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USR Agressor
Aggressor-class Battleship
Production information
Technical specifications

4700 metres

  • 39 Plasma Cannons
  • 59 Pulse Lasers
  • Point Defence cannons
  • 5 energy projectors
  • 2 heavy energy projector

Necros War




The Aggressor-class Battleship is a USR ship class.


The Aggressor-class Battleship is a large warship, designed for long range combat. It primary armament is two Heavy Energy Projectors, capable of annihilating even heavy warships in a single hit. These are exceedingly accurate and deadly, especially in the hands of an experienced gunner. Its secondary armament consists of four standard Energy Projectors, with a wide forward firing arc, capable of destroying medium and smaller warship classifications, as well as a keel mounted projector for orbital bombardment. It has a lower number of plasma cannons than other ships of its size, but has a more normal sized complement of pulse lasers and point defence cannons, allowing it to defend itself unassisted from fighter attacks, though requires assistance from dedicated attack by capital ships. The ship has a huge reactor for its size, and to save space and weight, it has light armour, reduced systems and engines. This means its slow, but very agile, allowing it to keep its heavy guns on target, and very vulnerable once its shielding has fallen. Internally, it relies very heavily on automation, and has a very small crew size, most of whom reside in cramped quarters to make up for the room taken up by reactors and weapon systems, and life support is run at bare minimum reserve power for weapon systems.

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