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USR Special Warfare Group, Advance Reconnaissance Operations
Unit Background
  • Special Operations
  • Intelligence collection in the deep battlespace
  • Target Designation
  • Counter Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) activities in support of UNSC and AUR
Unit Motto

"In the darkness, we prevail"

Current Commander

Field Master Kula 'Lazalu

Current Status



The Advance Reconnaissance Operations, better known as the Pathfinders, are the scouts, and eyes and ears of the Republic's forces. They go ahead of the main force, designating targets, preparing the battle space, gathering intelligence and removing threats to the main force. Pathfinders were born out of conversion of the Jiralhanae, where the enemy forces often ambushed the Covenant forces by leading them into traps. The Pathfinders were founded by the warriors in a unit with the most self-control, who could entire a battlefield and not be overcome with the desire to fight his enemies, and instead complete his objectives.

The Pathfinders are equipped with the Special Operations Harness, fitted with active camouflage modules to obscure them from sight. Usually equipped with Active Camouflage, they carry Type-1 Sights and occasionally use light vehicles and True Phantoms as transportation. They may carry a few carbines or plasma rifles, but often carry small blades and Nail guns to silence enemies without raising alarms. Pathfinders are chosen from the most disciplined warriors, who can maintain their silence on the battlefield without alerting the enemy, and complete his task given to him without bringing attention to him self.

In recent years, the Pathfinders have trained to not only gather visual intelligence, but also audio, electronic and cyber intelligence, intruding on the enemy's communication networks, and eavesdropping, with many learning multiple languages and dialects.

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