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Aniela Kasowska
Biographical Information
Full Name

Aniela Hanna Kasowska





Physical Description





6 ft. 2 in.


184 lbs.

Political and Military Information

Unified Earth Government

  • 32nd Marine Division (Former)
  • Section Three

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)


Restricted Duty within Section Three

"The former Division Recon Marine officer, she's an artist at planning and executing operations. I found Aniela in the Naval Special Weapons sector where she handled covert operations then took her under my wing. I worked to sharpen her effectiveness and we worked together to be a force within Section Three."
―Vilda Stenbeck on her prodigy, Aniela Kasowska.

Lieutenant Commander Aniela Kasowska is a former Marine Corps and current Navy commissioned officer for the UNSC Armed Forces. Graduating from the Luna OCS Academy in 2551 at 22 years of age, she was assigned to the 32nd Marine Division where she joined the 32nd Reconnaissance Battalion of the 32nd Marine Division where she served as a Platoon Commander for five years till an injury that put her infantry career in jeopardy.

Aniela was faced with being into a Staff Job to assist with recruitment and retention of Marine Corps personnel, something she never wanted to do. An ONI Officer approached her in the Naval Special Weapons unit with an offer to assist with planning and operations for the elite unit within Naval Special Warfare Command. Leaving the Marine Corps and joining the Office of Naval Intelligence, Aniela started to assist in some of the most covert missions being conducted by the UNSC Armed Forces.

Throughout the Post-Covenant War conflicts and the Created Crisis, she handled a number of missions within Naval Special Weapons and drew the attention of Vilda Stenbeck.

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