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Production information



Models start at 30,000 cR

Technical specifications

4.8 meters


1.9 meters


1.4 meters


1600 kilograms

Engine Power

340 Horsepower

Power plant

V6 variable petrol engine

Sensor Systems
  • Crash Avoidance Motion Detectors
  • Rear camera



"What the hell was that?!"

"That? It's 6.9 on the Richter Scale!"

The AMG Ajax was a sports car produced by AMG between 2498 and 2524. For three years running it was the highest selling sports car across two colonies (Earth and Reach). By the time production finished in 2524 a total of 103,321 had been sold


The Ajax was a front engined, rear wheeled drive two door 2+2 coupe, sporting a petrol fed 4.9 litre V6 engine, developing 340 horsepower. The car uses a 6 speed manual transmission and ceramic brake disks.

The exterior features four front headlights and two flood lights and the wheels, on the basic models, sport 18 inch alluminium rims.

The interior is decorated with two adjustable bucket seats, trimmed in leather, with an option between red, brown or black colouration, a holographically projected Heads Up Display, onboard SATNAV, television, micro computer. Other equipment includes a front mounted motion detector for crash avoidance and a rear camera for parking.

Other Versions

The Ajax had two other versions, an upgraded sport version, fitted with new interior choices and a super charger and the Grand Tourer (also marketed as the Telamonian Ajax or just the Telamon). The Grand Tourer, limited to just 600 models and released in 2513, featured a 5.8 litre super charged V8, red, brown or black interior leather bucket seats with a choice of cashmere lining or black leather, 'war paint', which were two parrelel stripes going down the middle of the car, 18 inch titanium alloys and a fully electronic interior control system, featuring TVs for the back two seats.

Known Owners

SPARTAN-070 bought and lovingly restored an AMG Ajax GT in 2603, one of the only six left.

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