrived back with survivors to UNSC space, Darren Cohen was dismayed to learn that Operation: TORPEDO had already concluded months earlier, and there remained no SPARTAN-III’s to replenish the Diamond Initiative's personnel goal. The stinging irony, he would realize, was that the STARS system directed the Spartans to a highly inoperable landing zone, and this could have indicated a potential flaw in their design and maybe even the postponement of Operation: TORPEDO. As the mission took longer than expected, and the Boudica had enacted the Cole Protocol, which dictated they make several random jumps away from Earth before returning to Human-Controlled Space, they arrived back too late to make a difference in the outcome.

Though the project now had a terribly dismal outlook as it had lost nearly all it's Spartan Operatives, the survivors had dragged working Xeno-technology back with them, and the data it contained was a game changer. Cohen, with aid from the Initiative's AI Fluellen, would seek to discover why the Covenant had put so much effort into learning about the artifact they referred to as the Guiding Light. The rest of the program, of course, would change inherently due to the lack of Spartans for a larger strike force. This change prompted Cohen to make sure both the Spartans in his charge received promotions and be placed into leadership positions, with Annalee now being the leading ground commander for this new team. His visions of a Battalion was diminished, and he instead planned to focus the small Spartan team to be an elite, intelligence team that would seek out leads that stemmed from Operation: RAUCOUS SOLITUDE.

On return to Reach, Annalee was taken out of an emergency cryo-stasis and her wounds healed. After her recovery, and on Cohen's request, she would briefly be enrolled in the Reach Naval Officers Academy in preparation for her role in the Diamond Initiative and it's impending mission on Mendel. She would take an accelerated "shotgun" semester, and would only remain there for two months. Cohen saw fit to give Annalee time to mull over the events she had experienced and to find a better resolve as a new leader. Cohen felt by having Annalee slow down and take time to return to duty, rather than to give her an expedient field promotion, that it might show her his desire for her to succeed.

On the day of her graduation, Annalee received a brief meeting with the Superintendent of the Academy, and was surprised to find that one of the two witnesses to her graduation was none other than Kenneth-139, the Spartan who led the team that saved her years prior. Kenneth recognized her, and she him. Their short reunion was one which Kenneth struggled with the idea he had likely condemned her to life as an ONI tool, and she made clear she believed she was well enough in control of her own destiny. The two parted on good terms.

Diamond Team & The Battle for Mendel

Operation: SWEEP

The Centroid


Service Summary

Major Assignments

Dates of Rank

Insignia Rank Date Circumstance
UNSC Crewman Recruit.png Spartan Trainee (E-1) 2537 Conscription
UNSC Crewman Apprentice.png Spartan Recruit (E-2) 2538 Promotion
UNSC Crewman.png Spartan Team Leader (E-3) 2542 Promotion
UNSC Crewman Apprentice.png Spartan Recruit (E-2) 2542 Demotion
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class.png Petty Officer Second Class (E-5) 2543 Promotion (Grad.)
UNSC-N Petty Officer First Class.png Petty Officer First Class (E-6) 2545 Promotion
UNSC O-3.png Lieutenant (O-3) 2546 Promotion (OCS)


In Circulation

To Be Distributed

  • Apeiron


  • Annalee's character named was originally "Kelsey-220" when she was written as a character for a Machinima called "Seekers".
  • The name "Annalee" is a Latin derivation of "Hannah" and "Lee" meaning "grace" and "shelter" respectively.
  • "Lyra", Annalee's middle name, is the name of one of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. It is Latin for Lyre, a smaller harp-like instrument. The choice to give this name was to honor the Jewish heritage of the voice talent from Annalee's original depiction due to the importance of the instrument in Israeli/Middle Eastern history.
  • "Teserik" is a Czech surname meaning either "small carpenter" or "unskilled carpenter". It also shares a phonetic similarity to the Latin term "Tesatrix" meaning either a "woman who has left a will" or a "woman who has left a legacy".


Annalee at the end of her "Shotgun Semester" at RNOC.

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