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Joanna Pearce is the Admiral of the Jaeter Colonial Fleet. Also Captain of the JDSS Larose.

Captain JDF
Joanna Pearce
Biographical information


Date of birth

July 2512

Physical description

Jaeter Admiral




5 ft 10 inch



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Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Jaeter Defense Force
  • Jaeter Colonial Fleet



Joan was one of the fist wave colonists that landed on Jaeter. She lived in Seyerton and had a relatively peaceful life with her family.


Jaeter Defense Force

Joanna was not that willing to join the Defense force when it was formed. Especially since she had no combat experience. Sometime after Jaeter started getting ships into space, they needed the manpower so their newborn navy. Joanna, looked at the less physical jobs of the navy, seeing that she could help out there. There was also another reason, her son joined the defense force as a tank commander and her being in the navy, let her watch over him. The higher ups of the JDF gave Joan the rank of Rear admiral. This was because they already had a man as admiral of the fleet. She would be his back up and replacement. Joan was not promoted because they needed higher ups, she was promoted because some officers saw some potential in her. While her scores were average in the new academy tests they got from the UNSC.


During her time in the JDF, Joan was put in the reserves. With the lack of fleet action, there were almost no casualties. Joan was pulled out of the reserves when the Created crisis erupted.

Jaeter Colonial Fleet

Joanna was promoted to Admiral and given command of the JDSS Larose. The formation of a new fleet which took a third of the remaining Jaeter vessels and formed the JCF. When the fleet went into slip space, she became the leader of a new nation. Some argued that they were still under Jaeteran control but that was on bottom of the priority list.


IMG 1670

Joan commands her forces to hold the line.

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