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Angel Arm Special 33
Production information
  • Created by Misriah
  • After market modifications by Angel Arms




Technical specifications
Magazine Size

6 rounds

Ammunition Type

12.7mmx40mm M228 SAP-HP


double action, semi automatic

Rate of Fire



medium at close range, low at medium range




Necros War





The Angel Arm Special 33 was a customised M33 Revolver given to Ajax-013 by his fellow Generation-IIs upon his release from John Dorian Memorial Psychiatric Hospital.


The Special 33 is mechanically identical to the M33, with the handle and trigger mechanism in the rear, followed by the revolver cylinder, and then the barrel. It uses the same ammo as the M6L, but it can only fire six bullets before it must be reloaded. Thanks to its revolver mechanism, it is somewhat lighter than the M6 series, even more reliable and simpler. It releads by ejecting the cylinder to the side by pulling the releasing handle in front of it and ejecting and replacing the empty casings. The barrel is aligned with the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top. This lowers the bore sight which directs the recoil in line with the shooter's hand thereby reducing the twisting motion or "muzzle flip" of normal revolvers. The gun's upper assembly are mounted on rails on the lower frame, (barrel, cylinder, trigger, grip) which and recoilsaround 13mm when firing. The rearward motion of the upper assembly cocks the hammer, and the cylinder is rotated on the forward stroke.

The aesthetic detailing is what separates it from the M33. The two pistols, named Angelica and Daemonica are a 'matching pair'. The grip of 'Angelica' is decorated in ivory from a Gundark Asibi, a large herd creature that naturally regrows its ivory tusks continually throughout its life and a silver skull with platinum wing decal. The Daemonica pistol is decorated with an Arcturus Highland Ebony grip, a silver skull with gold horn and wing details. Both pistols have the creator's name engraving and an erogonomic modled pistol grip with no slip materials.

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