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La Selva, Falaknuma


May 5, 2539



Hair color:

Dark brown

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Gamma Company


Ana-G309, born Ana Lucia Martinez, is a physiologically-enhanced SPARTAN-III supersoldier trained as a member of Gamma Company. In the years after the Human-Covenant war's end, she participates in highly-classified black operations under the supervision of the Office of Naval Intelligence.

A skilled sharpshooter, Ana was initially assigned to Team Katana as the squad's designated marksman and was counted among Gamma Company's top-performing Spartans during training. Though nearly killed and left in field stasis during the Battle of Onyx, she recovered following a period of extensive rehabilitation and returned to service as a headhunter in June 2553.

In 2555, Ana was recruited by the office of CINCONI for Task Force BLACK–a covert unit unknown beyond ONI's senior leadership–and commonly partnered with Mao-B170 for sensitive missions.


Early childhood

Ana Martinez was born on the Inner Colony world of Falaknuma on May 5th, 2539. The second-born child of refugees from the Rubble, she grew up in La Selva–a so-called "refugee town" south of Halkia–where she and her family lived a humble existence as part of the colony's underprivileged migrant community.


Life grew infinitely more complicated for the child when the Covenant invaded her homeworld in August 2544. At only five years of age, she witnessed the deaths of her family one by one over the course of the assault and was nearly killed as well, but the last-minute intervention of UNSC Marines spared her from this fate.

Ana was evacuated from Falaknuma and eventually ended up at a military-sponsored orphanage on Reach. Here, she was approached by a naval officer who offered her the opportunity to avenge the loss of her family; an offer the grief-stricken young girl swiftly accepted.


Recovery and return to action

Task Force BLACK

Created crisis

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