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Archangel Lara Vásquez using her portable jump-jet to her advantage.

The Angels are specialized shock infantry aligned with the Falaknuman Rebels. They use portable jump-jets obtained during the capture of the UNSC Ultimatum to gain the upper hand in combat. On top of the increased mobility, Angels are given the best equipment the Falaknuman Rebels could obtain, including aerial drones, explosives, and some are even given ODST BDUs.

Standard Team Compilation

Position Description
Archangel (Angel of Death) The Angel of Death is the unofficial but adopted name for the leader of an Angel team, which is officially known as an Archangel. Every Angel of Death wears ODST BDU, and comes equipped with their weapons of choice, a reconnaissance drone, and a wrist mounted TACPAD to constantly monitor the situation. Angels of Death are allowed to customize their equipment however they want, however their insignia, a phoenix with spread wings, must be visible on either the armor over their collarbone or shoulder, or on their helmet.
Rifleman Every Angel team comes with three to five riflemen. Riflemen are not specialists, being equipped with standard Falaknuman Rebel gear and a portable jump-jet. All new Angels start off as riflemen. Riflemen have very specific gear, and too much deviation from the requirements could result in being dishonorably discharged from the Falaknuman Rebels as a whole.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooters are the single most respected specialized position in the Angels, due to their high accuracy while airborne. Sharpshooters require the ability to hit moving targets at long range while airborne, with both DMRs and sniper rifles. Due to their respected position, sharpshooters are allowed to modify their equipment almost as much as Angels of Death can.
Guardian Angel Combat medics, or Guardian Angels as they have been nicknamed, are standard riflemen who are given the task of keeping the team alive. In comparison to standard riflemen, Guardian Angels are much more able to customize their gear, however they must wear enough pouches and hard points to store and attach their equipment. One recommended setup that is used commonly is to attach a personal medical kit to the leg and keep the less used but equally important medical gear in pouches on the chest and waist. Guardian Angels are almost always given ODST BDU to keep them alive.
Scout Scouts are the lowest specialist position, tasked with surveying a location prior to an attack. During a mission, scouts are tasked with flanking the enemy from behind. Due to their high chance of being spotted, scouts may be given ODST BDU, if deemed necessary. They are able to customize their gear slightly to fit their needs, but most scouts do not as they are constantly switching between standard gear and ODST BDUs.



  • Only "Archangels"/"Angels of Death" and "Guardian Angels" are capitalized when using the term generically. All positions are capitalized when used as a title, however.
    • The term "Angel" is always capitalized.
  • Most Archangels were previously sharpshooters, due to their respected position and calmer nature. However, other specialists have been known to become Angels of Death, such as Archangel Mendoza, who was a scout.
  • There is a very low death rate in the Angels due to the Guardian Angels.
    • During the Battle of Mamore, two Angel teams survived against the MRF (a larger force with the element of surprise) with no casualties.
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