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Aimi (AI Serial Number: AIM 9316-4) is a smart artificial intelligence of the United Nations Space Command assigned to the elite team known as Echo Team from the SPARTAN-III Beta Company. This AI has been active since 2555, some time after Operation: FOCUS LENS 2555.


Aimi was created on September 6th, 2555 on Earth, one of the AIs created by the Office of Naval Intelligence's OEUVRE Smart AI program. Her core matrix was created from the scanning of a brain of a high-school girl with an exponentially high IQ of around 245 at the time of her death. Aimi was originally built for a new Office of Naval Intelligence prowler but was almost immediately transferred to a team of SPARTAN-IIIs.

Personality and traits

Aimi has a serious yet monotone voice. She has a close bond with the SPARTAN-III David-B199 due to their love for combat and history. She is one of the few AIs that are able to work well with multiple SPARTANs at once in the current time period.

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