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Addison Solaski
Biographical information

Harvest (Grunsbad, South Hulton)

Date of birth

June 20, 2511

Physical description
  • War journalist
  • Author
  • ONI Section II civilian attaché



5 feet, 6 inches

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Romantically involved with a SPARTAN-II commando


Addison Solaski was the only daughter of a pair of hard-working farmers from Harvest, and from a young age, she knew that she had no passion for farming. However, she was intelligent and academically successful, and in late 2524, at the age of 13, she earned a scholarship at the Kimberly A. Moorstead Academy, a prestigious private secondary academy and university on the nearby colony of Roleath. This angered her parents, who wished for her to inherit the farm.

By the time Addison arrived on Roleath in April of 2525, Harvest, unbeknownst to her, had fallen under attack by a ruthless religious alien hegemony known as the Covenant. Along with the vast majority of Harvest's population, Addison's parents would perish in what would later become known as the First Battle of Harvest. Addison herself, however, would not be informed of this, as the Roleathan government would secretly orchestrate a media blackout on any and all information concerning the fate of Harvest or the existence of the Covenant. A communications blackout and strict travel ban to and from nearby worlds soon accompanied this, with the Roleathan government claiming this to be a temporary measure to cripple a mounting Insurrectionist threat. Although upset about being unable to contact her friends and family back home (whom were, in reality, all dead), Addison was happy to now be on a colony where the threat posed by the Insurrection was much lower.

Later on, in 2529, in response to a supposed nuclear threat, UNSC military activity began to markedly increase on Roleath. The Moorstead Academy, constructed around the base of a space elevator in the center of the colony's capital city of Lotora, was the site of particularly increased security. As such, a prefabricated firebase was set up nearby Addison's dormitory. On June 3rd, 2529, Addison would cross paths with a UNSC sailor named Bailey. Tall, young, handsome, and endearingly awkward, she would quickly take a liking to him, and would begin stopping by the firebase to meet him on her way to and from classes.

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