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The AN/PLQ-66B Electronic Engagement System is a piece of gear carried by Marine Special Forces to deploy in electronic warfare situations, in order to damage the enemy's ability to gather and send information.

The AN/PLQ-66B EES is designed to fit onto a Marine's back and provide Electronic Attack, Support and Protection to MArine forces, allowing a single Marine to preform a wide range of operations, though not necessarily at the same time.

The AN/PLQ-66B's 'Attack' setting causes the ultra-agile metamaterial antennae to initiate jamming. The nature of the jamming, including range (up to 19 kilometres), effect and frequency can be user controlled through holographic HUD interface. This allows the user to jam radio, MASER and RADAR signals, causing them to lose effect and become incapable of use. The user can set the pulses to be constant, pulsed, passive, reducing range or switch to directed, increasing range in a relative cone shape in one direction, reducing the ability to be detected and the time taken to triangulate their location.

In the 'Support' setting, the antennae gathers Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). It can preform Electronic Intelligence (ELNIT) in which it iintercepts RADAR signals, allowing it to gather information on RADAR systems and their location, Communications Intelligence (COMINT), allowing it to intercept a wide variety of communications, usch as radio and other wireless communication systems, including Chatters, and similar systems and Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FININT), allowing them to intercept communication between enemy hardware, such as information sent from enemy drones to base and Telemetry Intelligence (TELINT) from enemy missiles. All information is sent through the onboard computer to be analysed, decrpyted and documted. The onboard computer can decrpyt most military signals within an hour and stores up to 100 gigabytes of information.

In the 'Protection' setting, it functions as 'Jam Homing', allowing the user to trace enemy jamming systems with a high degree of accuracy and can produce a counter jamming attack or triangulate them for personal attack or joint strike by artillery, aircraft or naval fire.

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